A tweaked and slightly weaker Desperado (but that card was strong as heck). With supporting cards like Red Team the runs you'd make anyway become so much more rewarding, and then you don't have to do boring stuff like "manage economy" when you could be running.

One upside (that might not be initially evident) is Pennyshaver can be used as bait for an expensive Corp combo like Public Trail into Retribution (especially if you're slow or lazy at taking the credits off the console). So you might get a tempo swing from that.


Absolutely terrific card. Low effort for the Runner, huge effort for the Corp. Maybe they take a turn off purging, or maybe they let it ride and you get 4-8+ credits out of them for a re-rez. Either way, I think this is pretty overtuned as far as the new cards go. For example in System Gateway if your corp opponent has an advanced Pharos you can more or less forget about it.

And if Acacia is alive and kicking it's basically free money (or the threat of it)!


The cheap install cost gives this code gate breaking killer a lot of flexibility. I imagine that it might end up seeing some play in Eternal. It compares favorably to other 'cloud' breakers like ZU.13 Key Master.

Limited flexibility. This ice is only any good on HQ. However, it is very efficient on HQ. It costs 3-5 to break for the most commonly used decoders, which is very good for a 3-cost ice. It also protects itself against most ice-destruction cards and handles cards like Boomerang well.


  • Vulnerable to Turning Wheel farming. It only costs 1 to break the "lose 2 credits" subroutine and jack out.
  • Limited flexibility. If you're thinking about anywhere besides HQ, you'll wish you had drawn any other ice. For about the same amount, you could have rezzed Border Control or Mausolus or Hortum.

Saisentan significantly affects runner calculations on how dangerous an unrezzed ice could be. If they get surprised by Saisentan and don't have a method to break most of its subroutines, they take a devastating amount of net damage (usually 4-5).

If you are playing Saisentan all of your unrezzed ice look scary early on, enabling high-value early plays. It fights very well against most of the cards a runner might use to break an unknown ice early (e.g. Boomerang, Engolo, and Botulus), so a turn 1 Rashida will probably work out for you even if they do think they have a way inside. It's also the perfect rez cost (5) to deter early Diversion of Funds plays if you have an unrezzed ice on HQ.

After the runner has a killer, it usually costs 3 to break Saisentan, which is reasonable for a 5 cost ice. MKUltra costs 6 to fully break Saisentan, which is excellent. Note, if they are running Bukhgalter, keep your sentries together, Bukhgalter is awesome against the first sentry but struggles against its friends.

Tactical recommendations:

  • INSTALL EARLY. If you draw this in your opening hand, installing it on turn 1 is usually the best move. Embrace the power of devastation.
  • AGAINST BUKHGALTER, SENTRIES ARE MUCH MORE POWERFUL STACKED WITH OTHER SENTRIES. A Saisentan costs 2 for a criminal to break on a server which has no other sentry (weak) but 4 on a server which already has a sentry. Keeping your sentries together is hugely efficient.
  • Most valuable for either protecting central servers or early high-value resources.
  • Event is usually the best card type to pick. If they *don't* have events, they will have a bad time recovering from 3+ net damage.