Show of Force

Show of Force 4/2

Agenda: Security
Influence: 0

When you score Show of Force, do 2 meat damage.

Walk loudly and carry a bigger stick.
Illustrated by Adam S. Doyle
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Martial Law (ml)

#99 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
Martial Law

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Oh hey, it's a neutral Vulcan Coverup, without the bad publicity, and worth more points! (Cue snarky comments about Weyland toys being free to other corps.)

But seriously, this card is interesting. I think it's generally worse than both Vulcan Coverup and Philotic Entanglement, (the other agendas that do damage when scored) but I think it makes an interesting supplement to both. It is a fantastic tool for shell games, and that's where I expect to see it the most.

In any good shell game, there are a bunch of things that will hurt the runner if they run on them, (traps) and a bunch of things that will hurt the runner if they ignore them. (Agendas.) Some things that hurt the runner if ignored aren't obvious right away. (Ronin, for example.)

Think of this card as sort of a mutated, high-stakes Ronin. If it has 4 advancement on it, then at any point on your turn, you can turn it into 2 meat damage, without even spending a click. This makes it really easy to combo with actual Ronin, and/or Neural EMP, for surprise flatlines out of nowhere.

It also has nice potential with 24/7 News Cycle, if you're going for a kill shot.

I don't think it will see much use outside of murder decks, but I think it has enough interesting uses there, to be worth consideration. It will be fun to see what people end up using it for!

(Martial Law era)
plus it is great in Jinteki:PE as it will land 2 meat + 1 net if scored, or 1net if stolen —
This is an amazing part of kill combos out of Jinteki PE, and it is a workhorse of my murder deck. In general, it is just as easy to score as Philotic, is less conditional, and I can run three plus Philotic. These greatly ramp up my damage potential. —