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Replicating Kills v1.0 (a guide how to play RP properly)

Description by the author: Dydra 182

Hello everyone, this is the first Jinteki deck that I publish. A thing to know about me, is that I play only Jinteki, as a corp, ever since I started in September last year and yes... I guess that makes me "that Jinteki player" in your local playgroup. I have a lot of experience with the corp though, so let me share with you a deck I'm really excited about.

General Mindset

This deck wants to drain you from money, making you an easy target for Punitive Counterstrike (which I will refer to as PS from now on). In order to do this we have :

  • 6 out of 9 agendas requiring you to spend money (and draw cards, cuz Neural EMP and PS pew-pew)
  • Expensive to bypass Ice ( especially if Ninja is the dominant breaker in your playgroup rather than mimic)
  • Economy that punishes passive runners but makes aggressive ones lose clicks/time
  • Caprice to make them "re-run" your already expensive server or to deny them a bit more gold and make them unable to steal your agenda bellow

Note: You will do yourself a big favor, thinking that the runner will win the game with 3 agendas rather than 4, because you play 3 pointers. Better prepare yourself for that, rather than blaming it on "luck".

Agendas Spread

In the abstract above I've described in general the Agenda choice. However, there are a bit of space to play around.

  • You want the Fetal AI and the NAPD to drain them even more than the already taxing ICE. Fetal AI also makes them easier to finish off with PS or Neural EMP
  • You want Priority Req, because it makes easier to ress the expensive ICE and allows you to really hammer them with PS.

Things to play around with :

  • The current agenda pool is 21 points (rather than 20) and it's possible to change that.
  • In the first version of this deck I had a single Clone retirement that I used for Archer rezzing, removing the bad pub from grim AND scoring from hand to finish 6 point games. It's a really valuable choice for this deck, the reason I don't play it is because with the new cards from "Double Time" it's possible to reinforce the money denial tactic.
  • Take out a Priority Req and put in a Braintrust. It lowers the the chance for them hitting a 3 pointer + now they don't know if you put an unadvanced card if it's an upgrade, a Snare! or a braintrust!


Plain and simple – expensive to trash and punishes passive runners

  • I choose Private Contracts over PAD campaign in this deck, because it allows you to surge your money when you need it. You can take 6 money for 1 turn. PAD is possible to do the same, however you need to have 3 copies of it our and rezzed, rather than a single one (which is the case with Private Contracts). You want to be able to surge with money, so you can prepare your PS!
  • Sundew is a monster. Especially in RP. If the runner doesn't address EVERY single one which you install, they will leave you swimming in money
  • Subliminal is sick in RP. Arguable a deck that has 3 Snares, 3 Fetals and 3 Shocks and 3 Celebrity Gifts would like Subliminal more, however making them unable to run your remote on their last click really discourages them have to spend the one before that for fictive archives run. I might try Celebrity Gift in this deck at some point, but I'm happy with the economy atm.


Now here is where you might not agree with many of my choices, but let me go through them!


Low barrier numbers. Jinteki never had any good barriers to begin with. Generally unless u plan to spend 3 influence for a Heimdal 2.0 or get Bastions in, there isn't really a point to it. Corroder is the best breaker in game ( even among the different types) and they will have it. The reason I'm playing Himitso-Bako over a Bastion or a Paper Wall is because it allows me to move it around. I would generally use it to protect Sundews or/and Private Contracts and I can move it around if I manage to trash their Corroders. I might wanna play 3 in this deck actually, but hard to take find a card slot.

Note: Why Wall of Thorns is a bad ICE.

I've seen people uploading "winning" decks with WoTx2 and I really find myself face palming. That ICE is just horrid. Let's take a closer look at it. First, it costs 4 or 5 to get through with Corrroder and it has a cost of 8. Which means it needs at least 2 runs through it, to pay off. That's not efficient, when Tollbooth costs 7 on a Gordian Blade for the same price (and they lose 3c regardless)! Second it has Net Damage and End the Run. The two subroutines are almost mutually exclusive. You either want them to take Net damage and kill them or to stop them in their feet and end the run. Doing both puts you nowhere. They either don't take the extra damage from the Agenda/Trap/Hokusai bellow or just continue to Agenda win for 4 credits ( to break the End the Run sub). Tsurugi gets around this problem very gracefully by - having a lower rezz cost, more net damage and allowing YOU to control the outcome. If you find yourself in a position to trash their Corroder it doesn't really matter if you have Himitsu-Bako or WoT. Conclusion - don't play Wall of Thorns!


Really expensive for Ninja. Neural Katana is 4 for 4. Tsurugi is 6 for 7 and Archer is 9/10. Mimic is the worst thing that can happen to a Jinteki player, however that's why Archer and Grimm come in. IF you trash 1 of their mimics and discard the other via Net damage, it's suddenly another game :)

Code Gates

  • Viper for 1 Influence is great in RP deck (because it makes them lose a click) it fits well both on remote and as top ice on a central. Yagura is amazing and does some work that ICE ( that's the reason I don't wanna put the Quandary in) , especially in front of R&D.
  • Tollbooth — still one of the best ICE in game, it does kneel a bit for 5 against a Knight, but everything else makes through it slowly and expensive (which is the thing u want!)
  • Chum + Data mine — it will catch people off-guard. The combo will allow you to kill people easily (especially if DM is out of your Meta atm) and the cards on their own work great in this deck. Chum boosting Grim for double Ninja pump or getting Tsurugi and Neural katana out of Mimic range.

The other cards

  • Caprice Nisei , is just a strong card. It's not as game breaking as many people call it, because there is a chance in the game as it is (Hi there Maker's eye), but it will see play in pretty much every Jinteki deck from now on. It works great for this deck as well, because sometimes biding 2, knowing them that if they bid 2 they will be out of the money range to steal the agenda bellow — is skill , not luck!
  • My initial deck didn't have Interns in it. However Caprice is a viable target to be sniped from R&D so you will want her back and installing 3rd or 4th layer of ICE for free, is just great.
  • Jackson x 2 ... You get around 3 "free" influence in this deck and Jack seems to be the best target, as pretty much the "all mighty fixer" making you draw into what u want and fixing overdrawing problems meanwhile. A good play is, leaving 5 points in archives (if they are at 0) preparing for a PS and Neural EMPs in your turn after knowing that it will kill them. If they score a 2 pointer or something changes your plan in the meantime (like a Plascrete) just Jackson them back in :)
  • Ronin — maybe the most arguable card in this deck, but there is a reason for it. Maybe you are thinking "Why not run a Junebug in always advance deck" and you would be correct, if every good player didn't run at least 1 Infiltration or other expose in their decks. The card slots are so tight atm, that I don't have the space to put in 1-2 Zaibatsu Loyalties or Tricks of Light, to make the Junebug useful after it's exposed. Ronin on the other hand, even if it's exposed and lies protected in the remote behind 2-3 layers of ICE, they have to address it, because that 3 extra damage in a kill deck a good player can't leave. And all that for just 2 card slots!

IMPORTANT NOTE: I want Hokusai in this deck !! xD I want at least 2 Hokusai's in the deck, because they worked great in the previous version of the deck (let's call it the beta) comboing hard with Fetals and will go good with NAPD making them not trash the Grid when they enter :) However, I can't see to find slots because I want at least 15 ICE (previous version was with 17!) in RP ! An idea I'm having is to go to 54 cards for 22 points. That will result in 1 Clone retirement, 2x Hokusai and leave me with 2 slots for ICE. Don't know how consistent the deck will be though for drawing into Neural EMPs, PSs and Ronins. Will definitely try both and update for v2.0!

If you have reached this point in this "article", thank you! Jinteki aren't easy to play, as people think and as a veteran Jinteki player I feel like giving a heads up to all the new players that will pick them up once the expansion hits.

If this was useful to you, like, comment or leave me a question!

Cheers, Dydra

P.s. HUGE shoutout to Alsciende, who format the text for me and made it readable =) !