[FFG Kitchen Table Meta Perspective] Probably my favorite purple identity so far. Aside from the "thousand one-point storm" (a strategy strongly suggested by some companions in the box), I simply love the Tempo Symphony you can generate with this ID, and two amazing upgrades. Just imagine the dream situation: score a good agenda (itself rich in tempo ofc), Sports trigger for 2 cards, with a little luck one of them will be an ice (maybe the beast or a humble synergizer) that you will install with Jinja (in God knows what position), and finally Arelle can place the following agenda on the train (or perhaps anything else if you suspect that the runner can answer your remote next turn)... Congratulations, you've generated a crazy amount of value (clicks & credits) with a trivial but meaningful (it brings you closer to your goal after all) action. That's just peak Fair Netrunner to me. Go Fast or Go Home!

[FFG Kitchen Table Meta Perspective] Pretty sick card. I mean, literally. At first glance it seems like an interesting piece, tutor for a funny alliance tribal deck, there are very good ones. But then you read it a second time and you understand that isn't only a tutor but also an "executor", so the click compression sky-rockets. And if you add an alliance that is itself a tutor, then the whole pack becomes ridiculous, even without taking into account the rest of non-alliance cards that can support this madness. The only positive thing I have to say about this aberration is that at least it can't do a "MTG Brainstorm+Fetch" effect with Heritage :D

Luckily, it got restricted/banned. Phew

[FFG Kitchen Table Meta Perspective] Come on, for 4 and 1BP give me at least 3 or 4 strenght. Anyways, still a pretty good gearcheck in a Bad Boyz rushy deck: 1 net to have a spiky subroutine and a hard ETR... in a sentry. What a dream!

[FFG Kitchen Table Meta Perspective] Well, at 3R/3T, this is neither an Agroplex (you don't draw a card) nor a Sweeps (the credit/card ratio is 1/2). I really like the attempt, but is hard to sell for say the least, and even in Mill approaches you wish this was a little bit better (for you as Corp, I mean, for the Runner is quite alrigh as it is!)

[FFG Kitchen Table Meta Perspective] Man, that "after" hurt my feelings. At first glance (maybe because I'm not a english native speaker) I thought that this was a kind of Equivocation console (instead of "flooding" the Corp, you can bury his cards!), and it seemed sooo neat to me (pseudo-R&D multiaccess, ambush avoidance, annoying cards undertaker...), even more that, because of the wording of both cards (as far as my noobie understanding goes), they could work together without becoming a "nonbo". And then you think to add more friends to the party hosted by Jes... But, AFTER all these delusions, I understood. Of course it still gets the job done and is fine with Jes, she's so fun with Liza and I love the "green crim" approach... but damn, I wish it were a "before (& reveal)".

When I played this I remember that it was so good to get rid of that combo piece with relatively ease...