Program: Virus • Install: 3 • Memory: 1 • Influence: 2

Whenever you make a successful run on HQ, place 1 virus counter on Nerve Agent.

Each virus counter after the first on Nerve Agent allows you to access 1 additional card from HQ whenever you access cards from HQ.

Anarch • Ed Mattinian • Cyber Exodus 41
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Nerve Agent
MWL Entries

No MWL Entries for this card.

  • Before accessing cards from HQ at step 4.5 of a run, the Runner chooses how many cards they want to access when using Nerve Agent. [Official FAQ]


The HQ version of Medium, it suffers from the fact that once it hits five counters, for most decks, additional runs are not gaining any additional benefit. Of course, being able to access the entire hand of a corp is very strong, and given that often agendas pile up in HQ while waiting for scoring windows, can be a very strong card mid to late game.

It is great for runners who want to be able to apply some HQ pressure, especially if their decks were concentrating heavily on another server to begin with. If the deck is very good at getting into RD or a remote, the corp is going to hold agendas in HQ (or try to get them in there with a Jackson draw) and a sudden swoop in of a Nerve Agent series of runs can snag many of them out of the hand when the corp is not expecting it. It is a strong card that helps bring HQ pressure, which can be useful in many decks all across the meta.

(Chrome City era)