Scrubbed 2[credit]

Event: Current
Influence: 2

This card is not trashed until another current is played or an agenda is scored.

The first piece of ice encountered each turn has -2 strength for the remainder of the run.

Illustrated by Chris Newman
Decklists with this card

The Spaces Between (tsb)

#34 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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A lot of people don't give this card any love, but I have always found it useful as a "surprise". Don't drop it out just for funsies to get the -2 STR necessarily...drop it when you've already parasited a big piece of ICE & the corp thought they had a turn or two more to purge. Even if you get it late, it can still be useful...unlike what can happen to Hacktivist Meeting. Look at it kind of like a Surge that can stick around to be relevant.

(Chrome City era)
I feel like this is the key. Realising that stuff is safe is something corps do. Then Scrubbed comes down and ruins your day and your Tollbooth! —
Wonderful review, and a good idea. Being able to instantly "surprise" Parasite something, or bring something to Darwin radius, is potentially huge. You can bait them into committing to a scoring window that doesn't exist. —
And with the release of D&D, a new combo can be had! Scrubbed + Prey to reduce the number of cards you have to discard by up to 2! —

Possibly the worst current to be released for runners so far, 2 Credit cost for -2St on "One" piece of ice per turn. Not only is this not worth the cost, it also has the potential to shut down one of the Anarchs greatest breakers "D4V1D". By lowering the St of ice you decrease the chance of that ice being Strength 5 or higher you can really mess up your rig by lowering key pieces of ice outside of D4V1Ds limit.

Personally if you want a current in Anarch I would look into Itinerant protestors for Valencia or Traffic jam for any one else.

(The Valley era)
Put this into Kit deck (stealth or Yog0saurus) and rethink :) —
I wouldn't say it's always a bad move to play it along a D4v1d. It can be helpful to lower an ice to Yog or Mimic range and save some D4v1d tokens. —
This is a key card in any fixed strength breaker deck. And any card is better than Traffic Jam. —
Kit is a good point. It augments her "break into one-deep servers with ease" play pattern. —