Event • Cost: 0 • Influence: 1

Gain 1credit for each installed connection resource.

A job is only as strong as the weakest link. Thankfully Ms. Jones is always on time.
Criminal • Jon Bosco Honor and Profit 31
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This can be a viable option in any deck that takes advantage of a number of Connections, though to really make it count, you need at least three of them installed - otherwise, Easy Mark is the card you want. It's a contextual thing - probably won't be much of use against an agressive, resource-trashing Corp deck (now that we have The All-Seeing I, the risk is even worse).

The Criminal faction currently has a number of cheap and disposable Connections you can utilize in your deck to make this card usable.

Consider if you are a fan of Iain Stirling: Retired Spook, as he is probably best when paired with a bunch of Film Critics, Fall Guys, Drug Dealers and perhaps a Data Dealer, maybe Street Peddler or two...

(Data and Destiny era)