Starlight Crusade Funding

Starlight Crusade Funding 1[credit]

Influence: 0

When your turn begins, lose [click].

Ignore any additional costs on each double event you play.

"I like to say 'Traditional values for a modern time.' War in space and life made by human hands, machines smart enough to ask if they have souls…Religion is as important and relevent now as at any time in human history. We must rise to meet the new challenges. And we must have faith."
Illustrated by Nate Stefan
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True Colors (tc)

#69 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
True Colors

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In a small room in FFG two guys talk.

-- Hey, remember that time we designed some useless cards as a joke?

-- Of course! Why?

-- Well, I might have sent one off to production last night...

-- Damn! Did you at least remember to send the Stealh Console I told you to???

-- You see, I was really... really drunk...

(All That Remains era)
The wonderful thing about the LCG model is how everything has a time to come into it's own. Now with Adjusted Chronotype in the mix, this card suddenly looks like it might have (some) life! —
Update: It does not. —
This card shall forever remain in its grave, the binder, as of netrunner's closing in 2018. —

I mean, you put this out with adjusted chronotype playing Hayley? The click compression is real.

This card needs a fresh review now that Adjusted Chronotype is a thing.

You can get this click right back if you have that AC in play. This means that for 4 and the individual clicks to install, you can make all of your doubles only cost one click.

On paper... YAY!

In reality... :/

There are currently (minus Drive By) 12 Double type cards for the runner. Looking at them all, their effects, and their influence, Criminal stands out as the best faction to try this with. So that's 4 or maybe 6 influence to get a good chance of drawing AC. If you go with Andromeda: Dispossessed Ristie that gives you a pretty good chance of finding this combo in your opening hand.

It's full on Sunk Cost Fallacy. You then obviously have to add doubles to make this combo worthwhile. You splash more influence on Lucky Find and then Power Nap looks nice as well, and suddenly you're playing a deck full of events and no space or influence left to do anything good.

All in all, with the influence and the inevitable dead draws running 3 of this and AC to make the combo easily attainable, and the install clicks, you're better off actually just spending the f***ing clicks on the doubles.

(Breaker Bay era)
This is the best deck I've seen to try and make the combo work, it tried much of what I lamented in this review, but it looks very doable after all... —
This card will forever remain useless. —


-- Experience CEO's life with only 1 credit. (without that silly mandatory draws!)



-- Your life as a runner ends.


-- "We must rise to meet the new challenges." Card itself says using this card is a challenge.

-- This card isn't unique. Well there is no fault to be a devout believer who spends 3 quarters of your life in the church, but.....

-- I don't think this card was made by drunken guys. At least this card doesn't have any typos!

(All That Remains era)

This card seems pretty useless until you think on: Adjusted Chronotype Comet 2 Lucky Find in hand and 3 credit

so 1 click = 12 credit... is a BIG BIG BIG combo. Require cards, require setup, require a lot of things so is not for everybody, but a friend made a deck around and it work, and when you do the THINGH the corp start hating you.

(Breaker Bay era)
Yup... 8 creds and 4 clicks to setup (not to mention drawing), one click and 3 creds to fire - and you are short 3 creds. In the meanwhile Corp scores Eden Fragment... —
Here's a scenario: You are playing a Hayley doubles deck with Pawnshop and Comet. You drop Starlight as your first click, getting a click-free resource install. You then play a double, playing another double click-free. You have two clicks left. Next turn you sell Starlight to Aesop's Pawnshop. It's not great, but it's a reason to slot a one-of in a doubles deck that isn't order-dependent like finding Adjusted Chronotype is. —
Oh, BTW - with only two Lucky Find and 3 credits: 4 clicks and you are 5 creds ahead, without need to setup the whole ridiculous machinery. —
You are partially right, but all the setup is not for this card only; I use Comet as console (because I play a lot of event), I use Aesop (that I use in my deck also for cache) that can sell Starlight when not more useful and I use Starlight also for other doubles so for me it work. Starlight isn't an autoinclude and need a specific deck to became usable, but it can be. —

I think this card can find some use, especially with some new ways of getting clicks during the runner's turn. Even without the extra clicks, you could pull out some crazy event combos with planned assault and same old thing. Toss in a power nap or two after burning through double events like a diesel junky, take her to the pawnshop and enter the lategame with the corp sweating from being broke and 2-3 agenda points behind.

It has been the general consensus that she wouldn't be uswful until better double events came out. I think the double events are just fine. I'm excited for play with her now that the runner has access to more clicks during their turn to make up for the click lost

(All That Remains era)