Casting Call

Casting Call 0[credit]

Operation: Condition
Influence: ●●○○○

Install 1 agenda from HQ faceup and host this operation on that agenda as a condition counter with "Whenever the Runner accesses host agenda, they take 2 tags."

Illustrated by Smirtouille
Decklists with this card

Old Hollywood (oh)

#96 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
Old Hollywood
  • Updated 2017-04-09

    Agendas installed faceup with Casting Call are not active (unless those agendas can be installed faceup through their own abilities). [Official FAQ] [Example agendas that can be installed faceup: Oaktown Renovation, Underway Renovation, Hollywood Renovation.]

  • Updated 2017-04-09

    If the agenda hosting Casting Call is uninstalled, Casting Call is trashed. [Official FAQ]


Casting call is interesting because it allows the Corp to use one of their agendas to openly taunt the runner. Although two tags wont completely deter most runners, Combining Casting call is probably best applied to already taxing agendas.

Agendas like Fetal AI, NAPD Contract, TGTBT,Explode-a-palooza or Award Bait, can become extremely devestating. The runner is forced to choose between letting the corp score or take a painful, and possibly game ending, tempo hit.

The second place I expect Casting Call to get played is in Wayland decks. There is obvious synergy between Casting Call and the new 'install faceup' agendas ( Underway Renovation , Oaktown Renovation , Hollywood Renovation). Since these agendas need to be installed face up anyways, and Wayland excels at punishing the runner once tagged (Dedicated Response Team, Scorched Earth), there's very little reason not to splash a Casting Call or two.

(Old Hollywood era)
Enhanced Login Protocol + Casting Call in RP == You're keeping a tag. I'm not sure how useful that is, but it's basically a guarantee of a tag, barring Film Critic, Forger, NACH or the like. —
I'm confused. Casting Call tags on access, and Film Critic reads "when you access". If you're accessing, you're getting tags. —
Here's how I understand Film Critic works in a situation where going against casting call, or any taxing agenda. The runner accesses the agenda, triggering Access effects; Because the runner is the active player they choose the order of effects and have film critic activate first. Film critic then hosts the agenda, which is no longer being accessed, so the other access effects dont get to activate. The runner can then move the agenda from film critic to score area without access or expose. —
Just to clear - the active player doesn't CHOOSE the order in which the constant effects resolve, just his effects resolve first and then the inactive player's. —
Pretty sure the runner *does* choose, if there's more than one effect that's being triggered on the runner's cards. —

Moving through the Mumbad Cycle lots of new and interesting uses for Casting Call are now possible and have not yet been explored in the deck design space.

Jeeves Model Bioroids + Shipment from SanSan:

Casting Call easily solves the 1st click problem since it is an operation. Another small benefit is that if the runner wants to Clone Chip a Clot or use Artist Colony to install The Source then they will take two tags to steal whichever agenda the corp installed.

Mumbad Construction Co. / Dedication Ceremony:

finally has a fast-advance option. However the downside is that it doesn't work on older face-down Agendas like Project Atlas, High-Risk Investment or Government Takeover. Using casting call to install any Agenda face-up makes Mumbad Construction far more flexible.

Film Critic/Imp/Singularity tech-check:

Does the runner have Film Critic or Imp in their deck? If not just naked install a Quantum Predictive Model. Since the corp chooses the order in which corp simultaneous effects resolve, the two tags on access can resolve first causing QPM to be added to the corp's score! Under normal circumstances there is no rush to score QPM either, it can be left on the table until the Apocalypse comes.


  • 0 to play, Shipment from SanSan is also 0 too, with Jeeves you can FA a 3/2 Agenda for only 1.
  • With the exception of Imp and Kim, Operations tend to help defend against repeated multi-access against HQ & R&D


  • Film Critic is becoming increasingly common due to the prevalence of The Future Perfect in Bio-Lock decks
  • Casting Call is a combo card, so it can't be used unless the right Agenda is also in HQ and the appropriate assets (Jeeves or Mumbad Construction) are rezzed
  • Deck space issues may be a serious concern because it is a combo card and requires other 'combo' cards to function
  • Face up agendas make it easier for the runner to decide when to install Clot or The Source
(Salsette Island era)
Just for the record, although this entry is a few months old: The Film Critic/Imp/Singularity tech-check part is wrong. It's not the corsp that chooses the order in which corp simultaneous effects resolve - it's always the active player that chooses. As acceses happen mostly on the runners turn, Casting Call does not help against Film Critic and QPM still can be stolen.. —
“When one or more abilities have the same timing trigger or can be triggered at the same time, each player chooses the order his own abilities trigger. A player can trigger an optional conditional ability before a required conditional ability if they both have the same trigger condition." —

In another case of "just for the record", now that CR 1.4 is out, it is clarified that the real reason why this tech-check does not work is actually simple: The trigger condition of QPM is "If the Runner is tagged when Quantum Predictive Model is accessed", so if the runner is not tagged at the point "when accessed" abilities would trigger, QPM never triggers.

Casting Call is nuts. A 2-influence operation that states "give me this agenda, oh and it costs 2 clicks and 4 credits to steal."

In faction, it finds a nice 1-of / 2-of home in Butchershop variants with Scorched Earth and Traffic Accident. It can also see play with the new variety of tagging options in D&D.

In Weyland, Casting Call is a beacon of shining hope that descended from the heavens and touched little Weyland's cheek and said don't worry, it's not over yet. A turn 2 Weyland play that will cause a lot of Wow's and amygdala reactions is ice remote, Casting Call Project Atlas, advance. It's turn two, your Shaper rump still hasn't played their first Clone Chip and this guy is saying "Screw your SMC crap, if you can't get in by click 2 and spend 4c dumping the tags this is my Atlas counter."

The card retains value throughout the game, severely punishing players who like to hold punches in their grip to deal with your super Archer/Curtain Wall/Tollbooth remotes. You can suddenly swing a score in your favor by forcing them to get in by click 2 or keep a tag. It's not even a double, so you can plop Casting Call onto your favorite 3-pointer and push for gold!

Rating: Crazy/10. Revives Weyland 'Supermodernism' aka Scorched Rush and gives Blue Sun even more bite. Instantly replaces any loose Snare! or Ash 2X3ZB9CY.

(Old Hollywood era)
Counterpoint: Film Critic laughs in this card's face. No coincidence, I suspect. —
Film Critic aside, it is very good in Weyland, but what bugs me is that it's still keeping Weyland depending on Scorched kill combos for the win and it is yet another good card for Weyland that is not in faction. —

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