A fun card with a potentially powerful effect. I've been playing a few games on jnet and trying to get this to work in conjunction with Wari. With Wari installed I can do the following:

-Use Silhouette, 419 or other expose to learn the subtype of a piece of ICE not guarding HQ.

-Spend 1 to play Embezzle and make a run on HQ, paying my way through any defenses.

-Use Wari to add the above referenced ICE to HQ.

-Name ICE and hope to reveal two ICE. Trash them and gain 8s.

In practice, it is difficult to pull of and probably not worth it. The few times I made the successful Embezzle run, I revealed just one ICE, netting me just 3s, an uninstalled ICE, and a trashed ICE. However, the play just felt good, and I'm going to try it a few more times in hopes to reveal 2 ICE.

Realistically though:

Using Embezzle with Wari gives you a bit more information and a bit higher chance of success. But in general you don't have a lot of knowlege of what is in HQ. So just throwing Embezzle out there is probably not worth it unless HQ is unguarded. And with the now balanced Account Siphon released, you probably won't find HQ unguarded anymore (especially versus Criminals where the restrictive influence cost will keep this card).

So I'm throwing Embezzle in the jank pile; where I happen to live.

"So i'm throwing Embezzle in the jank pile; where I happen to live." —

Six years ago I was surfing Amazon looking for games. I've always loved board/card games and was looking to start a collection of "real" games. Games that the developers had actually put thought into. Games that were focused on more than just the roll of the dice. I ended up buying Ticket to Ride - India: Map Collection Volume 2, Thurn and Taxis and one other game. The game had cool looking artwork, a fun theme and looked to be amazing amounts of fun. It reminded me of old trading card games I had tried to get into in the past. This game of course was Android Netrunner.

I was not disappointed. Everything about the game was excellent. The asymmetrical game play, high-stake gambles, and exciting card combinations. Sadly, I didn't get to play it very much. I've never had the time or even real desire to play competitively. Not too many of my friends were into that kind of game. I purchased cards up to Honor and Profit before stopping. It sat sadly on my shelf while I looked longingly at it. Then a friend of mine found something. OCTGN; a way to play Android Netrunner online against other players. My love was revived and I spent a ton of time playing Netrunner again. OCTGN worked pretty well, but it was far from perfect. Eventually I found netrunnerdb.com, a place where I could read and write reviews of my favorite cards, along with finding cool ideas for deck building. The site continues to be one of my most frequented. I saw mention of another site, here on netrunnerdb; the site was jinteki.net. For months I just assumed it was another site similar to this one. When i finally actually visited it, and was sad it had taken me so long. Jinteki.net is so great. A strong player base, dedicated coders, and a perfect place to play Netrunner anytime.

Today 6/8/18, I stumbled upon a sad article in my Google news. FFG's license on Android Netrunner is expiring and the game is coming to an end later this year. Reign and Reverie will be the last content added to the game. Why can't this license be renewed? I don't know. I wish that the game would continue forever. I have taken breaks from the game over the years. I currently haven't played in a few months (curse you, Rocket League). I've definitely done my share of complaining. But really I've always loved the game. I hope to continue playing on jnet for years to come.

Thanks to the developers and artists and all others who made the game possible. Thanks to the people behind jnet, netrunnerdb and other fan sites. And thanks to the Netrunner community.

I've always like Silhouette. As @Kikai mentioned, the 40 card deck size is rather rare and quite valuable, allowing you to get your essential pieces in play quickly. But I also really like her ID ability.

Expose is an underutilized mechanic. Deck slots are tight and there is often little or no room to include an expose mechanism. And many times that is fine. You may not need it every game. But often it is crucial. I've long had an issue with Mushin. The gamble this forces on the runner has tremendously high stakes. The corporation could score a Vanity Project next turn, or do four brain damage, or eight net damage. If any of these things happen, the corp has likely just won. High stakes are fine; that is often what Netrunner is about. But Mushin does this for free, while saving 2 s, and most importantly, can be done on turn one. Anyway, Mushin is mostly a dead draw versus Silhouette. A few corp decks revolve around Mushin as their sole win condition, so you may get an easy win in such cases.

Recent additions to the card pool have made her ability even more relevant. The biggest example is NGO Front. Glacier has become popular again thanks to cards like NGO Front and Jinja City Grid. Whether the runner takes the bait and wastes 15 s or not, the corp still profits. Knowing whether or not to commit to running at that huge server may end up saving you the game.

Everyone's favorite turtle is at home in most decks, but gets a nice boost in Silhouette. You will often end up scoring two counters on a successful HQ run. I'm not sure if she is holding Blackguard or Zamba or something else in her hands, but either synergizes nicely with her ability (with Zamba being far less janky). Both cards make her ability useful even if you don't find you need the extra info in a given game. I like to use a Sneakdoor to make those HQ runs easier.

Try her out. I think you'll find she does well in the current meta.

So originally I, and others I believe, were excited about Kabonesa with Scavenge. This is actually not a very good interaction. If you want to install a Magnum Opus with this combo you will need the following: A Magnum in hand or your heap, Scavenge in your hand, and a Magnum in your stack. 1 to activate Kabonesa and install the Magnum, spending 4 - 1 to Scavenge and install the second Magnum. If you then use Magnum twice, you'll end your turn with the same number of s you started with. Whereas if you just install it directly from your hand, and then use it three times, you'll end up with one more credit than you started with. Same goes for installing high cost programs like Femme. You need the necessary cards in hand/heap/stack and you'll only save one versus hard installing it; this while spending an extra . So Scavenge isn't really a great card for her.


So apparently a single Scavenge can trash a program, and then reinstall the exact same copy of that program. And it isn't considered the same program. Seems a bit weird to me but that does change things. It is still more efficient to just hard install a program. The you save is worth more than the you save. But if all you have in your hand is a Scavenge, it is definitely nice to install any program and keep it. --

Chameleon is of course a nice interaction as it can avoid the "remove from game" clause. But this will only happen probably three times a game if you use three Chameleons. But that is about it. The only program I can think of that you only need for one turn is Cache, but that is not a valid target. So to me, her ability has significant limitations. But the ability to find that program you absolutely need right now and install in at a discount in one can save you the game sometimes.

Now there is one other interaction which seems to be pretty solid to me. Using Kabonesa with Brahman. Brahman will continually send your programs back to your stack where it is a pain to pick them up and reinstall them. Kabonesa will save you time and money so you can keep your Brahman fed. Using Brahman as your main breaker with a few cheap programs and The Personal Touch as backup might work quite well. Throw in a D4v1d too.


People have been going crazy using Kabonesa with Origami and Ekomind. Its a pretty cool concept and I plan to try it out. I wonder if anyone has tried her with Au Revoir. That is another card that is unbelievably good, if you can find all three of them early. I'm anxious to try this; stupid work :/

I don't believe you have the interaction correct, as per the new FAQ. You only need a Magnum in your deck and a Scavenge in your hand to make the combo work. The efficiency comes from having this as a card ability, as you can pull out any program you want turn 1, given that you have scavenge in your hand. —
I'm certain you're getting the interaction wrong with Scavenge. You only need Scavenge turn 1 to fetch Magnum. You use Kabonesa's ability, grab Magnum for 4$, click twice for the money back, then Scavenge. It only asks you to trash an installed program (Magnum), then install one from the heap. So you get to keep it. —
As for Chameleon, it doesn't work for the same reason Citadel Sanctuary and Joshua B. doesn't work. Kabonesa's ability checks before Chameleon's, as far as I can tell, so it gets removed. —
I think (and others should feel free to correct me) that you have the Scavenge interaction misunderstood. As the UFAQ answers, you can Scavenge the same Mopus (or any program) that you can clicked for and Wu's RFG clause won't kick in at the end of the turn. This really ups how strong her ability is. —
The UFAQ above states that she works with Chameleon. And I realize you get to keep the Magnum if you use Scavenge. I'm saying it isn't worth it. It is more efficient to just hard install it. —
Okay, looking at the Scavenge FAQs-you can trash Magnum with Scavenge, then reinstall the exact same copy with Scavenge? That is weird to me that that would work. If so, it isn't as efficient, but you could at least install it turn 1 if you have a Scavenge. —
That's what makes her strong; who doesn't want to have a great chance at turn 1 Magnum? You fill the deck with Laguna and other utility while getting whatever resource you need at the time. Good thing you won't be able to include Levy in the same deck. :) —
It's funny, every time someone used Test Run/Scavenge, I assumed they had a second copy of the program in their hand. It is hard to tell on jinteki.net —

What a nasty card!! Unless you are going tag-me, you best never run without at least 2s or a serious economic advantage again.

Tag removal cards like Crash Space and Misdirection are becoming more relevant.

.1 stars

Add team sponsorship to your deck and recur this everytime that you score an agenda. Sounds great in any deck that has over 10 agendas. —