Sportsmetal: Go Big or Go Home

Sportsmetal: Go Big or Go Home

Identity: Subsidiary
Deck size: 45 • Influence: 15

Whenever an agenda is scored or stolen, gain 2credit or draw 2 cards.

Want It More.
Illustrated by Viniciusde S Menezes
Decklists with this card

Reign and Reverie (rar)

#26 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
  • Updated 2022-07-08

    ANCUR UFAQ 24 [Michael Boggs]

    What happens if the Runner steals an agenda in the middle of accessing cards from R&D and the Corp uses Sportsmetal to draw cards?

    The Runner continues accessing from the topmost card of R&D that the Runner has not already accessed. If Sportsmetal drew past the point the Runner already accessed, the new top of R&D is the next card accessed. If Sportsmetal drew 2 cards the Runner has already accessed and there are other cards the Runner has already accessed, the Runner simply continues accessing from the point in R&D at which they are already accessing.

    Audited by NISEI Rules (2022.07).


Sometimes a veteran Netrunner player can get a little jaded. Playing IG, Gagarin and CtM games are certainly fun and challenging. But sometimes you want the purer experience. Or you just want a good ID to introduce someone to Netrunner with a casual game.

Sportsmetal is here for you! The increased chance of a steal makes the game enjoyable for the runner while simultaniously softening the blow for the corp with a nice little boost. Games are usually not that long, making for a good tournament choice as well. This ID can go incredibly fast without feeling unstoppable (why i prefer it to Titan Transnational).

Looking back this ID also highlights what a well designed jewel the Reign & Reverie pack was as well. I keep coming back to this card and i never had a bad game with it. Bad draw, sure. But thats just in the game.

(Magnum Opus Reprint era)