Acacia 1[credit]

Influence: 1

Whenever the Corp purges virus counters, you may gain 1[credit] for each virus counter removed and trash Acacia.

The system is so deeply rooted, who knows how far the cables run?
Illustrated by Alexandr Elichev
Decklists with this card

Down the White Nile (dtwn)

#21 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
  • Updated 2024-03-29

    ANCUR UFAQ 20 [Michael Boggs]

    Can the Runner prevent Acacia from being trashed and still gain the credits?



LLDS Energy Regulator lets you prevent the trash for 3. With multiple Acacia out and lots of virus token generation, this can get out of hand very quickly.

Regardless, you need to have an outlet for the money you make. Gaining 6 for them purging your Aumakua doesn't help much if that's your only way in. However, pair it with other virus counter generation and classic breakers like Paperclip/Black Orchestra/MKUltra and you can use the credits to rebuild your counter pool (probably by making successful runs), making the purge moot, or at least buy you enough credits to breach their remote while you build them up some other way.

(Council of the Crest era)
Important to note the synergy here with the virus breakers suite - Yusuf, Musaazi, and the decoder. Once those are all out along with Freedom, we'll really see how powerful Acacia can be. —

I have a question about the effect of this. 1. Does it have an effect on the runner's entire card ? if so 2. it count Virus Breeding Ground' s virus counter ?

Margins to fill the cell.

Margins to fill the cell.

(Down the White Nile era)
Yes, it works for every virus counter you remove from every card, including Virus Breeding Grounds, Incubator, Friday Chip and whatever else has virus counters on it. —