D4v1d 3[credit]

Memory: 1 • Strength: -
Influence: 4

Place 3 power counters on D4v1d when it is installed.

Hosted power counter: Break ice subroutine on a piece of ice that has a strength of 5 or greater.

Sometimes a single stone is enough.
Illustrated by Andreas Zafiratos
Decklists with this card

The Spaces Between (tsb)

#33 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
  • Updated 2017-04-28

    NAPD Most Wanted List - Level 1: Each copy of this card costs 1 universal influence, which is separate & in addition to the normal printed influence, and counts against all Identities influence limits, even those in the same faction. [MWL v1.2]




  • Can only break 3 subroutines.
  • High influence cost of 4.
  • Doesn't self trash (for Test Run, Clone Chip) when empty.
(The Source era)
I really wonder why this program doesn't have the subtype Icebreaker, since this is essentially what it does... —
I imagine it would be too confusing when it came time to deal with adding strength to something that doesn't need strength to operate. —
More importantly you wouldn't be able to host it on Djinn. —
Also, it's not an AI so it passess stuff like Turing. —
Note that the 4 and 1 in "D4V1D" are replacing the letters A and I. Also, this is clearly a reference (4+1=5, amirite?) to the character Da5id in Neal Stephenson's "Snow Crash". —
Yeah, icebreakers need a strength equal to or higher than the strength of the ICE they are targeting in order to be allowed to interact with it at all, which kind of defeats the point of this card. That said, not being an icebreaker leads to some weird interactions with certain corp cards that target icebreakers... —
Does removing a power counter from D4V1D count as using a program? Wondering about how it interacts with Vikram 1.0 in a situation where you want to let the first sub of Vikram fire. —
Hey GoldenHawk: —
Oops, I hope that didn't mess up! Accidentally clicked enter before I wrote the answer. Paid abilities (such as breaking subroutines with D4v1d) count as "using" programs. I believe there is a definition of "use" in the FAQ or possible on ANCUR's Unofficial FAQ. I would venture that anything that doesn't happen automatically counts as use. Like "using" recurring credits on Multithreader. —
It's like Grappling Hook, in that it breaks subroutines without being an ice breaker. It doesn't need to match the strength of the ice encountered. —
Does Navi Mumbai City Grid turn this off and prevent them spending Hosted Counters? —
Gilbod, yes, it does. —