24/7 News Cycle

24/7 News Cycle 0[credit]

Influence: 3

As an additional cost to play 24/7 News Cycle, forfeit an agenda.

Resolve the "when scored" ability on an agenda in your score area.

The only thing worse than bad news...
Illustrated by Thomas Williams
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Data and Destiny (dad)

#19 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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Current gameplay focuses on its role in kill combos, but 24/7 News Cycle has the potential to be a Swiss army knife type of card, like a Same Old Thing for agendas. With the right agenda mix, it becomes a multi-function tool in the mid-to-late-game that can break a siphon lock, tutor a crucial card, amputate the opponent's board position, or set up a fast-advance play.

If you have room to slot them, Domestic Sleepers, Project Kusanagi, and Clones are Not People make it cheaper to play. It obviously finds a better home in decks that slot numerous 1-point agendas, such as some current Jinteki PE, Argus Security, and NBN CMT styles.



Resolve Breaking News to give the runner 2 tags

Resolve Posted Bounty to forfeit it, give the runner 1 tag and take 1 bad publicity

Resolve Vulcan Coverup for 2 meat damage; combine with other damage to taste/as needed

Resolve Philotic Entanglement for X net damage; combine with other damage to taste/as needed


Resolve Chronos Project to remove the runner's heap from the game

Resolve The Future is Now to search R&D for a card and add it to HQ

Resolve Astroscript Pilot Program to place 1 agenda counter on it (1 free agenda advancement)

Resolve Character Assassination to trash a resource (cannot be prevented)

Resolve License Acquisition to install Corporate Town or Ibrahim Salem (or perhaps an urgently needed Jackson Howard) from archives and rez without cost.

Resolve Profiteering to take up to 3 bad publicity and gain up to 15 credits

Resolve Geothermal Fracking to place 2 agenda counters (worth 14 credits)

Resolve High-Risk Investment to place 1 agenda counter (worth credits = runner's total)


Resolve Accelerated Beta Test to install and rez up to 3 ICE for free (obviously best if you can stack the deck)

Resolve Efficiency Committee to place 3 more agenda counters on it (worth 3 extra clicks)

Resolve Voting Machine Initiative to place 3 more agenda counters on it (costs runner 3 clicks)

Resolve Research Grant to score any installed copies of Research Grant (a net gain of 1-2 points if you sacrifice Domestic Sleepers and have 1-2 RGs installed)

Resolve Unorthodox Predictions to render an ICE type unbreakable for 1 turn

Resolve Nisei Mk II to put an additional agenda counter on it (stops 1 run)

Resolve Genetic Resequencing to put an agenda counter on a Nisei Mk II (stops 1 run)

Resolve House of Knives to place 3 more agenda counters on it (worth 3 net damage)

Resolve Executive Retreat to put an agenda counter on it (worth 5 cards) and shuffle HQ into R&D

Resolve Corporate Sales Team to place 10 more credits on it

Resolve Corporate War to gain 7 credits

Resolve Hostile Takeover to gain 7 credits and take one bad publicity


Resolve Veteran's Program to remove two bad publicity

Resolve Clone Retirement to remove one bad publicity

Resolve Director Haas' Pet Project to set up a server (essentially duplicating Shipment from Mirrormorph)

Resolve Project Wotan to place 3 more agenda counters on it (worth 3 ETR subroutines)

Resolve Labyrinthine Servers to place 2 more power counters on it (prevent 2 jackouts)

Resolve Encrypted Portals to gain 1 credit for each rezzed code gate

Resolve Superior Cyberwalls to gain 1 credit for each rezzed barrier

Resolve Helium-3 Deposit to place 2 power counters on a card

Resolve Firmware Updates to place 3 more agenda counters on it (worth 3 ICE advancements)

Resolve Market Research to put an agenda counter on it if the runner is tagged (worth 1 agenda point)

Resolve Priority Requisition to rez Archer or Enforcer without cost


Resolve Improved Protein Source to force the runner to gain 4 credits

(Blood Money era)
A good review. It's nice to have it all put together in one place. Makes thinking up all the janky combos easier. Bonus points for Turkey Prize. <3 —
Style points to anyone who can force the runner to earn 24 credits in a single game with continuous 24/7 coverage of the maggots in the food supply. —
I have a question: Does 24/7 also resolve "on score" effects that are not printed on the agena card? Like Leela or Titan? I really like the jank potential of resolving Firmware Updates to gain 12 creds from Mark Yale :D What an economy card :D —
I suppose not. You only resolve one ability, not score an agenda. —
i like this —

This amazing card helps NBN kill decks work around Film Critic. More generally, it facilitates runner kills without the need for the runner to trigger anything. Even the most cautious of runners could be killed!

Score out Breaking News plus another agenda. Next turn, activate 24/7 News Cycle to give the runner two tags, before double Scorched Earthing (or Traffic Accident Scorched Earthing) them. Ta-da!


This is the immediately obvious use of the card, and indeed it is being used in this way in a new breed of Haarpsichord Studios: Entertainment Unleashed decks.

It remains to be seen whether further uses for the card will arise over time...

(Data and Destiny era)
That almost unstoppable combo makes me so salty. —
I'd also like to point out what it does in Jinteki with Philotic Entanglement... —
You could arguably do the same thing in Weyland with Posted Bounty, right? You'd need two scored agendas, play 24/7 by forfeiting the other one, and then trigger Bounty, forfeiting it and tagging the runner. —
Works nice with Philotic, but you can't count on that because there is only one in the deck and you can't score it from hand. This and Breaking News is just stupid. I don't like this card. Breaking News is on MWL now (and rightfully so). But if you are building a deck around this concept, the 3 influence is super easy to pay. —

Ages ago, this card was banned.

Nowaday (in Q2 2023 meta), here are the cards agenda that could do something that could make a difference (considering you are forfeiting an agenda).

Truly, this card need to stay banned.

Fine art, fine quote, powerful card.

(Parhelion era)