VRcation 1[credit]

Influence: 2

Draw 4 cards. If you have any [click] remaining, lose [click].

“You know thereʼs no water in the Sea of Tranquility, right?”
“That doesnʼt mean thereʼs no beach.”
Illustrated by Benjamin Giletti
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System Gateway (sg)

#21 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
  • Updated 2021-10-10

    Can the Runner play VRcation if they only have 1 click left?

    Yes. The Runner only needs to spend the 1 click required for the basic action to play an event. The second sentence on VRcation is part of its effect, not a cost to play the card.


This is a strange card. It's almost always played last-click, unless you quickly need extra cards to steal a Obokata or City Works Project. Getting 4 cards on last-click is likely to cause discards, in a faction which traditionally has not benefited much from overdraw as Anarchs. But Anarchs have better alternatives in-house (I've Had Worse and maybe Moshing). Anybody else thinking about importing this card could import Diesel or I've Had Worse just as easily.

Console interactions: 80% of players currently using a Shaper console are using Aniccam, which works badly with VRcation. Aniccam makes it even harder to play VRcation without discarding valuable cards, and also gives you enough card draw that VRcation usually won't be necessary. (3 Diesels plus 1 card each turn from Aniccam will go far, and whatever else you need, you have better alternatives than VRcation. Deuces Wild, Earthrise Hotel and Beth Kilrain-Chang are not bad).

I think the right person for VRcation is a Shaper with a desperate need for draw speed. If you're looking for gradual card draw, Aniccam/Diesel/Earthrise/Beth are more flexible and efficient. If you see yourself clicking 10+ times for cards, Verbal Plasticity or Professional Contacts might be reasonable. The right person for VRcation may be desperately drawing into key combo pieces and can't wait for 10 clicks. In that case, I'd feel okay including VRcation, likely in addition to Aniccam.

(System Update 2021 era)

Why would you use VRcation? When we compare it to Diesel, it is inferior. So why use it.

Here is the reason : because you do plan to use Professional Contacts. Like Diesel, it does not combo well with Professional Contacts, since the latter invite you to draw only with it, without using anything else.

Just like Creative Commission are the 4th to 6th card after Sure Gamble, VRcation is to make the 4th to 6th card after Diesel.

With Diesel, you get 1 worth of efficiency (free) to draw a card : 1 to draw Diesel and 1 to play it and draw 3 cards. Compared to using 3 to draw 3 cards.

VRcation let you get the same efficiency if you use it on a first . If you use it on last click, it let you gain 2 worth of drawing.

What other cards compare to this : The Class Act, Earthrise Hotel, Blueberry!™ Diesel, Deuces Wild, Sports Hopper, The Nihilist, Verbal Plasticity and Wildcat Strike. Only Blueberry!™ Diesel cost no credits. The rest are exchange of credits for draw.

With Diesel and VRcation, you can draw 6 to 9 more cards than you would draw with . 6 cards to draw 21 cards, that is very good.

A good card to get better draw would be Verbal Plasticity, to get additional efficiency in drawing.

As usual, this card would work well with Aniccam, but this would also aggravate the problem that come with VRcation : overdrawing, and thus having to possibly discard cards.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the other use of this card : getting enough cards to grab an Obokata Protocol or City Works Project.

Now, let's all face the reality : the art and the quote are among the coolest you can find in Netrunner. Simply great.

(System Update 2021 era)

Sadly, unless you are desperate for that one-of silver bullet in every single game (at which point, why not just add more copies of that silver bullet), it can be hard to find a point in having more pseudo-Diesels besideds paying for certain agenda costs.