Prepaid Gamer - 2nd place Regionals Brno 2016

PeekaySK 7776

Top seed after Swiss, 2nd overall. The Corp deck I used was an Aryabhata-fueled MN insanity, which I personally think is much more interesting, so go check that one out as well!

I've been playing pretty much nothing but different flavors of Whizzard at the tournaments I've attended - Triple Clone Chip Whiz in January, Desperado Whiz in March, various other variants in between. This one took some ideas from a Prepaid Drive By Valencia that seemed to work well, and then crammed them into the standard Whizzard shell of being annoying and nuking ICE.

The main reason for running Prepaid VoicePAD economy is twofold:

  • Anarch has a lot of awesome 1- and 2-cost events (Cutlery, Déjà Vu and I've Had Worse, duh)
  • These days, you pretty much have to expect you'll get Midseasoned out of everyone (and with increased reliability, thanks to Consulting Visit). In those moments, the standard econ package of Daily Casts and Liberated Account is completely worthless. It's enough to be stuck without card draw, but also having no econ in that scenario just sucks.

Overall, I have to say the package worked extremely well. Unfortunately, I went to the tournament with pretty much zero testing (I threw the decklist together the night before) - I really wanted some Employee Strikes, but didn't know what to cut. Seeing how the two losses I got were both from an iceless Haarp kill deck (where an Employee Strike would have just given me an auto-win by way of a fed Medium), I'd say that was the only real flaw worth fixing.

The card to cut is one Lucky Find - the deck doesn't actually need three, I found myself ditching at least one each game. I might even be comfortable going up to 48 for the second Employee Strike - I still Levy pretty much every game, even when Wyldside decides to take forever to show up.

Oh yeah - both Archives Interface and Nerve Agent were total MVPs on the day, no idea why people don't play them more. Archives Interface in particular is super-useful in pretty much every matchup - you can kill Shocks, Jacksons, Biotic Labors, Scorched Earths, Cyberdex Virus Suites for purposes of Datasucker farming, the list just goes on and on. Nerve Agent is my way of addressing Fast-Advance without Clot - it's how us Anarchs used to do it before Clot came around, and it still works just fine. If you can't mandatory draw into an agenda and can't hold it for a turn, suddenly fast-advancing becomes a lot more tricky/expensive (since at least some of the support infrastructure is handled by Whizzard's recurring credits).

p.s. Yes, the deck is 47 cards. Yes, I just said I wouldn't mind going to 48. If you see any non-essential cards worth cutting, do share you opinion.

25 Jun 2016 x3r0h0ur

I wasn't even aware you were still playing the game! Nice work.

25 Jun 2016 esutter479

I miss your Professor build, Peekay!! :) Good to see you're still rocking the awesomeness though.

25 Jun 2016 JamesG

I tried this shell in Valencia and it's surprisingly effective. Nice work!

25 Jun 2016 moistloaf

the second Spooned seems like an easy cut. personally I would cut Nerve Agent but I know it performed admirably for you on the day. glad to see you're still out there repping Whizzard, you're the OG, I'm gonna be bummed when he rotates

25 Jun 2016 Katsushika

Very nice list and well done! :) If I had to make some cuts to get it down to 45 I'd probably drop 1 Corroder (You have Knifed and 2 Deja Vu, so I don't think it's necessary) and 1 Forked (you really want to trim to 45 as this deck looks really slow to get Pancakes cooking and I wouldn't want to take anything else out).

I'd also be tempted to swap a Prepaid for a Parasite - would you agree with that change after playing in the tournament?

26 Jun 2016 PeekaySK

@x3r0h0ur I am still playing, just much less these days (two jobs). With the amount of time I do have, most of my testing and playing is in meatspace now...

@esutter479 I have a new Professor thing (hint: NetChip helps him considerably). Don't want to publish it because it's not done, but it's starting to feel reasonably solid.

@moistloaf never, ever cut the Nerve Agent If you did, you'd have to replace it with a second Medium (because one multi-access card in 45+ is insanity), and then you'd also have to play Turntable instead of Grimoire to have any chance in FA matchups, and it would make you way more married to wins off of RnD. The way the deck plays with one of each is you play whichever one comes first, focus on attacking that central, make them overcommit on defending it, nuke a few pieces of ICE where convenient, then eventually when the second access card shows up, you drop that one as well (this is the reason why I'm playing Grimoire, BTW - with the 1 MU consoles thing get super-awkward at this point) and keep doing your thing, with two decent targets to chose from.

I'm not so sure Whizzard: Master Gamer will be super-sorely missed as far as identities go. Anarchs have always had awesome IDs and the recent ones are no exception - Null: Whistleblower seems pretty brutal, and if you want something on the disruptiveness level of Whizz that doesn't rotate, Edward Kim: Humanity's Hammer has you covered .The bigger problem I see is that Scrubber will rotate out too, Paricia sucks ass because it doesn't work on upgrades, and we're stuck with a bunch of bullshit assets and upgrades that have had their trash cost artificially inflated because they were designed for a world where Whizzard existed and was a given.

@Katsushika I'm 100% convinced that in a post-Liberated Mind meta (and one that has yellow all over the place), ditching Corroder is a huge mistake, definitely not worth the one card slot. Both Vanilla and Resistor are awesome barriers that see a lot of play and rez for zero - having to nuke them for 2 credits and a card is pretty bad, and not nuking them severely cramps your style re:repeated runs if you don't have a Corroder. You pretty much have to keep Fausting Quandary and Enigma already, adding Vanilla and Resistor to that list probably wouldn't help.

As for ditching Cutlery in general, remember that we're running zero Clone Chips here, so there' fewer Parasites than you might be used to, are generally used for pretty specific targets like Tour Guide, Spiderweb and Komainu. (things that are needlessly complicated to do away with cutlery-wise). One of the Déjà Vus needs to be held back in case of any Levy-related accident, and the second one will often get used to grab either a D4v1d or a Cutlery event, because in the moment it's more useful than a Parasite recursion. If you're going down to singles of any of this, you're suddenly a whole lot more fragile. In comparison, having to draw for Wyldside at most 3 clicks more strikes me as the better deal, especially considering that you also get to Levy one turn later. I feel like not getting Pancakes out till late isn't such a huge deal, since Prepaid VoicePAD funds your ICE-killing adventures, and thus you don't need to spend as many clicks earning dough.

Dropping the third Prepaid is a thing I was considering (since even the tournament games where I only installed one it was totally fine), Parasite is of course a safe choice, other things I was considering were:

  • A second Film Critic - just because I can play while Midseasoned doesn't necessarily mean I want to; also the amount of matchups that get considerably improved by seeing an early Critic make it worth at least considering.
  • A single Yog.0 - because Yog is awesome and turns a lot of ICE off in quite a few matchups. Mostly not there already because the memory can get awkward, it would probably get put in the rig as replacing Faust once it's safe to do so and you're nearing the end of the second pass through the deck. Would possibly hate to see it early in a lot of other situations though.
  • This could be one Employee Strike while keeping the Lucky Find package intact. Is it worth it? Is one Strike enough? Dunno, needs testing.

(sorry if it seems like I'm shooting down every suggestion I get, just trying to convey my personal experience with messing around with this and other Whiz builds)

29 Jun 2016 PureFlight

I really like this! I tried a Prepaid Cutlery Quetzal deck at Regionals (aka "Pretzal" TM PureFlight 2016) that was hella fun to play but sucked wind reaaally bad. The problem was too many moving parts in Quetzal - looking for the e3 vs Spiderweb and Bioroids, spending influence on e3 and prepaid and Levy meant no Parasite or 3rd Lucky Find, no Whizz creds meant I was using Hacktivist Meeting vs Asset decks... just a little bit shaky, and felt light on econ.

I ran 47 cards and I agree that it never felt like it took me longer to get Wyldcakes up. Also, Archives Interface is a boss and will be a 1x in every anarch deck I ever make ever because it's universally strong in almost every matchup.

I used Same Old Thing instead of Déjà Vu, and I'm wondering if DV is better. Thoughts?

30 Jun 2016 PeekaySK

@PureFlightI like Déjà Vu better overall, and once we're talking Prepaid VoicePAD, it's like, not even a contest.

Same Old Thing is vulnerable to tag plays, it burns an extra action, you can't fire it in advance, and it's limited to events only.

Déjà Vu on the other hand can be pre-played, is sometimes just as cheap credit-wise, but always a click faster, and can pull anything (and sometimes you even get two cards out of it). Easy for me, personally - especially in a Midseasons-heavy meta when running around buried under a mountain of tags is approaching certainty.

3 Jul 2016 bungi

Why no Queen's Gambit? It nets you the same credits as Lucky Find, costs no creds to start with and no influence cost. Against asset-spam decks there's plenty of targets, against glaciers there'll be enought upgrades to use it on anyways.

3 Jul 2016 PeekaySK

@bungi Personal preference, and the experience that with Queen's Gambit, despite all those theoretical targets aplenty, there's never quite one handy enough when you really need it.

(also, Lucky Find gives you more credits as soon as any Prepaids are involved)

5 Jul 2016 PaxCecilia

Damn, I remember finding your decklists incredibly fun when I first got into the game (around Honor & Profit). Glad to see you're still innovating, this deck is basically a sideways look at the existing gold standard and I'm glad that it performed well for you!