Truly Non Interactive Shaper - an hommage to Klokotze

Diogene 2192

This deck aim to dig the corp without interacting with the corp. You'll aim to either deck the corp or use Gravedigger to put cards in archives, which you'll run to check eventually.

This is an hommage to the excellent deck made by Klokotze :

Back in 2020, I was part of that GNK and played against Klokotze deck. Seeing a runner behave like a corp was a lot of fun.

Why Shaper? Because of Beth Kilrain-Chang! This replace Akshara Sareen and is way better at providing us an additional click without giving anything to the corp. Also, Shaper now have more cards that give credits and draw (2021 gave us Creative Commission and VRcation).

Harmony AR Therapy is not as efficient as Labor Rights, but it works.

Here, you will make the least amount of run possible. Basically, you want to run to go trash something, so that you may put counter on Gravedigger without using Contaminate. And of course, run to check archive for agendas.

To slow the corp, you'll have to use The Price of Freedom and The Black File. The former is the reason why there is Corporate Defector, just to have an extra connection. The later is for the end game, to give you about 2 extra turns.

Mayfly is there to make that last run on archive. You should be pretty rich by that point.

This deck is not good against Haas-Bioroid: Precision Design and other super fast corp. For those cases, you'll have to run a lot more, just to slow the corp further by making them rez nearly everything.

Otherwise, there is a lot of draw. Funny part : if the corp use Rashida Jaheem or NGO Front, they will feed your Gravedigger. If they do not use it, it will slow them down quite a bit.

Note that you could replace one Aniccam by one Mad Dash, for that last run on archive.

This is a fun concept deck for 2022. Happy new year!

12 Jan 2022 Cpt_nice


Peace In Our Time is better than Pad Tap, no? It giv more money way faster (allowing for faster set up), it combos with Anicam, and actually turns on the Beth click, as opposed to Pad Tap which allows the corp to dip lower.

12 Jan 2022 Diogene

@Cpt_nice fair point. But I think PAD Tap is better, especially if the corp takes clicks to remove them (slow them down).

Otherwise, you could replace the PAD Tap by one Labor Rights and maybe a Dadiana Chacon. This would let you get all 3 Contaminate with only one card.

I could also see using Peace in Our Time to enable Beth Kilrain-Chang. But it does speed up the corp, which is a problem.

17 Jan 2022 Blackwing

Why use Tao over Lat? As far as I can tell you never really care about swapping ice but surely the +1 draw once in a while is worth inflating deck size by 5, no?

17 Jan 2022 Diogene

@Blackwing you are correct. I'm testing with Lat, more on that later. I've tested with Ayla "Bios" Rahim: Simulant Specialist to great effect. Ayla really help with a combo deck, because you can easily protect important cards. Thank you for your question. If I find that either Ayla or Lat is better, I'll publish the list. Cheers!