Government Takeover

♦ Government Takeover 9/6

Agenda: Expansion

[click]: Gain 3[credit].

Limit 1 Government Takeover per deck.

It is essential to liberate a populace from tyranny before that tyranny takes root.
Illustrated by Matt Zeilinger
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Order and Chaos (oac)

#6 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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A 9/6 agenda looks rather awkward and very difficult to score.

Yet it can be considered for workarounds:

  • A 6 point agenda in a deck makes it lean. In a 49 card Weyland deck, it is possible to play with only 6 agendas. Adding Jackson, Architect, Fast Track, Atlas and Archived Memories, it might be possible to avoid this card all game long.

  • Card can be hosted on a scored Glenn Station - after a fast track - and then simply forgotten for the whole duration of the game. It would then be hard to score or steal points.

  • You can install and continuously advance it until it gets stolen. The turn after, play a Punitive Counterstrike.

  • A good companion to the Off the Grid / Crisium Grid combo. Prestige matters.

  • With a scored Utopia Fragment it is not that easy to steal indeed.

Now let's be less serious... this one's for you, Timmy:

Its ability "3 credits for a click" is bonkers but... I doubt it gets competitive. The definitive Timmy agenda, in my humble opinion.

(All That Remains era)
@Him: With all your ridiculous ways of scoring it in one turn you forgot the most obvious one: Midseason>Government Takeover>Psychographics. Anyway, in an Off the Crisium Grid Blue Sun deck with MNS, if you score Utopia Fragment, you next turn can look like MNS>OtG. Then the runner needs to run your fort of HQ, trash Crisium, run HQ again to trash OfG, then run Government Takeover and pay 6c to steal it. If he can't, you advance it 3 more times and now it's 12c to steal. If he can't steal it again, you advance it 3 more times and score it for the win. —
And now Jeeves Model Boioroids! —
When Blood Money is legal, the best way to protect Takeover: Hatchet Job! Put GT in the Runner's grip, that way it can never be stolen and as a bonus mocks and confuses the heck out of the Runner. Pure genius, I tell you... —
Oh my god what. Technically HJ doesn't specify it having to be a runner card, oh yikes that's gonna need an errata —

So I've actually tried this agenda out and you no what it wins games (not necessarily the corp tho).

The obvious way is Punitive Counterstrike they steal it you punitive you win easy amusing they haven't gotten another point somewhere.

You could also Psychographics it out always nice. But it really shines just because it exists you put a trap out and they don't go for it well keep putting em on till its at 6 suddenly they can't ignore it, what do they do run it a possibly die or ignore it and possibly give you 6 points.

Having one of these in your deck is fun too, the feeling of knowing that its their the feeling of just leaving it out their and advancing it away knowing you have at least 1 Punitive Counterstrike in hand that's a good feeling. (I suggest trying it in a deck at a meetup or with someone else you play regular)


Cuts down on agendas

Can be an unexpected game winner

Makes traps dangerous (Just by existing)



Can be an unexpected game winner (For Them)

Almost impossible to score even with combo's

(Order and Chaos era)

With The Red Sands cycle coming along, we have 2 surprisingly reliable ways to score this bad boy. The first way is hella fun but requires lady luck to be on your side. The Combo is:

NOTE: REQUIRES Jemison Astronautics: Sacrifice. Audacity. Success.

2 Scored False Lead and a Hostile Takeover(Optional) also scored. On your turn, IAA Government Takeover and pass the turn. Then before any #Shenanigans happen, Sacrifice both False Leads to place 4 counters on the Takeover, as well as skipping the runner's WHOLE turn! Next AAA your way to victory! This combo is really neat and can't be played around by Clot like a Ramp Jemison deck. It has a lot of moving pieces though, and if the GT or more than 1 False Lead are stolen, you're out of luck. The second combo is interesting as well. It involves the upcoming card Red Planet Couriers.

The Combo: Jemison not required

Hostile TakeoverTakeover scored(Optional). Then you need a card with 9(!) advancement tokens on it. I'd reccomend a trap like Project Junebug, Ghost Branch, or Cerebral Overwriter. Dedication Ceremony is great here, and use Shell Corporation for maximum hilarity. Of course you could also use a piece of ICE, but those are vulnerable to trashing. Then you install Government Takeover and hope it survives the night. Alternatively you could Biotic Labor or Accelerated Diagnostics this thing, but it's a lot of influence. Then you play Red Planet Couriers and you win! Great work everybody! Pop out the champagne!

(Station One era)

What about scoring a Hostile Takeover 1 turn. Tutor it up with Fast Track let them steal Government Takeover and either Punitive Counterstrike their face, or get them tagged through Shadow or Data Raven or Hard-Hitting News or SEA Source or whatever other means. Then Exchange of Information it away from them, swapping Hostile Takeover or any other 3/1. Jam another Hostile Takeover, and ask why even bother in the first place. Some Hive, Vanilla, Enigma, or Mother Goddess to keep them from getting anything from R&D or HQ too early.

If they do heavy tagging might also just mean a nice BOOM! opportunity. A Ghost Branch would help facilitate this.

(Sovereign Sight era)

Now, this card became much viable then when it just release, some combos worth adding in include:

Anyway, it seems like the card is becoming more and more useful in decks.

(Free Mars era)
Also Jemison can slowly trade up to a GT. —

If you think you can get 2 jacksons on the table (without removing any from the game), and 3 accelerated Diagnostics in your hand, this is the agenda for you! Simply Power shutdown your deck, and AD for interns sansan sansan, then for sansan interns and subliminal messaging, and finally for sansan sansan, and whatever operation you think is the coolest remaining.

Yes Timmy! Options!

(The Source era)

This is possibly my favorite card in the game. So stupid and clever at the same time. Its effect, practically speaking, is entirely confined to the deckbuilding phase, because you don't score this. Hopefully you don't even see it. Just by its mere existence, it adds intrigue to games where it's not even in the deck. If it IS in your deck, you're gonna sweat bullets, but it's tons of fun. You'll draw it and be like Mr. Bean when he bungles something and tries crazy bullshit to cover up his mistake. Once in awhile, new cards come out and people start looking for elaborate combos to score this again - don't bother. Its function is to simply exist and hopefully not destroy you.

(Crimson Dust era)
Oh, it CAN be scored - I've seen the Biotic Couriers combo work a few times! And there's also another win condition with this agenda: Punitive. —
I don't think it's worth it. The combos are all expensive and clunky. Punitive feels like a nice bit of insurance, but in practice it barely ever lines up right to kill them. —
I've been running a GT-scoring rush deck for over half a year now, and I want to repeat after Krams: you can score it. You can score it with combo. You can score it with tools such as Casting Call/Dedication Ceremony bullshit. You can plop it behind a gearcheck turn 1 and just brute force it. You can put it in the open and just pretend it is a junebug trap you are too comitted to. But the best possible way to score a GT is to have a huge pile of credits, Casting Call it out without a single piece of ICE in front of it and score it leisurely while bullshitting the runner into believing that you are holding a Punitive. Has happened to me. It is beautiful. It is totally worth it. —
It's not hard or uncommon for a runner to have multiple ways of instantly drawing cards, though. —
And in the case of installing turn one, how are you advancing it AND getting the money to advance it, while still being able to afford the ice in front of it, it in any sort of reasonable timeframe? —
Even econ in Building a Better World. The thing is, after installing it, if you are using Dedication Ceremony/Casting Call combo you get amazing click compression, and even without that, you don't have to spend 3 clicks each turn advancing that. —

If or when Weyland gets a 40-card ID, this agenda as a 3-of could enable some interesting never-score shenanigans. Yes, they'll only need to steal 2 agendas to win, but you'll have 41 other cards to kill them with before they do. Scoring agendas is for suckers anyway!

(Order and Chaos era)
"limit 1 Government Takeover per deck." —
Well hush my mouth. —
That said, 1 x GT and 4 x 3-pointers would still be the lowest possible agenda density in the game. —
See also [the most popular decklist on the site right now]( —
I scored this the other night at the local shop. I achieved a round of applause for being a rookie. —