Tracing down Doors

maluslumen 174

During a store championship I took 5th place, unfortunately the player who took 4th was unable to finish the tournament so I was put in the top 4 cut. After some grueling matches I landed 2nd place.

This deck lands to tag the runner but is near impossible to kill with it. The intent of the deck is to drain the runner so agendas can be easily scored behind weak ice.

Three cards that make this deck work:

-Aryabhata Tech - Door to Door - Macrophage

Ideally turn one will have Door to Door played with ice on HQ and R&D. or Door to Door with econ and 1 ice in an appropriate place. Turn two would have Aryabhata Tech behind ice or with upgrade to protect it. Sometimes in a rush I would throw down Door to Door and Aryabhata Tech turn one and using it to drain the runner. With NBN: Making News this can easily lead to runner starting their first turn with 2 credits or 4 credits and a tag.

Macrophage is incredibly powerful with Aryabhata Tech, cheap to play for how much it taxes the runner. Consulting Visit was normally used pull out Door to Door whenever it was shut down, but if the runner decides to float tags it can also pull out a surprise The All-Seeing I or Closed Accounts. Media Blitz has a special spot if the runner steals Restructured Datapool or Net Quarantine early on in the game.

I designed this deck to drain not to kill, and it does that pretty well.

Cards not in this deck: Psychographics - While powerful in huge tag decks much of the time this deck wouldn't land more than 2 tags and it doesn't feel like it is consistently good even with Consulting Visit. Observe and Destroy - I was going to test this more instead of Enforcing Loyalty, right now its a bit of a toss up because both have pros and cons in this deck. Corporate Sales Team - While the drip econ is nice its not really needed, I preferred Net Quarantine over this because I could use Media Blitz to punish the runner still. Data Raven - I like this card but if the runner decides to float tags then it becomes 4 wasted credits.

I overheard someone describe this deck perfectly while playing "A lot of those cards are awful, they shouldn't be working that well together". I am curious to know what everyone thinks and encourage them to try this themselves. Not sure if there are already variations of this deck already but would be curious to see them.

22 Jan 2017 jase2224

I would say this similar to the Spanish Inquisition that was run at Worlds. Although not as oppressive since it isn't CTM with museum of history.

22 Jan 2017 jase2224

Sorry forgot to link the decklist:

23 Jan 2017 Saan

Every time a Macrophage is rezzed, it's like the end of the fucking world for the runner. It's really, really funny. Grats, man, it was really cool to see this in action.

23 Jan 2017 Benjen

No shame in sneaking into the cut! I do it all the time. Congrats!

25 Jan 2017 SillySod

Have you considered ChiLo City Grid? Adding "and the runner takes a tag" to each of macrophages traces could be pretty brutal.

22 Feb 2017 Skullbotrock

What's your end win condition? You can tag them and drain their money but i don't see a way to actually win. It's gonna be tough to score out with such little/weak ice too

22 Feb 2017 maluslumen

If they aren't prepared the drain is enough to lock them into doing nothing and agendas can scored behind a single ice

31 Mar 2017 romakarol

Fun deck, the wincon in it is quite weak and it feels light on money all the time however. One thing I defintiely would recommend is taking 3 weyland cards to make the 2 consulting visit free, and actually spending the 3 spare influence. Perosnally my main adds were BOOM and GFI's.