♦ Comet 4[credit]

Hardware: Console
Influence: 2

+1[memory unit]

The first time you play an event each turn, you may play another event (without spending a click) after the first one resolves.

Limit 1 console per player.

Illustrated by Del Borovic
Decklists with this card

Breaker Bay (bb)

#27 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
Breaker Bay

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My dream combos with this card:

Early Bird + Wanton Destruction (you have 4 clicks to spend by the time you get to HQ, instead of the usual 3)

Day Job + Any run event (spend your whole 'turn' making money, then run anyway)

Account Syphon + Lawyer Up (you'll spend two clicks total, including the extra one for Lawyer Up being a double, to clear the tags you just got for free AND draw cards)

Networking + ... the same copy of Networking (easy tag removal)

It can make a Test Run into a Test RUN; it makes Double Event-based decks more of a possibility... this just might be my favourite console so far.

(The Source era)

This screams "Prepaid Kate" to me. Pricier then an Astrolabe, but with an ability that will mesh perfectly with her event heavy build. In particular, this console allows you to hit day job, then a run event (dirty laundry would let you run anything) to hit a server with plenty of credits to spare.

(The Source era)

This card is just ridiculous.

I'd hoped it would be so when I first saw it, and immediately set to work building a Hayley Comet deck... Only to realize she sortof doesn't want it. Hayley wants lots of things to install, Comet wants lots of Events, so they're at odds.

So instead, I made a Ken deck, because I noticed Comet is only two influence, and the most busted Events are in Criminal. Account Siphon into an Inside Job is a personal favorite, but Networking and Lawyer Up are good to use after a Siphon.

Additionally, this card makes Quality Time absolutely bonkers. QT into ANYTHING is gross. Most commonly I would QT into a Sure Gamble. Playing with Comet made Ken very happy. Dirty Laundry? Twice? Oh god. I'll just gain 9 credits for a click because I'm Testing your empty Archives.

And yeah, this deck makes Double events really attractive, especially with Adjusted Chronotype and Starlight Crusade Funding. I think PrePaid Kate would benefit from this strategy the most, as she already runs the Lucky Find and I think most of the useful Doubles are in Shaper anyway... Running Interference is the best Crim I can think of. (Besides Lawyer Up after an Account Siphon, which costs a lot of influence.)

(Breaker Bay era)

This is a new favourite card for me. I can't help but feel it's most powerful out of faction; I'm running it in Anarch, Valencia Estevez to be precise, and it is so much fun. Anarchs have got some incredibly juicy events recently, and allowing you to chain them into one another (or into econ events) gives you incredible efficiency.

Draw cards, like Diesel or Inject, are great with Comet as they allow you to play one of the cards you have drawn straight away (this even works with a Levy AR Lab Access!). Same with Déjà Vu, this lets you pull a card back to HQ and play it for a single click.

As you're undoubtedly running event economy with this card (the more events the better! I have 30+ in my Comet deck), a set of Prepaid VoicePAD seems like a sensible inclusion, with enough events they become cheap drip economy. Also, with frequent playing of events, a way to continually fill your hand makes sense, something like an Earthrise Hotel or the Wyldside/Pancake combo that lots of people are enjoying at the moment. This also makes the console great in a MaxX deck, she will generally pack lots of recursion like Deja Vu or even draw like Inject, both good as mentioned earlier.

On top of all that, the card allows for some great combo plays; Day Job into a run event (like Dirty Laundry or Blackmail is possible), or even a Wanton Destruction to trash three cards from the corp's hand followed by a run event to check archives straight away before the corp can prepare defenses. The 'run all three centrals' cards become better too, allowing you to use a run event as your third central run and then play Quest Completed or Notoriety for free, giving you a spare click (to play ANOTHER Notoriety, maybe...?).

Ultimately, in the right deck, this is like an extra click on most turns, for half the price of Rachel Beckman without any of the vulnerability, that also gives you a dot of memory. Clicks are a very valuable resource, hence why cards that give you more are rare; they're typically one shot, or come with a heavy downside. Comet isn't either.

(Chrome City era)
Amped Up + Wanton Destruction = trash a full (5 card) HQ. The only problem being Amp's brain damage. Better feel lucky, have more than 1 Wanton, or Titanium Ribs. —

Anyone notice this allows you to play 2 priority events?

A combo I want to try: Social Engineering, Cyber Threat. If they still haven't rezzed yet use FAO.

Gonna try building a Nasir deck on that, unless someone can prove otherwise?

(The Source era)
@zithith: Priority events read: "Play only as your first click". So IMO you can't play another Priority after the first one, because you are not using any click at all, not to mention first one. I think Priorities are designed with this in mind. On the other hand, Comet allows to mitigate Double events cost. —
@quiciuc While you're right that Comet won't let you play Priority events later, you're very much wrong on the Doubles. Playing a double will still cost you a click. Comet says "You may play another event (without spending a click)", not "without spending any clicks". It doesn't specify that any costs should be ignored, so you must still pay all costs, including paying a click. —
It turns a double in to a single, effectively. If you play Sure Gamble (1 click) and then follow up with Lucky Find, you've spent 2 clicks total. It's like a mini-Starlight Crusade! —
You definitely can't play 2 priorities off comet. The first event you play is played as your first click. The second is played as your free comet event. You're not using a click to play it, so you're not playing it "as your first click". —

Hold on, hold on, hold on people. Run with me for a second on this. Comet + event + event = -1 click. Double event = -1 click - 1 click. Comet + event + double event = -1 click - 1 click. Now here's where the math gets weird. Starlight Crusade Funding = -1 click + (1 click * number of double events). Wait guys, does this mean Comet + Starlight Crusade Funding + 2 Double Events = -2 clicks? Holy crap does this make Starlight double event decks playable?

(Order and Chaos era)
Oh god man. Don't do it. That way lies only tears and madness. —
This is so wrong. haha what the heck —
And then add adjusted chr onotype and gene condition shoppe —
This may or may not be from personal experience, but 2x Power Nap to gain 17 creds on first click is pretty damn sweet. —
I'm playing a Hayley deck that uses Comet, Starlight, Power Nap, Adj. Chronotype, Gene Conditioning, Beach Party, Game Day, Power Nap and Lucky Find. Once Starlight is installed, Game Day is one click, draws you up to 10 cards, and then you can play one of those new cards as the 2nd Comet card (preferably a double to make it better). All for the cost of 1 click, and a fair amount of set up. It's based on a deck Throne Runner posted through ANRBlackhats. —
I am wondering if the corp hits an "I've had worse" when dealing net or meat damage does comet fire? —