I think it's an asset spam or rush / jammy card. Rez for 1 is always good with a trash cost of 4. And it gives you 2 credits or a card the first install each turn. So you want to use it to install cards often on this and in a jammy list it means you are not losing tempo while jamming stuff.
IAA usually costs you 3 clicks & 2 credits, with this it "only" costs you 3 clicks.

Installing & firing Rashida Jaheem means 3 cards & 5 credits, what's not to like? But it also means you need some ice to protect this card. Advanced Assembly Lines can give you the bonus twice, once in your & once in your opponents turn.
It might make sense with costly assets you only use once and don't keep in the server, like Bass CH1R180G4. And then we are fast in comparing it to Breaker Bay Grid which rezzes for free (until 5), so in the territory of 0 - 1 this is better (or multiple installs) from 3 - 5 BB is better. In combo decks like Spombo Asa also BB is the better choice, as you can use it for multiple items a turn.

So what are cards you want to throw in the server?

But also cards that are useless otherwise can go in the remote and force runner actions like CVS while giving you credits or cards.

The draw can be something that is better as this is also something BB does not offer.

The trash costs of 4 is a huge thing, so usually when I see it as a player I can't afford (in terms of tempo) to trash it.


7 to rez, 6 strength Sentry that trashes a Card + make access hard to do, sounds good. It feels like the big brother of Grim, which only trashes a Program and is rotated. This can also be used to trash a console (und hopefully more), or an important Ressource.
The downside is the bad pub, which makes each Run cheaper so the trade off is hard to justify. When the effect needs to be strong enough to justify it's downside. And compare to Archer it is not ending the run. But it's costs are kind of comparable as for Archer you usually need to score a Hostile Takeover and they are both on Strength 6 but Archer is harder to break with it's 4 subs. On the other hand, you can rez it early without a scored agenda and this is the time when this card is very powerful. Also to score the first agenda in Weyland is mainly easy, this might help you to score the second.

To me it reads that with Film Critic you can go through this (if the Critic survives) and put the Agenda on the Critic.

This card can't be reviewed without taking The Outfit: Family Owned and Operated into account. As it means you are getting 3 credits back and for 4 to rez, it seems like a very decent ICE! And usually it effects early game are worth the rez. The biggest question in Outfit, how many bad pub is still ok?

I can see this card for sure in Outfit or other decks that try to rush hard, like Argus Security: Protection Guaranteed otherwise the price and the down side are to strong. Only in Outfit it feels good enough for my taste, but maybe there is a build that can capitalize on it? Often in Argus when a Hostile is scored you need to be careful because of Archer, perhaps a build with Trebuchet can hit you unexpected?


Is this a Sunny Lebeau: Security Specialist, Apex: Invasive Predator or Hoshiko Shiro: Untold Protagonist card? I would say it's for all of them.
So let's have a look. If you fulfill all the requirements it is giving you 1 credit & 1 card which basically means instead of drawing or taking a credit you make a run. So it will give you forward tempo and you want to run at least once a turn.
You can compare it to Symmetrical Visage / Baby, which is 1 cheaper & gives you the same, besides a run. So to make more use out of it (or you use Baby on top) you need to have something that make your runs more valuable, like Security Testing, Dirty Laundry or any other run event, such as Bravado, Diversion of Funds, Khusyuk and so on. Or cards like Datasucker & Aumakua. So often against these decks icing archives is a good call as it will deny them the benefit they are looking for, even a Pop-up Window will be enough.
On the other hand running can be dangerous against decks that want to tag you, in this case you should sit back a bit, until you can effort to run and avoid being Hard-Hitting Newsed. The card also has similarities with John Masanori and besides being 1 more to install you wont get a tag from this card. So I would call it often straight up better. For 1 link runners it's also possible to add one link to make this card better. The Archivist or Cybertrooper Talut might be a solution.
So whats it with Hoshiko Shiro: Untold Protagonist this card is kind of made for her. Her better side will lose her a credit & gives a card per turn. But it enables also the credit gain from this card. So when you can run for cheap it's often a good way to get the credit from Dream Net and keep you good side drawing you more cards.
In general don't forget Symmetrical Visage! It's not that bad when you compare it to DreamNet!


Playing Sure Gamble for 7 credits instead of 4 feels bonkers as the runner and miserable as the corp...

Dripping 1 credit per turn is good for a cost of 1 and usually runners play enough events to make us of it. So MM is a good card and has only 2 inf, so it easily splashable in other factions (mainly crim). You want to see the card early, but every other draw makes it a dead one, so 3x are usually hard to justify unless you are playing cards like Patchwork or Moshing where you can make use of the card. This leads to the issue for how many of them you are paying influence when importing them. So often you see them imported as 1x and then together with Paladin Poemu.
This card get's best with Keiko as using it saves you credits and Keiko gives you a bonus credit. Which results in a drip of 2 per turn.
Stealing an agenda is nice, so often it creates value installing it turn 1 and running, but often this is only a bonus of 2 - 3 credits, which are most valuable early game.
In the past you could play it with Same Old Thing & Sure Gamble like Lucky Find in Patchwork MaxX decks. The biggest question is, how many events you need to include to be able to avoid the down side as trashing cards from your hand can be risky. It makes card playable that did not see that much play before, like Run Amok or enable HART and Retrieval Run. I have also seen it being played in Apocalypse decks. And playing Deuces Wild with it feels so good! Against Argus, you can steal an agenda, gain your Mystic credit and remove the tags for profit. But in general, clicking for 3 & gaining 2 cards is bonkers.
In crim it's especially interesting for Ken Tenma and events like Diversion of Funds, Inside Job, Spear Phishing but of course for every other run events. But of course the go tu runners are 419 and Leela. It's a good card, the question is, can you find slots for it? And how many events to run?
It feels home in Hoshiko Shiro: Untold Protagonist decks as she has a lot of support for it, like DreamNet and her companions.