Agenda: Expansion • Adv: 4 • Score: 2

When you score Corporate Sales Team, place 10credit on it.

When each player's turn begins, take 1credit from Corporate Sales Team.

"You got it. We sell it. They buy it. Everyone wins."
Neutral • Samuel Leung • Business First 37
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Corporate Sales Team
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One of the biggest challenges for Corps in Netrunner is that while scoring Agendas helps them win the game, doing so involves investing quite a few clicks and credits that can weaken their immediate board position. For example, after a Corp has scored an Agenda is often the ideal moment to begin a Siphon Train, or make a run on a server with some unrezzed ice.

Not surprisingly, it follows that Agendas that give the Corp clicks or credits back can be pretty good. In the past we've seen this area explored by Hostile Takeover (great), Corporate War (hard to use), Efficiency Committee (poor return), Geothermal Fracking (a lot of bad pub) and Oaktown Renovation (amazing!), Advanced Concept Hopper (excellent).

This new agenda, Corporate Sales Team, probably compares best with Corporate War, as they both are neutral 4/2 agendas, and give credits back without any bad pub. Corporate War would be a good agenda ... except for how you need 7 credits on hand when scoring it. And the real catch is you don't just need 7 credits, you also need 4 credits to advance it, and probably credits to rez ice or upgrades to defend it, meaning you actually need 15-25 credits on hand when you are going to try to score it.

Corporate Sales Team has no such requirement when scoring it, and gives the Corp 10 credits, 3 more than the War. The catch is that it gives the credits back more slowly as drip econ. Note that it gives a credit at the start of each players turn though, so this is pretty fast drip. It's like having a Pad Campaign that fires for your turn, plus another that fires for the Runner turn.

Corporate Sales Team probably isn't quite as good as Oaktown or Hopper, but it does seem pretty strong overall. If you're making a Jinteki or NBN (non fast advance?) deck, it'll be the best econ return agenda available to you, and of course you may include this alongside Oaktown or Hopper to build a critical mass of agendas that pile on economic advantage.

(Business First era)