[FFG Kitchen Table Meta Perspective] Such a clever design! On the one hand, a 7/4 Barrier 2 ETRs (being one of them tag-conditional) is hard to justify, I don't want to play this even in Acme, but on the other hand the "on encounter" ability is just sweet, maybe worth the slot (despite the high cost) in kill/punitive strategies... but for me specially shines in Jinteki "tempo" approaches.

[FFG Kitchen Table Meta Perspective] Given the particularity of the ability, one would expect at least either a unique "whenever" or a stackable "first time each turn". In short, a little bit sad card, the "derez Tech Trader" for a Compromised LOS Rubicon Zoo who couldn't be.

[FFG Kitchen Table Meta Perspective] In my humble opinion as a newcomer: one of the dumbest cards ever printed. Of course you can play around almost everything, but holy moly! Luckily, Netrunner is inherently anti Pay to Win, so if you love to pummel your friends with this card, be ready to eat 10 tags when you'll switch sides hahaha

PS: Sorry for the rumbling, but coming from MTG, I just love how natural it's to swap decks, the self-sufficient pool, etc. Fosters a healthy competitiveness among friends: broken cards (like this) or decks are an issue for both players, there is no room for selfishness, excuses or "buy yourself better cards"... All that remains is your skills.

Long live ANR! <3

[FFG Kitchen Table Meta Perspective] Great toy for a Baba Yaga Crim Jank (goodbye Breach and your annoying 2 per subrutine). Outside of that, as a standard fracter in a "normal deck"... seems counterproductive? Or at least delicate to exploit.

I think that the great advantadge of it was "it's influence free on criminal", but now it has to compete with Tremolo.

I know I'm million years late, but: why this is so expensive (in credits, memory and influence) vs his static brothers Mimic and Yog? What's so special about barriers? Love the jank in the trio supported by Dedicated Processor, but the (triple) cost hurts.

I know, I'm also late, but: It is expensive, because it's from Genesis Cycle and Devs didn't know better. It was always overpriced, especially the MU, which is more crippling than the install cost.

Also, the comparison to Mimic and Yog is a bit off ... They only have 3 strength each, so they need support against big ICE. Morningstar has one of the highest base strengths in the whole game, making it capable to break the vast majority of ICE without other cards that help with the strength requirement.

Yeah, but I just wondered why they designed it that "beefy" instead of less <span class="icon icon-credit">, less <span class="icon icon-mu"> and less strength. After all Mimic and Yog are from the Core, It would be nice to have the 3STR static rig :D