Mushin No Shin

Mushin No Shin 0[credit]

Operation: Double
Influence: 2

As an additional cost to play this operation, spend [click].

Install 1 asset, agenda, or upgrade from HQ in the root of a new server. Place 3 advancement counters on that card. You cannot score or rez that card until your next turn begins.

Illustrated by Matt Zeilinger
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Honor and Profit (hap)

#15 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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  • allows setting up a 3-advanced bluff, which is incredibly high stakes for the runner to run or not run
    • a 3-advanced ambush such as Cerebral Overwriter can be crippling for the runner to access
    • but a 3-advanced Agenda could be a 5/3 agenda that is easily scored next turn
  • amazing raw economic value, doing 4 and 3 worth of activity for a play cost of only 2 and 0
  • can be used to install and advance even non-advancable assets and upgrades, allowing for new varieties of bluffing


  • must be used to install a card in a new server, so it is difficult to install with more than 1 ice or upgrade protecting it
  • prevents the card from being rezzed on the runner's next turn, so it cannot be used for tricks like midrun rez-and-trash of cards like Thomas Haas, or with Will-o'-the-Wisp. Ambushes work because they trigger on access, even if unrezzed.

Notable interactions

Final Thoughts

  • extremely powerful effect for the right deck, but won't work unless the Corp player is willing to take some risks
(Up and Over era)
Would The Future Perfect, not be a bad call since its ability doesn't trigger if it is installed? —
I feel this card to be too powerful. It forces a potentially game ending choice to the runner. That alone is fine, that's what this game is about many times. But this card can do it on turn one, for free. And now that Back Channels and Vanity Project are out this card is even better. Score a Vanity Project on your second turn? Games probably over. Runner hits a Junebug or Overwriter? Games probably over. Of course if the runner steals your Vanity Project, then the game is now hugely in favor of the runner. So again, it just seems too big a gamble to force on the runner for free, on turn one. But it's here to stay. I've packed a Exploratory Romp into a couple decks to deal with this card. But never ran into it when I had the card :( The only other good one is Singularity, but it's super expensive. —

I kind of feel like the best use of MuShin No Shin (besides baiting a brutal trap) is early game when the runner doesn't have their full rig assembled. Drop a 5/3 into a remote server and use your last click to instal a piece of "end the run" ice that the runner doesn't have the breaker for visible. Yes, its risky if the runner has a inside job in hand or a special order, but this is a game about risks, and Jinteki is the house of nasty unexpected suprises, so the fear of running a trap is real for the runner. If Mushin buys you that turn that the runner can't get in, you effectively spent two turns to score a 5/3, installed a piece of ice on a new server, and have an extra click to spare.

Six years ago I was surfing Amazon looking for games. I've always loved board/card games and was looking to start a collection of "real" games. Games that the developers had actually put thought into. Games that were focused on more than just the roll of the dice. I ended up buying Ticket to Ride - India: Map Collection Volume 2, Thurn and Taxis and one other game. The game had cool looking artwork, a fun theme and looked to be amazing amounts of fun. It reminded me of old trading card games I had tried to get into in the past. This game of course was Android Netrunner.

I was not disappointed. Everything about the game was excellent. The asymmetrical game play, high-stake gambles, and exciting card combinations. Sadly, I didn't get to play it very much. I've never had the time or even real desire to play competitively. Not too many of my friends were into that kind of game. I purchased cards up to Honor and Profit before stopping. It sat sadly on my shelf while I looked longingly at it. Then a friend of mine found something. OCTGN; a way to play Android Netrunner online against other players. My love was revived and I spent a ton of time playing Netrunner again. OCTGN worked pretty well, but it was far from perfect. Eventually I found, a place where I could read and write reviews of my favorite cards, along with finding cool ideas for deck building. The site continues to be one of my most frequented. I saw mention of another site, here on netrunnerdb; the site was For months I just assumed it was another site similar to this one. When i finally actually visited it, and was sad it had taken me so long. is so great. A strong player base, dedicated coders, and a perfect place to play Netrunner anytime.

Today 6/8/18, I stumbled upon a sad article in my Google news. FFG's license on Android Netrunner is expiring and the game is coming to an end later this year. Reign and Reverie will be the last content added to the game. Why can't this license be renewed? I don't know. I wish that the game would continue forever. I have taken breaks from the game over the years. I currently haven't played in a few months (curse you, Rocket League). I've definitely done my share of complaining. But really I've always loved the game. I hope to continue playing on jnet for years to come.

Thanks to the developers and artists and all others who made the game possible. Thanks to the people behind jnet, netrunnerdb and other fan sites. And thanks to the Netrunner community.

(Kampala Ascendent era)

This card is in my Blue Sun: Powering the Future deck and I adore it. Toss it into your deck along with a few Back Channels to recall it if the traps aren't sprung, and you've got it made.

Here's what I use it with:

Project Junebug - 6 net damage is usually a KO right there
Contract Killer - Juiced up and ready to go next turn if you need it
Vanity Project - If they don't run it, you've got 4 points. If they do, Punitive Counterstrike them.
GRNDL Refinery - If they don't run it, you've just made a ton of money

If the MWL succeeds in reducing the number of Clone Chips running around, I'll likely test this out with Aggressive Secretary, as well. Fun card, great out of Weyland. Give it a try!

(Data and Destiny era)
Since it says that you cannot rez the card until your next turn, doesn't that mean that you wouldn't be able to rez the Junebug and do damage if the runner ran on it right away? —
Noise6 - Junebug is an ambush and so doesn’t need to be rezzed - just accessed. —