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Omae wa Mou Shindeiru (5-1 at Charity Gift)


Description by the author: Blue Haired Hacker Girl 361



Omae wa mou shinderiru


** runner explodes **

This is the Jemison list I took to charity gift, losing only 1 game in round 5 to Los sneakdooring away the agenda flood.

The idea is simple, score a hostile or standoff, then push a cityworks or a junebug, and forfiet agendas before access when they cant jack out to make the access lethal. Caught several people off guard with 8 damage cityworks. One game just had cityworks on the table at 5 adv while I was trying to empty the agendas in my hand against gang sign.

The deck was a lot of fun to play and felt very knife edge games, least one relying on the runners greed to take the cityworks from the server and die rather than let me have it, but that's what netrunner is all about, bluffs and double bluffs.