Aaron Marrón

♦ Aaron Marrón 2[credit]

Resource: Connection
Influence: 2

Whenever an agenda is scored or stolen, place 2 power counters on Aaron Marrón.

Hosted power counter: Remove 1 tag and draw 1 card.

"You want to do business in Los Pistoleros turf, then you gotta deal with me."
Illustrated by Aurore Folny
Decklists with this card

Quorum (qu)

#106 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
  • Updated 2024-01-19

    UFAQ [Michael Boggs]

    Can the Runner use Aaron Marrón when they have no tags? How about if the stack is empty?

    As long as either a tag would be removed or a card would be drawn, the ability has the potential to change the game state and thus can be used. If both the stack is empty and the Runner has no tags, then Aaron Marrón cannot possibly change the game state and thus cannot be used.


This card looks like it's going to do a lot of work in this tag-heavy meta, but the card draw ability means he'll almost never be a dead draw in other matchups. Great addition to Criminal, along with stuff like On the Lam they're really being given a ton of tools to deal with the increasing amount of tag & kill options for Corp.

Some of the neat stuff you can do with this card:

  • Hard counters Breaking News: as soon as they score it you get 2 counters, use them to clear the tags and draw up! Breaking News + Exchange/BOOM! is one of the most potent combos in the game so anything that can straight up deal with that is fantastic. However you won't get counters when 24/7 News Cycle is played, and this doesn't help against the Power Shutdown/Accelerated Diagnostics combo as you don't have a paid ability window to clear tags.
  • For each agenda scored/stolen, you can clear Account Siphon tags for free and draw 2 cards without spending a click, almost like a free Lawyer Up.
  • If you make an unsuccessful run with John Masanori, you can clear the tag with a counter (and get the draw you wanted anyway!)
  • Clickless draw is very useful vs Jinteki decks that aim to kill you with some combo of Ronin/Bio-Ethics Association/Chairman Hiro. Getting a large amount of counters can be a bit tricky vs decks like IG that don't ever really score out, but the possibility is there.
  • Hard-Hitting News becomes much less taxing. Even with only one or two counters on Aaron you have a much better chance of making it through the huge tempo hit HHN can be.

All that aside, even against a non-kill no-tag deck Aaron can still provide you with somewhere between 5-15 clickless card draws across a game for only 2 credits! Criminal is generally considered the weakest runner faction when it comes to card draw so I think Aaron will give them a great boost in speed and survivability.

(Quorum era)
I think the way the card is worded you won't get to use it for draw unless you can also remove a tag. —
TGTBT gives you two cards on steal instead of a tag? That really IS too good to be true! —
@vor_lord I'm not sure that's the case, might need confirming but I think effects that can partially resolve are still able to be triggered. —
According to this thread on Stimhack you can use this with no tag. "UPDATE: So Jake just told me it works in a PM. "Aaron Marron says "draw a card and remove a tag". Because it's an "and", it is two effects smushed together into a single effect. As long as one of those effects can cause a change in game state, then the ability as a whole has the potential to change the game state and can thus be used." @jakodrako" —
Blanks PE and Argus. Who the hell thought this is a good idea? —
"As long as one of those effects can cause a change in game state, then the ability as a whole has the potential to change the game state and can thus be used." That's a really fancy way of saying 'we screwed up the wording'. All they had to say was 'and/or' instead of 'and', or, if they want to be really persnickety, add an 'if able' to each of the 2 effects. 'They could have worded the card better' is becoming the slogan FF. —
How is this card not on the MWL? He provides lots of card draw and hoses tag decks into the ground. The corp can't land a tag so it can't remove him so there's very few cards that can counter Aaron. The card pool already had lots of anti-tag tech but now they've been eclipsed by this guy. —

Aaron Marrón is the Beth Kilrain-Chang of Criminals.

Also, Marrón is pronounced "mah-RROAN," technically with rolled Rs. If you say it so it rhymes with Aaron, that's fine, but just know you're doing it wrong. :-)

(Quorum era)
While I see the comparison, AM completely outshines Beth in a few ways. Seems Anarchs didn't get their "super connection" this pack. Like they need it. —
It's prounced A. A. Ron —
@Waltzard When you don't draw into your 1x Marron, you're like, "A.A.Ron? Where are you? Where is A.A.Ron right now?" —
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dd7FixvoKBw, for the ~2 people on the internet who still don't know that reference —
They could have called him anything, it's all a fiction... nobody's going to overpronouce the surname, and they could have forseen that and called him something less likely to be problematic. If Aaron was a real world person, he'd be called Aaron Maron by everyone except his own family, and even half of them would give up bothering about the difference. —
@CascadeHush It's not overpronouncing, it's correctly pronouncing. Like PureFlight said, though, totally fine to say it wrong if you want —