On the Lam

On the Lam 3[credit]

Event: Condition
Influence: 2

Install On the Lam on a resource as a hosted condition counter with the text "[trash]: Avoid up to 3 tags or prevent up to 3 damage."

"Never, ever, overstay your welcome." -Andromeda
Illustrated by A. Jones
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Martial Law (ml)

#82 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
Martial Law
  • Updated 2023-12-08

    UFAQ [Michael Boggs]

    Does using On the Lam's ability trigger Wasteland?

    No. On the Lam is a condition counter and no longer considered a card while hosted on the resource.

    Can the Runner install On the Lam from a Street Peddler?

    No. On the Lam's ability causes it to be installed as a hosted condition counter. As an event, it cannot ever be installed.


Ask your self this, wouldn't it be nice if there was a Criminal event that installed onto a resource as a condition counter and that you could trash reactively to avoid three tags OR prevent up to three points of any type of damage? Also because it's an event it can be played from you heap (discard pile) with Same Old Thing?

Think about it, a card like that would allow you to shut down all kinds of tag based shenanigans. You can't get Scorched if you aren't tagged in the first place! You could use it to wipe the tags from Breaking News before NBN can Exchange of Information that Global Food Initiative in your score area with the Breaking News they just scored! That's pretty huge!

Furthermore that card could be used to avoid three points of any type of damage! So with one installed you can face check a triple advanced Project Junebug without flat lining. Or you can hit a Snare! and be totally fine, beside having to clear a tag that is. In fact the corporation will probably not fire the Snare! in the first place. It costs 4 credits (which is a lot) and if it's not going to do damage then why waste the credits?

That card ladies and gentlemen exists, and it's called On the Lam. In many ways it's a lot like a criminal version of I've Had Worse. It provides the criminal player with some really lovely flexibility. It allows them to avoid tags which is great in the current meta and and the ability to prevent damage is ideal for criminal players who don't want to have ANY of their cards end up in the trash if they can help it.

On top of all of that it is an Event, so it synergies with a bunch of weird cards like Prepaid VoicePAD and I guess Comet? I bet there are a bunch of synergies that I haven't though of and I cant wait to see what weird jank the community can think up!

In summary, with Plascrete Carapace rotating out at the start of the red sand cycle and with tag punishment more brutal than it's ever been, On the Lam gives Criminals a versatile answer to the current meta landscape that also functions as flat line protection.

The one downside is that the damage prevention isn't much use versus ice like Komainu, but hey you should have a Mongoose installed any ways!

(Martial Law era)

The most important thing about this card is the flavor. DO YOU SEE THE PICTURE AND THE FLAVOR TEXT?





It's also a good card. Preventing 3 tags or 3 damage for 3 credits is great, but you need a resource to host it on. (Thanks to the comment for clarifying that). It's a strong card to combat the current meta of things like Hard-Hitting News.

(Martial Law era)
Not as written you don't —
As written you trash the counter (i.e., On the Lam itself) to use it, not the resource it is hosted on. —
Thanks. I was under the impression from a few people that you had to trash the resource it was hosted on. —
Obnoxious... —
How are we all ignoring that Andie is clearly not who we thought she was? —
Have we ever seen Geist and Andromeda in the same room? "Andromeda was just a costume I used to wear" #everythinghasaprice #expensivedressthough #ohwell #draw1card —

Oh boy ... this card might be the reason I might feel safe even checking a potential Overwriter :) Also, Geist loves the shit out of this card. Host on a resource? Geist usually happens to have some around. Use with thrash? Yes please.

(Martial Law era)

Now that's a puzzling design. It's a card that should have been a resource but is instead an event with subtype condition. More on this later.

First, some quick thoughts on its effects and uses :

  • trash only itself, not the hosted card (not 100% sure about that, but given wording on previous condition events, I read it as such).
  • nice counter against Hard-Hitting News, a precious help against Jintekill decks and the best counter to Cerebral Overwriter ever printed. Has a good cost for that.
  • can surely help against a surprise single tag or damage, but feel a bit expensive for that. I mean, if for some reason you don't care Hard-Hitting News or Snare! but want to deal against Data Raven or Shock!, find something else.
  • in the same faction that Account Siphon.
  • probably a good card that'll see some play, even though there are matchup you won't want to draw it.

Now back on its type and subtype. One wonders why it's not simply a resource. Get a look at the restrictions this design brings :

  • you have to play it along some resources, else you can't use On the Lam.
  • you better have to play resources that stick on the table. If your only resources are Tem├╝jin Contract and DDoS, the use for On The Lam becomes narrow. Not that it's unthinkable to install On The Lam on such a card when you feel a threat that justifies it, but it's better than your deck doesn't have this only way to play it.
  • Career Fair, The Supplier and Street Peddler won't help to install it. Prepaid VoicePAD can, but that's not anymore the option it used to be.
  • bet that hosting resource becomes a target of choice for resource trashing or uninstalling. Of course, being a tag counter it makes you more resilient to tag, but expect Voter Intimidation and Archangel.

Designers could have made it a resource, but obviously, they wanted it not to be that easy to use. Probably to not give an on-the-go Hard-Hitting News counter or Account Siphon enhancer. I'm fine with that.

(Martial Law era)
Damon confirmed it trashes only itself —
I'm not so sure this card won't work with Street Peddler. Street Peddler, "When you install...." On the Lam, "Install On the Lam..." Even though the FAQ says events are never installed this seems like a case where card text should take precedence —
On The Lam installs itself as a condition counter when it is played. Street Peddler can't install it, however, because it's an event and Street Peddler doesn't say to install events as condition counters. —
While you've mentioned the drawbacks of it being an event... It can be used again via Same Old Thing.... That's kinda scary good recurring protection... —