This agenda does a lot for you as a Corp that other 5/3 agendas can lack in.

It instantly recovers your spent money after scoring. This may be obvious after reading but regaining the 5 credits spent to score is incredibly powerful to keep defenses up on central servers. If you are in credit hell (5-8 credits) it is usually a death sentence to try to score an agenda that will not give you some cash. SSL Endorsement would also fit for scoring with low money.

However SSL doesn’t do quite as good of a job for instantaneous evening of money. If a Corp is trying to land a trace on their turn this agenda does some work. Early game this will put the Corp up +5 (+6 if playing as GameNet) from their current position. That is often enough to ensure a HHN or a SEA Source. Since it just makes the runner poorer after a steal, I would recommend SSL Endorsement if you need it as a source of income.

As another NBN agenda that has an additional cost, making the runner poor can be a potential strategy with Degree Mill and this agenda.

With the additional cost, it can add another secret cost to your remote server that the runner had not anticipated. IAA on a remote with all of the ice rezzed can be dangerous without some additional defenses. This agenda has been quite successful to stop Stimhack runs that had not anticipated an additional 5 coins on top of the server costs.

This is a great agenda and will probably be joining Degree Mill as the only consistently played NBN 5/3s.

<p>Good review with comparisons to other meta-heavy 5/3s.</p> —
<p>Important to note, however, this does lose to Critic :(</p> —
<p>That is true but since she is restricted we might see more whistleblower if NAPD Cordon and Bellona start bubbling up.</p> —

IMO, this is a prime example of a well-designed card that doesn't cost nearly enough and therefore ends up being a bit too powerful.

3 credits for a 2 MU console is amazing value at the worst of times. Except this only costs 2 credits, because Keiko triggers itself on install. No other card in the game gives you two unconditional MU for such a low price. Compare to CyberSolutions Mem Chip.

But, I hear you say, that isn't comparable. Keiko takes up a console slot. Fair. So let's take a look at the ability. A 1 credit drip every time you install or "use" a companion. Easy enough to reliably trigger every turn. There are several companions out already, most considered pretty strong.

A one credit drip isn't super broken, but in combination with a 2-MU console which costs two to install, I think it is slightly above the curve. Anarchs who like to be filthy rich and need MU for programs like Stargate will definitely consider this. Especially considering the lack of tempo loss compared to a card like Maw. Maybe Keiko should have kept its cost and been 1 MU instead? I don't know. I just know this feels a bit wrong to me.

<p>I agree. I am not sure if it does refund a credit, may need a ruling on that, but even at 3 it's a push. Compare it to Paragon. 3 cost. Keiko has one more MU. Both have a way to make a buck each turn, but Keiko doesn't involve interacting with the corp. Just free money. Paragon may offer the deck peek as a bonus, but really, that's nothing compared to an MU, in terms of general power.</p> —
<p>I can see the Smoke over the horizon already, lol.</p> —
<p>It has been confirmed by Nisei on Facebook it triggers itself.</p> —
<p>Did NISEI think that <a href="/en/card/26070">Keiko</a> would force you to too much into a pre-defined companions template? There's just so few downsides to the console. Supporters of this card's power level are far and few. I wouldn't be shocked to see this end up as Removed soon.</p> —

I would like clarification on the text of this card. If an icebreaker would break 2 subroutines at once, does "When the Runner breaks a printed subroutine on this ice, they lose 1credit" fire one time or two times?

<p>It fires twice even if you used something like <a href="/en/card/22012">Tycoon</a> to break 2 subroutines at once.</p> —
<p>^ What they said</p> —
<p>Remember the #Hippo/Cutlery/#Ankusa exception too - the moment you break the last sub with one of those, you trash the ice, which prevents the effect from firing.</p> —
<p>On Paperclip it also fires twice. If you Hippo it with Paperclip, it doesn't fire at all.</p> —

Corp side review. Why corp side review? Because that tells a hell lot more.

Use it to Face Check. Just use it.

When runner uses this card like Normal-Boring Dirty Laundry, I'm calm, indifferent. They just get what they supposed to get.

But what if they use it on turn 1? Annoying, annoying as hell. This card will teach you why Face-Checking is good play.

Maybe I should put more Cortex Lock in my Jintekis.


This card reminds me a lot of Escher. It cant re arrange the whole board like Escher, but it doesn't take the slot for run events, and can be combed with other run events or run effects. We can just move all the Corp's cheap ice to R&D as we Stargate them into oblivion.