Gang Sign Leela the Turntable version. (AKA TurntabLeela)

Letsaros 2327


This deck has been updated. This is the current version:

I mean.. put yourself in the corps' shoes. Everytime you score an agenda some A-hole pretty much Legworks you for free, in your turn. Blerg? Apparently not blerg enough because then Leela adds Turntable to the mix.

So when you score that pretty Astro, legwork happens. If Leela gets an agenda she gets to bounce an addition unrezzed card AND swap it with your scored Astro.

Now combine all that with the early pressure you can put out with a criminal deck and all the nice events that come with it..and jeez does this deck work.

In 25 test games i've lost 3 of them. (Been mostly playing online these last two weeks as my home country Greece is not in the best state right now for netrunner events)


Standard full house criminal breakers for pressure everywhere.


2x HQ Interface (also combined with Gang Sign and Legwork for early pressure


Standard criminal economy with one more Lucky Find and 3x Daily Casts to cover for the loss of Desperado


Classic criminal event pack with the addition of 2x Drive By to kill annoying Caprice, Ash or those pesky Sansans.


a) Desperado - My favorite console by far but i find Turntable to be much better in this deck for the Gang Sign + HQ Interface synergy which i explained above.

b) Day Job - Though Lucky Find is more influence i do really and honestly love my 2 remaining clicks.

c) Mr. Li - I usually run him in most of my criminal decks but here i really need Kati Jones up and running asap. (with the desperado version i run 1x of each)

d) Plascrete Carapace - This deck has enough money to not care a lot about Midseasons though to be honest i really want to playtest more and maybe make room for 1x Plascrete just to be sure. In my test games, 9ish were vs NeH Butchershops and Bluesun-Midseason's and i had no problem winning.

e)Same Old Thing - Too many Blacklists son.


a) As i said above i am thinking of removing 1x Legwork and the Breach for 2x Plascrete Carapace or just the 1x Legwork for 1x Plascrete just to be on the safe side.

b)Thinking of getting rid of the Security Testing since i don't run Desperado and 1x Lucky Find and put in 1x Day Job (but not a second), so i get enough influence to add a Utopia Shard.

That will also help me run only 1x Plascrete Carapace and still be safe.

c)Thinking of making room influence-wise for a Feedback Filter This will help play more safely versus decks that will try to make you access Snares from HQ due to Gang Sign. Thouogh i've found out that you can play around it with early pressure and ofcourse Account Siphon.


All in all it's been a very fun deck for me to play since it combines all of the criminal early pressure with additional pressure during the corps' turn and plenty of economy that can work versus shell decks and glacier decks. (No more 'omg this HB bastards icing up all their servers with NEXT ice, qq there goes my sec test-desperado combo')

...and really...Legwork everytime he scores an agenda. Where do i (gang) sign?


After some more games i really think this deck CRAVES for a feedback filter. I played 3 games versus PE Jinteki and 1 game versus RP and though i won 3 and lost 1 i was flirting dangerously with average 2x Snares or 1x Snare+ 1x Shock in HQ. I will add it with no second thought.

4 Jul 2015 Benjen

I like this idea a lot. That would totally screw with my head as the corp. Do you find that you use the Legwork when you have double HQ Interface? Might there be a better card? I don't really have any ideas at the moment.

4 Jul 2015 zzzthemaskzzz

Have u tried Muertos Gang Member? I think it synergizes well with leela, and generally a great pressure card for criminal. I think i would switch Lucky Find for R&D hitting cards. But great deck :D

4 Jul 2015 Letsaros


Recently i lost top8 in my Regionlas because because i was short one victory, whereas in the game i played on the 4rth round of swiss i was sitting at 6 points, i Legworked the corp player who had 4 cards in hand and i didn't pick the agenda... So the answer is a million times YES, i do Legwork even with HQ interface. :)

4 Jul 2015 Letsaros


I thought about it too about the Muertos Gang Member . Not only because of the synergy with Leela but also because it can save you from Scorched Earth + Traffic Accident if you get Midseasoned with 5 cards in hand.

I will test the deck more and if i find the economy 100% adequate then i will try swapping 1x Lucky Find for 1x The Maker's Eye

4 Jul 2015 SlayerCNV

i think 3 HQ interface and 3 legwork are a bit too much, no? And i'd add some r&d interfaces...

4 Jul 2015 Letsaros


There's not enough influence for an RnD Interface. Also 1x means you might never get to draw it. I thought about keeping 2x Legwork and instead add 1x Inside job or a third Drive By

4 Jul 2015 pruneface

This is certainly a v.interesting take on leela. I would say that this build...almost looks like it would work better out of Fisk. Because you have massive HQ pressure and no R&D pressure, what you want is for the corp to have agendas they haven't been able to stick safely in a remote. So, fisk's ability. The huge HQ multiaccess means that if you Fisk Investment Seminar it works kinda like a Maker's Eye that draws you three cards...provided you can get the HQ access.

4 Jul 2015 Letsaros


While i do love Fisk and i do see the synergy i think Leela's ID passive ability is still the strongest criminal ID. Also there's no such thing as 'safely in a remote' when it comes to criminals rigs+events. You can run a remote normally and ofcourse you can always bounce their stuff back to their HQ.

4 Jul 2015 Letsaros

(i hate it how you can't edit your posts here..sigh)

@pruneface Also you could play Fisk Investment Seminar with Leela too

4 Jul 2015 pruneface

Hey! Thank you for your reply. To clarify what I mean a little bit, I think that Gang Sign works best where the corporation isn't in control of the pace of the game. If the corp draws a lot of agendas, they are vulnerable to attack. To remedy this they can do three things: 1) not draw except for mandatory 2) use jackson 3) score the agendas out. If you can't place R&D pressure regularly, you can create hand pressure by blocking the remote and forcing them to draw cards because the agendas have no-where to go. So, I think this is what this style of crim deck wants to do. Leela may well be the best choice of ID for it though.

4 Jul 2015 Letsaros


I get your point. It's a good point really. With average 10 agendas per deck the corp will have 1 agenda per 4-5 draws. With enough pressure 2 can stay on HQ.

4 Jul 2015 Cerberus


Have you considered Sneakdoor over the Legwork or other cards? I feel this card is at its strongest with HQI. I'd also question how good Security Testing is without Desperado, do you think this could be another economy card? I know it works with Dirty Laundry but I feel it could be better as Symmetrical Visage.

What are your thoughts on the no R&D pressure? Has this been an issue so far in testing?

4 Jul 2015 Letsaros


Yes i have considered Sneakdoor Beta a lot. Probably 1x and 1x Symmetrical Visage instead of the 2x Security Testing.

So far no RnD pressure hasn't been an issue. More games will tell if i am wrong or right.

4 Jul 2015 Smashman

Are you aware that you can prepend a line with #, which makes it into a header?

Like this

4 Jul 2015 Smashman

More # makes it smaller each time.




4 Jul 2015 Letsaros


No i was not aware of that. Thank you very much. When i got some time in my hands i will do so.

4 Jul 2015 W4lt3r B15h0p

Your econ looks pretty steady for the most part. You could drop the Lucky Find to free influence for The Maker's Eye. I think people have finally wised up to Security Testing. Try going with Symmetrical Visage instead.

4 Jul 2015 Letsaros

@W4lt3r B15h0p

I really want to squeeze a Feedback Filter though. Which means i'll have to either throw out the 1x Lucky Find and 1x Sec Test for a Day Job + 1x [Feedback Filter].(/en/card/03037)

4 Jul 2015 W4lt3r B15h0p

@Letsaros Feedback Filter is a idea especially if the meta shifts hard to PE again. I have a Armand "Geist" Walker: Tech Lord build running Gang Sign that will be tweaked with Feedback Filter if that happens.

4 Jul 2015 TonyStellato

Drive By seems no good, why bother with 2 of them? I mean, once your opponent knows you run it, its useless. Especially in a tournament, when you go up against someone in the elims. Wouldn't more inside jobs and shutdowns be generally better?

4 Jul 2015 Letsaros


That's like saying 'Caprice/Ash/Mushin no Shin is useless because once your opponent knows you are using them he will trash them'

There are so many upgrades, assets and traps that you can trash FOR FREE.

For example, you trash Sansan for free instead of 5, thus not losing the money war easier vs Midseasons.

4 Jul 2015 TonyStellato

But they can just rez their caprice ahead of time if they know you run it. Knowing your opponent runs caprice doesn't help you in the slightest

4 Jul 2015 Letsaros


Even that is a win. That way they can't bluff an upgrade for an agenda thus forcing a hasty run or a trap for an agenda. (or bluff an agenda as a trap)

4 Jul 2015 krystman
  • 3 HQ Interface and 3 Legwork is overkill. Stick with HQ interface for the Gang Sign. Drop the Legwork.
  • Do you really need 3 Turntable? I'm pretty sure you can get away with 2. They do nothing as long as the Corp has scored no Agendas.
  • For the free influence you can get in some R&D Multi-access.
  • Not a fan of just 2 Faerie. You want 3 of them.
  • No card draw! Symmetrical Visage ?

Kinda blown away that you managed to combine Turntable with Leela. Sad to see the Datasucker go. But sweet decklist!

4 Jul 2015 Letsaros


  • Indeed it is overkill. As i've said above i will swap 1x Legwork for something else that provides utility. Maybe the first Symmetrical Visage or another Inside Job

  • I do need 3x Turntable as i want them as early as possible in hand for match ups like Butchershop.

  • See the point above.

  • I main criminals and i do love a 3rd Faerie but in all my games until now, 2x has been enough.

  • If you read the comments above you'll see that i will try to find space for maybe 2x Symmetrical Visage . Though to be honest i don't have problem with the lack of card draw yet.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to add your insight, This is still a new deck that seems to work very well for now but i am 100% sure that as more ideas are being brainstormed and with extended playtesting it will be a powerhouse. :)

5 Jul 2015 Dydra

Gang sign stack, no?

5 Jul 2015 Letsaros


If i read it correctly then yes it does stack.

5 Jul 2015 skatenios

such op,much snowball

6 Jul 2015 herod1204

I would love to play against this with a Jinteki PE deck. Use that whatsit allele card to bring all your snares back to hand, then score a Philotic Entanglement and force the runner to access your hand of 3 snares. Harsh, but fair.

6 Jul 2015 Letsaros


which is why you need the Feedback filter

6 Jul 2015 pruneface

Or just...don't install Gang Sign vs PE. Or any deck that looks like it has Snare! aplenty.

6 Jul 2015 herod1204

Feedback filter would cost... 9 per snare to pay off the net damage, so 27 if you accessed three snares. Assuming the corp has 12 to pay for them of course.

That is a best case scenario of course, but I can but dream...

6 Jul 2015 Letsaros


well it's not that easy to have 3 Snares in hand AND 12 credits to top it. I've played vs Ginteki decks and it was very rare. But yeah a guy can dream. I don't blame you. XD

7 Jul 2015 ANRguybrush

@herod1204 I think it's about surviving the net damage rather than avoiding it.

But in case of PE/IG...just don't install gang sign/HQ interface?

7 Jul 2015 herod1204

No. Install it everytime. Make me a happy Jinteki player. Go on... you know you want to...

7 Jul 2015 Letsaros


Haven't lost most times when i face Jintekis so i'll take you on that. ;)

9 Jul 2015 michaeln

If you stack Gang Sign n times, do you get n 1-card accesses or do you get to make one access of n cards? (Of course, with the HQ Interface, it's clear that you do get bigger multi-card accesses.)

9 Jul 2015 Vikk

@michaeln I'm pretty sure you get n 1-card accesses because those are different triggers. So if you have 2 Gang Signs and 2 HQ interface you get 2 free legworks every time the corp scores, although it is probably overkill at this point.

9 Jul 2015 bryce paputa

Just made this deck and it's great and a lot of fun

9 Jul 2015 Letsaros


I think it works like that too. At least that's how i understand it.


Thank you very much mate. Happy gaming.

9 Jul 2015 michaeln

Thanks for that @Vikk; I’m sure you’re right. In fact, I had someone do just this (2 Gang Signs, 2 HQ Interfaces) to me last night on OCTGN. Eeek!

10 Jul 2015 Letsaros


ouch. Mush have hurt :/

10 Jul 2015 Jackson Howard Jr.


Really like this deck. You should try Easy Mark instead of Dirty Laundry vs Glacier decks. I find it very useful.

14 Jul 2015 AKirkland

@Letsaros Played this with Fisk Investment Seminar and it was brilliant, I think it's an easy 3x once it's released. You'd probably want to keep the 2x Legwork in, since suddenly you'll be running on 8-card hands. I also snuck in 1x Pheromones and 1x Sneakdoor Beta to keep things fresh, and it was heaps of fun. (If you're wondering the space came from cutting out 1x Legwork, the Security Testing and the Dirty Laundry and also putting in a Symmetrical Visage)

14 Jul 2015 Letsaros


I tried it and atm i have changed the deck a little. There are times they work and times they are useless. I am still feeling iffy about them. Will playtest them more and let you know.

Thanks for the feedback. :)

14 Jul 2015 SlayerCNV

i changed it a bit and it is working greatly...

14 Jul 2015 Letsaros


I'd love to hear about the changes. All feedback is welcome.

17 Jul 2015 drhems

Any thoughts on changing out a Lucky Find for a Hades Shard and an Eden Shard. I've found that gang sign does strange things to the corp's hand forcing agenda trashes that they normally wouldn't do because they are trying to play around Gang Sign. So a surprise Hades Shard usually gets a least a few agendas if not the win.

Eden Shard works well with Gang Sign as well. It forces the corp into more cards they may not want. Just trash it right before the last advancement and see if the corp finishes scoring it. It can be a good tell if the corp has agendas in hand or not.

18 Jul 2015 Letsaros


After playing around 110 games i think a Hades Shard is a must. I don't think i canfind the influence to put the Eden Shard though. (i am negative in removing a 1x Lucky Find as in the version i am trying out now i only have 1x of it anyway)

18 Jul 2015 SlayerCNV

This is my version @Letsaros.the main win is with 1 r&d interface and 2 HQ interface with gang sign. If they score u see the hand and each turn u see 2 or 3 cards from r&d. I'm finding very well

12 Aug 2015 dmartel

Such an awesome deck

24 Aug 2015 Balkmeister

Love the deck and it would be awesome if you could post an updated version of it. Otherwise i will have to try and parse out a change list from your comments. >_<

25 Aug 2015 Letsaros



Thank you both :) i will post an updated version soonish. I was on vacation and the past month and just came back home.

25 Aug 2015 TheAntsAreBack

@Letsaros, A quick question please. You mention that "If Leela gets an agenda she gets to bounce an addition unrezzed card". What do you mean by an "addition"? Do you mean that there is two bounces somehow or are you referring to the single bounce from her ability. I wondered if I am missing something.

31 Aug 2015 Letsaros


I ment that if the corp scores one agenda and you access another from his HQ due to the Gang sign ability you get to bounce 2 cards. 1 for the scored agenda and 1 for the stolen. Which allows for easier runs next turn.

21 Sep 2015 formerteen

no recursion and only one of most programs—any concern about program trashing?

11 Oct 2015 Letsaros


2 of each breaker suite plus criminals always need to play a bit more carefull. I've haven't had trouble with program trashing with this deck tbh.

11 Oct 2015 formerteen

fair enough! i was playing something very similar to this and i binned a breach after installing corroder, later losing that corroder. turned off the game pretty quickly for me haha.

25 Jan 2016 Swiftie

Any thoughts on upgrading this for mwl?

25 Jan 2016 Letsaros

@Swiftie I am working on it while also playing my Sunny Lebeau: Security Specialist. Though it's gonna be tricky until MWL hits us for good. Leela is a runner who plays around the meta (in my mind at least) so to really effectively use her in MWL i'll need to see the main MWL meta first.

21 Mar 2016 Letsaros

UPDATE of this deck up and running here peeps:

21 Mar 2016 Letsaros

UPDATE of this deck up and running here peeps: