High-Risk Investment

High-Risk Investment 5/3

Agenda: Expansion

Place 1 agenda counter on High-Risk Investment when you score it.

[click], hosted agenda counter: Gain 1[credit] for each credit in the Runner's credit pool.

"Trust me. I know what I'm doing."
Illustrated by Kate Laird
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Order and Chaos (oac)

#7 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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After 4 months since Order & Chaos came out this is my go-to 3/5 Weyland Agenda which replaced good old Priority Requisition. At its core it serves the same role as PriReq, giving you money, but is much more flexible. It can give you enough money to trace and kill 3-card runner with SEA Source + Scorched Earth combo. It can give you enough money to secure Ash 2X3ZB9CY trace in scoring remote. I used it to gain 5 creds and kill runner, I used it to gain 27 creds to crush his dreams about stealing something from my Ash server.

It's bonkers even with only one token, Titan Transnational: Investing In Your Future makes it just crazy.

Priority Requisition is good when you are running ICE like Archer which is not as good as it was since all the Faerie, D4v1d and Switchblade are spoiling the Weyland fun. You must use PriReq right away which often may not be the perfect moment. High-Risk Investment gives you more control and I like its burst more then Government Contracts 4 per 2.

(Chrome City era)
I completely agree. I started running this out of Blue Sun instead of a combo of Priority Req and other Weyland 3/5s (I still run one Cleaners). Scoring one as your first agenda makes winning the game much, much easier. The runner can never out-econ you to steal the agenda and avoid the eventual punishment, be it from Scorch or Punitive. —

High -Risk Investment assures credit parity with the Runner in a given moment and is easily rushed in its faction. More than that, it's a powerful credit gain on its own, specially against those decks in which that credit gain is needed the most.

In a sense it's a card that gives continuity: It allows Weyland to keep pressuring the Runner after spending 5 credits and 6 clicks scoring it and pairs well with the very own cards that allow it to be scored, namely Corporate Troubleshooter and Scorched Earth.

It will be versatile enough to be played over Weyland other great 5/3 Agendas and Priority Resquisition and there are three identities already that will make great use of it:

GRNDL: Allows to outpace Runner even after spending the initial credit burst, easily scored early in the game, feeds Punitive Counterstrike:

BWBI: Extends the middle stage of the game that normally BWBI struggles to compete in because its economy cannot keep up.

Titan Transnational: While possibly uninterested in running 5/3s, the possibility of gaining twice the amount of credits the Runner has without any Bad Publicity is insanely poweful. Many Titan builds will see a second pillar around this very card.

(All That Remains era)