Drive By

Drive By 0[credit]

Event: Double
Influence: 2

As an additional cost to play this event, spend [click].

Expose 1 card installed in the root of a remote server. If you do and that card is an asset or upgrade, trash it.

Illustrated by Mitchell Malloy
Decklists with this card

The Underway (uw)

#64 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
The Underway

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Drive by has been impressing me lately, this is a very powerful and versatile card. It serves several real needs for the criminal runner.

  1. First and most obviously, It gets the runner out of the Mushin No Shin trap. Even in the endgame, when the runner's rig is powerful enough to get in everywhere the Corp can still try and turn the tide with ambushes. IAA behind ice, and the runner has to ask himself, is that really an agenda, or is it an ambush? Many corp come from behinds have come about because the runner has paid through the nose to break ice and stepped right into an Aggressive Secretary or Project Junebug. Spending the first 2 clicks on a Drive By ensures that you only go if the card in question is actually a agenda, and warns you of anything specific about the Agenda you need to fix to steal it. (NAPD Contract etc.)

  2. Even if the corp isn't running ambushes, the Drive By can make its slots back by smashing upgrades. When the corp IAA's a card in a server with an agenda, the runner must ask themselves if that is Caprice Nisei or Ash 2X3ZB9CY, or even Marcus Batty. Any of these can make the run into a misery. But with a drive by, all of a sudden you just have to fight the ice to make the steal.

  3. If the corp isn't doing ambushes or upgrades, perhaps they are using an asset based economy? It is important to remember that the trashing effect of Drive By happens with no cost. The corp usually waits till the appropriate time to rez their assets. Preempt that with a Drive By and you can save yourself a lot of money on that SanSan City Grid or other expensive to trash asset.

Obviously, the Corp can render 2 and 3 less viable by rezzing their assets or upgrades immediately, but the runner is not unhappy if they go down that route. Knowing exactly what's out there is an advantage that it is tough to put a price on, and since the corp is spending money to rez these assets/upgrades, they will be less able to rez their ice.

This is a card that competes strongly with the other fantastic criminal run events. Many decks will benefit from including Drive By.

(The Universe of Tomorrow era)
One particular combo is against HB. Often they'll play around Account Siphon by having an easy Adonis or Eve to rez in response. Drive By eliminates this out, admittedly at the cost of needing to float at least one tag post-Siphon. —

This seems like a very powerful card, with the minor drawback that only unrezzed cards can be exposed. However, the Corp can't rez a card "in response" to Drive By, so if they think you are packing it, they have to rez their card in advance and give you free information. For example, a PAD Campaign or a Jackson Howard that is usually rezzed right before it is needed, or an ambush such as a Cerebral Overwriter that is protecting a Shell Corporation - if the Corp player forgets about the existence of Drive By, you can trash both cards by making a run after driving by, costing them heaps of credits.

One of the cards that this will be best against is Ronin since the usual Corp strategy of protecting it is to make you think that it could be an ambush. If you use Infiltration and discover an ambush, you have saved one click compared to using Drive By, but if you find a Ronin then you would have to make a run on that server and pay the trash cost, whereas Drive By would save you all that trouble.

It works well against any other cards that the Corp would usually like to keep face down yet aren't negated merely by being exposed... some examples are Corporate Troubleshooter or Thomas Haas with advancement tokens on him.

(Order and Chaos era)
I can see this card being heaps of fun when combined with Blackguard. It'd be great to expose an Eve Campaign; they'd have to rez it for 5 and then trash it. —
Does this combo with $Silhuette - expose a card, have them pay for it and then trash it? —
I wonder if using Zaibatsu loyalty to prevent the expose would render this effect useless, and my first reaction would be yes, that it does. If you can't determine if it's an asset or upgrade, how could you trash it? —
Zaibatsu again will be playable. I could order 2nd copy. or another counteract is Tokushi Sakai —