Penumbral Toolkit

Penumbral Toolkit 2[credit]

Resource: Stealth - Virtual
Influence: 2

If you made a successful run on HQ this turn, this resource costs 2[credit] less to install.

When you install this resource, load 4[credit] onto it. When it is empty, trash it.

You can spend hosted credits during runs.

Shadow Net marketplaces have such venerability that they differ from legal platforms only in the products offered.
Illustrated by Kevin Tame
Decklists with this card

Uprising (ur)

#81 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
  • Updated 2021-10-11

    Can the Runner lose credits hosted on Overclock or Penumbral Toolkit for the first subroutine on Whitespace?

    No. Those credits are only available to be spent. “Losing” credits always drains the Runner’s credit pool.


If you use Afterimage, and you are Criminal, then Penumbral Toolkit should be included in your deck. You can even install it for free. At 2 influences, it is sometime use in Shaper deck instead of Trickster Taka. It is like a Cold Read, but without the trash effect on the program.

It is a good fit for Criminal. It will be even better if Criminal ever get other stealth breakers (which would fit the theme).

(Uprising era)

This is so much better than Ghost runner. Too bad, criminal stealth isn't at the best spot right now.

Consider: Overclock is good. Even if you're not running stealth breakers, this can be an overclock saved for later. And credit pool attacks can't hit it. It's a click for 4 credits, Sure Gamble efficiency. They are usable to trash cards too, since the only restriction is "during runs."