Wasteland 2[credit]

Resource: Location - Virtual
Influence: 2

The first time each turn you trash 1 of your installed cards, gain 1[credit].

Data goes in. Nothing comes out.
Illustrated by Simon Weaner
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Data and Destiny (dad)

#36 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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For Apex himself, it's a pretty decent drip-income, as long as you're running often enough to trigger it around once a turn. It's also a pretty solid splash for any deck that is planning on using Aesop's Pawnshop fairly often. (Looking at you, Noise)

It also could do well when paired with a lot of cards that trash themselves. (Translation: put it in your Geist decks.) Heck, with enough of them, Fall Guy turns into a better Hedge Fund!

Fun fact - since it triggers once per turn, you can fire it during the corp's turn as well as the runner's.

(Data and Destiny era)
If one were to have all three copies installed, would one earn 3 credits of the first trash? Or just one credit but can be done three times? Or no stacking at all? —
It's not unique so you can have all 3, and they all will fire. —
Notably, it's not a replacement effect, either. I.E. Security Testing isn't unique but is a replacement effect, so more than one ST on a single server is redundant. —

This is the Tech Trader of Apex. While Tech Trader was a "whenever" card, this is a "once a turn" card. Making it much worse. Is this card worth it?

Short answers is yes, if you build around it.

There are 47 cards that will trashed themselves after using them, 7 cards that have a trash condition attached (activated by the corp) and 12 cards that can actively trash cards from the board. Of course, Apex can put ANY card on the board facedown, and Reboot can put 5 cards from the heap on the board facedown.

This ressource will generate money on the third time it trashes something. So, at best, it will start giving economy 2 turns after, if you trash something on the turn you install this ressource. Apex can possibly trash something from the board on each turn, but usually every other turn, because Apex will tend to trash a lot of card on one turn and nothing on the subsequent turn. Other faction would have a slightly harder time, but it would be possible every other turn if building specifically around this card. In a 15 turns game, if you where to install this on the first turn, you would get 5 net (discounting the initial "payment" of 2) out of this, which is just above Sure Gamble in term of value, but scattered throught the game. By late game, this is a dead card, since it will cost you more than it will bring for you. Of course, if you are able to install this cheaper, using Paladin Poemu, you get more value of this. And if you put cards with trash conditions (like Tapwrm), this could be triggered on the corp turn, for a slight increase of value.

Sadly for Apex, it need less credits at the end game, when it is fully setup, than in the early game, when it need to setup, making Wasteland rarely worth it.

For other faction, it could be a good way to generate drip economy, especially if they used Aesop's Pawnshop. By mid game, Aesop's Pawnshop could generate 4 or 5 per turn clicklessly, which is pretty good!

Lets see cards that trash themselves when used, which would trigger Wasteland (in the Q2 2023 meta).

Anarchs (11 with 4 commonly used)

Neutrals (5 with 3 commonly used)

Criminals (16 with 3 commonly used)

Shapers (10 with 5 commonly used)

Sunny & Adam & Apex (5)

Some cards (11) are not intended to be trashed but have trash conditions, with 3 commonly used.

Some cards (7) can be trashed by the corp actions.

Here are cards (12) that can trash things from the board.

Of course, it also combo with Harbinger well.

While I would have prefered the art to be brighter (it is kind of difficult to distinguish those tentacles), it evoke exactly what the name, quote and effect of the card does, keeping it all in the theme of Apex. Good job!

(Parhelion era)