Medical Research Fundraiser

Medical Research Fundraiser 3[credit]

Operation: Transaction
Influence: 1

Gain 8[credit]. The Runner gains 3[credit].

"Together we have all but eradicated natural diseases from the face of this planet. The new spectre of synthetic disease-of bioterrorism-demands that we continue our efforts."
Illustrated by Gong Studios
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Honor and Profit (hap)

#14 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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You gain 5. The Runner gains 3, an equivalent of him spending most of his turn clicking for cash. If you explain this card in such way, it doesn't make it sound like too much of a great deal, does it? Unless you are running a tricks-and-traps-oriented Jinteki deck, as Absolium mentioned above me. But then... has a pretty cool combination with High-Risk Investment, especially if you were about to splash it in Titan Transnational: Investing In Your Future deck. In one turn alone, it is possible to gain 11, and that considering your opponent was completely broke by the time you did it.

Might also be worth considering in any Corp deck using Closed Accounts, if you want to screw around with the other player a bit. The Corp giveth, The Corp taketh away...

(Data and Destiny era)

Why would the corp play a card that benefit the runner? Oh yeah, that corp is Jinteki.

The card is great for economy! You make the same profit than Restructure, but need 7 less to do so.

But, on the downside, it gives 3 to the runner. But is it really a downside? Not if you want the runner to successfully runs and access your servers.

It goes well with Neural EMP, Fetal AI. Punitive Counterstrike, Midseason Replacements, SEA Source, and any traps.

If Jinteki (or any corp) plays this card, it’s not out of generosity, it wants you to run and access.

(Order and Chaos era)
It's also a 1-influence Transaction, something BABW should consider. —
Runners can always replace accesses with Account Siphon :( —
No corp that wants to protect its servers wants to play this card. Even in BaBW this car is a net gain of 6 credits, subtracting the runner's gain the net advantage is 3 credits which is less than a Beanstalk. If youre about to spend influence o nthis card just for the econ make sure you get Green level clearance first as it is simply better 10 out of 10 times unless you WANT the runner to run on and break into your servers. —