Beth Kilrain-Chang

♦ Beth Kilrain-Chang 2[credit]

Resource: Connection
Influence: 3

If the Corp has 5-9[credit] when your turn begins, gain 1[credit].

If the Corp has 10-14[credit] when your turn begins, draw 1 card.

If the Corp has at least 15[credit] when your turn begins, gain [click].

"Coming to you live from the front lines, for now, unless they kill me..."
Illustrated by Aurore Folny
Decklists with this card

Blood Money (bm)

#30 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
Blood Money
  • Updated 2024-01-18

    UFAQ [Michael Boggs]

    What does it mean for the Corp to “have” a certain number of credits?

    This means that the player has that number of credits in their credit pool. Recurring credits and other credits hosted on cards do not count unless they say otherwise.

    With Beth Kilrain-Chang installed, if the Corp has 9 and a scored Corporate Sales Team when the Runner's turn begins, does the Runner gain 1, draw 1 card, or both?

    The credit requirements for Beth's abilities are part of their trigger conditions, so only one of them can possibly meet its trigger condition when the Runner's turn begins. In this case, when the Runner's turn begins, Beth's first ability and Corporate Sales Team meet their trigger conditions at the same time. As it is the Runner's turn, first Beth's ability resolves and the Runner gains 1. Then, Corporate Sales Team's ability resolves. Since the turn has already begun, Beth's second ability cannot retroactively trigger at this point.


For the average Shaper deck there's very little reason not to run Beth. At worst, she's an Underworld Contacts that doesn't need link, at best she's a cheap, drawback-less Rachel Beckman.

Her numbers are just insane, any Corporation under 5 credits is poor enough to be losing the game and it's extremely easy for them to go over 15 credits just by playing a couple operations or spamming two assets. In fact, you can force them to get so much money by stockpiling credits and locking the remote.

It's only drawbacks are that it's only suplemmentary economy. But damn, it's good!

(Blood Money era)
I'm not seeing how this is better than Underworld Contacts assuming you have 2 link (and I think link is relevant again). Underworld contacts is a guaranteed credit and you can install multiple copies, so no dead draws. Even though card draw is valuable, getting a card draw when you aren't deliberately intending it isn't as useful as a credit, IMO. I can see this being useful when UC cycles out. —

This card is good, like really good.

If it isnt firing the corp is probably losing. A free credit/turn with easier requirements and lower install cost than data folding? Pretty good if you ask me. A free card or click? Wyldside and Pancakes showed us just how broken those things can be.....

(Blood Money era)
It is super good. Get it out early and it'll pay off big time with extra credits and draws. If you are facing a corp running Restructure or the like, you may even get some free clicks! If this doesn't fire on a particular turn, then no big deal; it is always nice when the corporation has no money. I don't see any reason not to include at least one in any Shaper deck from here on out. —