I've always seen Archived Memories almost like a Double that says "Copy an operation in Archives" - often one you've just played out of HQ as your first click. The ability to effectively mirror any operation in HQ or Archives makes it pretty powerful when played at the right time.

Archived Memories works particularly well with operations that benefit from being played twice in a single turn to achieve a quick tempo swing or damage boost, especially if they're the conditional "play only if X" type.

With that in mind, here are a few operations that go nicely with it:

Scorched Earth/Traffic Accident/Punitive Counterstrike/Neural EMP

Bad Times (Trash 4MU's worth of programs for 8 credits? Yespls)

Restructure/Successful Demonstration (Or even Hedge Fund in a pinch)

Midseason Replacements (After they've spent everything fighting off the first one)

Power Grid Overload (As above)

Trick of Light

Any more?

If you had an opening hand of Archived Memories and Sweeps Week against Andromeda you'd be able to make 18 credits in your first turn. Sure I mean she'd probably Siphon first turn but thing of the joy of it! —
Biotic, Sweeps, Sweeps, Sweeps, Biotic, Archived, Sweeps = 28 creds net vs first-turn Andy :) —
Oh wait, 24, so there's no point doing the Biotics/Archived at all. Ah well. It was good while it lasted. —

Probably the single least popular Bioroid with the possible exception of Sherlock 1.0, despite having some of the most awesome creepy artwork of any Netrunner card.

Let's consider the cons first: Zed is weak, can be clicked through, and his subs are conditional: he needs to be placed behind other bioroids to have any effect at all, and even then the runner needs to have clicked through a sub rather than breaking it with money.

But the pros: at 2 credits he's cheap for an ice with 2 subs; and incredibly cheap for one that can threaten 2 brain damage. He rounds out Eli 1.0 and Viktor 1.0 as the sentry of HB's suite of low-cost, 2-sub ICE, and actually complements them pretty well when he's in position.

In the right spot he can at least force the runner to go get their breakers instead of cheerfully clicking into your servers, and in very rare situations, he's a brain damage or 2 for a couple of credits.

Zed is an awkward card, but definitely not a terrible one. In Cybernetics Division: Humanity Upgraded, landing an early brain damage has never been more important, and Zed could prove to be a nasty surprise, especially with support from the likes of The Twins, Ryon Knight, Corporate Troubleshooter and now Marcus Batty.

The artwork and flavor text on this card are amazing, 10/10 creepy. It can be a strong effect, but the odds of actually firing it are pretty slim, which is a shame because this is a card I'd love to be able to slot. —

A really solid econ card with a couple of caveats. On a click-to-credit basis, it's equivalent to a Restructure, and one that only costs 3. However, the first turn after you install it, you're down 1 credit; the second turn, you're up 1, and it's only the third (+3) and fourth (+5) turns that it really shines.

In other words, it takes 3 turns after installing it before it's any better than clicking for a credit, and it's pretty useless if you're going tag-me as any good Corp will kill it quick. It's also not ideal late-game, as the game could be over before you see the benefit of it. With that said, it's one of the most click-efficient moneymakers Runners have available.

Also combos nicely with Aesop's Pawnshop, bringing the net gain to 6 credits.

Another advantage with Pawnshop is that you can get to 6 credits at the third turn —
Solid for any drip economy build. —

If or when Weyland gets a 40-card ID, this agenda as a 3-of could enable some interesting never-score shenanigans. Yes, they'll only need to steal 2 agendas to win, but you'll have 41 other cards to kill them with before they do. Scoring agendas is for suckers anyway!

"limit 1 Government Takeover per deck." —
Well hush my mouth. —
That said, 1 x GT and 4 x 3-pointers would still be the lowest possible agenda density in the game. —
See also [the most popular decklist on the site right now](http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/15621/the-government-takeover-leisure-games-london-2nd-place). —
I scored this the other night at the local shop. I achieved a round of applause for being a rookie. —