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Bendy MaxX (ATL Regional)


Description by the author: yeoda 796

5-0 for this event. Swiss: Palana, Palana, CTM; Cut: CTM, SSO.

Best card is Maw. Don't be a bird... Just play this :)

Obviously have to credit Dave Culemann for the continual work on the list. I've played several Bendys since KoS 2017 and it has done so well at any event we've gone to, whether here in US or the power house events in UK for @shmeguy.

Pad Taps obviously a great choice to keep you afloat and swing tempo if they trash it all. Maxwell James obviously has a lot of utility that needs no explanation. This had 2 Falsified credentials/1 Maxwell James in it before as well, which is also a pretty good version (have to remove peddlers). with all the Pad Taps going, I actually cut a 3rd liberated, which ran smooth - so you can change what you need. Either way, I hope you enjoy the list.

I'm not a great deck writer, but thanks to all those who i worked with. Including Dave, I would have to shoutout to Stephen Ball and Zach Cavis for continual support and scrutinization/constructive criticism. Maybe sometimes destructive criticism (Stephen...) But thanks for it all!

Also huge shout out to Dodgepong (Ben Torell), Jeff Lindsay, Alec Nelson, and Hollis Eacho for their work and giving us all a great event. Everyone should really subscribe to PeachHack Patreon, regardless of the game going out. Ben has done so much and he is still doing so many great things for this awesome community. Shameless advertising for one of the most professional content creator I've seen.

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