Freedom Khumalo: Crypto-Anarchist

Freedom Khumalo: Crypto-Anarchist

Identity: Cyborg
Deck size: 45 • Influence: 15 • Link: 0

Access → Any X virus counters: Trash the non-agenda card you are accessing. X is equal to that card's rez or play cost. Use this ability only once per turn.

Illustrated by Antonio De Luca
Decklists with this card

Whispers in Nalubaale (win)

#81 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
  • Updated 2024-03-22

    ANCUR UFAQ 23 [Michael Boggs]

    Can Freedom Khumalo trash accessed agendas?

    No. Agendas do not have rez or play costs.

    If the Runner wishes to trash a card with a rez or play cost of 0 with Freedom Khumalo, can they still do so if they have no virus counters or no installed cards at all?



How are there no reviews on Freedom Khumalo: Crypto-Anarchist? While I did not encounter Freedom back when he was released, he is certainly making a comeback in this post Cyberdex Sandbox Midnight Sun era. The game plan is simple: install heaps of viruses and use the high influence but powerful Consume to bankroll your projects. Freedom can mimick Edward Kim: Humanity's Hammer by trashing operations once per turn if he has enough virus tokens to do so. He's especially strong trashing the low rez cost, high trash cost assets and upgrades from hand. With cards like Botulus, Fermenter and Avgustina Ivanovskaya in the modern meta and without the virus hate we saw in the Ashes and System Gateway meta, Freedom will be a disruptive threat.

(Midnight Sun era)

Can you trach ICE with this?

Yes, but only on accessing them while not installed, not on-encounter.