Resource: Virtual • Install: 0 • Influence: 2

Whenever you pass a rezzed piece of ice, you may trash Slipstream. If you do, choose a piece of ice protecting a central server in the same position as the passed ice. You are now approaching that ice.

Filaments occasionally flare from the Network, manifesting ephemeral threads between random domains.
Criminal • Adam S. Doyle • Whispers in Nalubaale 85
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  • ANCUR UFAQ 23 [Michael Boggs]

    Does Slipstream work if the ice is uninstalled during the encounter?

    No. Though ice is immediately passed if it is derezzed or uninstalled while being encountered, it then is no longer a rezzed piece of ice, so it does not meet Slipstream's trigger condition.

    How is ice position determined for Sipstream?

    Ice position is always counted from the innermost toward the outermost.

    So if the Runner passes the outermost piece of ice protecting a remote with 3 pieces of ice, they can't use Slipstream to approach the only piece of ice protecting HQ?

    Correct. In this case, the Runner could only use Slipstream to move to a central server with at least 3 pieces of ice protecting it.

    If the Runner uses Slipstream after bypassing the innermost piece of ice with Spear Phishing, can they bypass the innermost ice on the new server with Spear Phishing too?


    If the Runner uses Slipstream after passing Kakugo, do they still take net damage?

    No. Kakugo's ability fails to trigger (unless the run is being made during the Corp's turn) because once Slipstream resolves and changes the Runner's position they are no longer passing Kakugo.


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