Chop Bot is (currently) a very important card for Apex: Invasive Predator. It allows him to chop a card and together with Wasteland & Reaver and he gains money for them and get's card draw additional to the ability of Chop himself. He is part of the economy engine of Apex, as Aesop's Pawnshop is for Hayley Kaplan: Universal Scholar or Noise: Hacker Extraordinaire. On top of that he can remove Tags, so cards like Hard-Hitting News are not as awful as before as you will start with 3 Tags that need removal leaving one click when you have cleared the other 3.

Remember to keep one in hand, to install him after Apocalypse! To get the cards installed back into the heap. Also he works well with the conspiracy breakers (Paperclip, MKUltra and Black Orchestra), as you can install them with the Apex ability face down and chop them after, so they can be used in future runs and you don't have to overdraw. As well as Harbinger which can be used twice.

This can make an Apex deck with Faust really strong, as it enables additional card draw at the start of your turn.

Usually he will net you 2 - 3 extra triggers like:
1 card & 2 creds beside the Chop trigger.

I'd like to recommend the following deck, for the state of the Meta Start 2017:

Nice update on the card, just one small additional note: The card doesn't have to be installed before Apex starts, since he can use his ID ability to install a card from grip at the start of his turn and instantly chop it in the same 'start of the turn' window, making the combo even easier to use. —
Is that true though? Start of turn isn't a window as such, and as the card was not installed when the turn switched over, would chopbot work? If it does it opens up lots of other OP combos in other decks. —
Yes you can do it. You can use your Apex ability to install a card and then chop it. You will need to have at least one card installed to make it work i assume. —

As we are seeing more and more horizontal Decks this might become more interesting. It could work alongside with Security Testing and Desperado along with High-Stakes Job and Dirty Laundry and other interesting run events. This could help with the current IG Meta as well... Haven't tested this yet, but will give it a try. On the other side you have to make this run every turn.