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Who'd'a thunk this would've ended up with multiple cards being restricted or banned? Au Revior at the very least, then the prime Laamb Surfer ID which resulted in that going in the bin. Good stuff, Wu. You managed to live up to the hype! 😍


Similar to the reviews of Tennin Institute: The Secrets Within and Saraswati Mnemonics: Endless Exploration, you can advance a card, even if it doesn't specifically say you can. This adds to the mental games of netrunner,

Did the runner run through the remote, only to find a token on the PAD Campaign?

Are you tricking the runner to hitting the remote, where you have stored an ambush? Or are you slow playing a 3/1?

When you put this and another card down, was it perhaps a 4/2 or even Vulnerability Audit? Rez this, advance for free and AAA to score next turn?

This is not for horizontal decks with your wimpy 1 point agendas. This is for decks with big, meaty, agendas. A relatively small number of big agendas, that it is terrifying to be flooded with. Basically required if you are playing Government Takeover, to make cash and get it back into the deck for later. It also supports the cheeky trick of discarding an agenda from a flooded hand. If the runner doesn't check it, drudge work can save games by itself. If you aren't going to target a 3+ point agenda it is not worth it.

Though it is important to remember what the runner will do. It only costs 3 to crack drudge work, and protected server space is at a premium. It is a bad idea to even play a drudge work without planning on triggering it. Losing one to a runner access when you are flooded can be soul crushing. I do recommend triggering the asset twice the turn you play it. Unless you are really stuck on tempo, this makes it a much less tempting target for the runner. Further, losing the last use is much less of a problem.

Most of the time you aren't going to need it. When you need it, you really, really need it.

Great review. The biggest mistake I've seen players use with Drudge Work is not pushing the tempo. Shuffling away a few agendas is OK but don't be tempted to empty it all in one turn. —
Drudge is kinda vulnerable. I usually try to get 2 out of it, but that does burn a whole turn. Still, a drudge with 1 counter is far less of a tempting target then one with 2. —

Basically the poor man's Caprice Nisei. And I mean that in a good way, because Caprice could be absolutely absurd.

The main similarity between the two sisters is in the actual psi game. Both upgrades have a (theoretical) 67% chance of denying the runner access to a server. There are two MAJOR differences though. First, Letheia trashes herself if she fires successfully. This means the runner will only have to suffer the consequences once. So no bs turns with Caprice where you run a remote 4 times and get thrown out because you suck at psi games. And secondly, even if Letheia fires, she will cause the runner to approach the server again. This means they can either choose to jack out or just continue through all ice again, if they're rich. Caprice would actually tax the runner clicks, a more important resource than money in many Jinteki glacier games.

Letheia does cost 1 to rez while Caprice costs 2, and their trash costs are 2 and 1 respectively, meaning Letheia is marginally cheaper and less bad in R&D/HQ. Since she trashes herself for her ability though, this isn't a super relevant distinction. Also, gotta love that Nisei Division support.

If you want more ways than ice to protect your servers, you should first consider Marcus Batty and Bio Vault over this, imo. Letheia is definitely not a bad card but especially in Jinteki, the masters of bouncing runners out of servers, I think this isn't strong enough to warrant competitive play.


Sorta mediocre in most decks, since you are basically just trading your clicks for your opponent clicks with an additional credit on top. You could just play Border Control, which costs you influence and more credits, but will cost the runner A LOT more since they will have to break all ice on a server, get flicked out, and they spend a click to run through it again. HB specifically also has Enhanced Login Protocol, which sticks around till an agenda is stolen and works on any server.

However, this is very obviously meant for MirrorMorph, who ideally will also have 4 clicks to work with. They need ways to trigger their ability, and this is a perfect way to accomplish that. For example, install Architect Deployment Test, advance, click Nanoetching Matrix for money, trigger ID, click Cold Site Servers. Now you essentially taxed the runner a click and credit for free.

I think it is a great card for one ID, but that's fine. Plenty of cards like that. Gold standard rez/trash cost as well.

The prevalent combo with Cold Site Server so far has been Efficiency Committee - as soon as EffCom rotates out later this year, Cold Site Server will see even less play than it sees now. —
Ah yeah, that is a synergy I forgot to mention —
It also combos with etr effects like Border Control, because each time the Runner initiates the run they must pay the cost. Although it would rarely happen, you can install an agenda and click this twice to make a server unassailable if you have Border Control in front of it. —