Everlasting JobStopper

Mechanoise 1590


I'm here to make you an offer you can't refuse.
Hedge fund, Install, Install on a Corp turn feels pretty good, but how about the following:

- Shuffle 3 cards from Archives into R&D.
- Gain 6 re-occuring credits to rez anything.
- Draw up to 3 extra cards on your turn...
- ...and Force the Runner to draw that many too...
- ...Gaining a credit when they draw.
- Fast advance any 5 of your valid agendas...
- ...Installing 3 cards from either HQ or Archives when you score...
-...Gaining up to 3 credits for EACH new remote you make?

Do I have your attention? Excellent, take a seat and take heed!

This, my friends, is the progressive adaption of the Sportlebacks archetype for Jinteki's new ID.
So let's run through it.

The Deck

Jinteki has suffered on the back bench for a while. PE and RP have been the only viable high tier IDs in a long time, with IG just about generating the love it deserves. Pālanā Foods: Sustainable Growth provides us with a highly versatile ID, not locked to any deck type, that comfortably triggers on both player's turns to boost the econ problems Jinteki commonly has. I've been playing Jinteki for a long time, and I have never been this rich so easily.

The goal of this deck? Fast Advance, and Asset Spam. Look at these assets, a Runner can't afford to let them survive, so they have to trash them...but this is where the Pālanā Agroplex shines, injecting some Nitrous into the deck. Jackson Howard takes a back seat here, there's a new automated draw engine in town, leaving you 3 clicks to install and reap the benefits. As a Runner, do you check these servers? Agendas? Traps? Do you have enough money to trash? Do you secure the new cards you were forced to draw? It's you, the corp, that's forcing 'them' to keep up.

Aren't the Agroplexs helping the Runner? Don't we want to 'restrict' the Runner's card draw, not support it?
I would rez all 3 if it was viable. You are 'pushing' cards into the Runner's hand, and if they don't respond then cards fall into the bin, and you're getting a card + credit for that pleasure too.

You're helping Faust with the extra cards!
True, but did you see I'm running 3 Komainus? In a hand of 7-9 cards...that's pretty painful. 15 pieces of ICE, all dedicated to centrals, and Caprice to boot, so don't expect an easy ride, especially with Swordsman.

But Parasite Clone Chip!
Cyberdex, Crick, Chronos, Museums, Team Sponsorship, Blacklist, Lotus, Himitsu, Jackson. Any questions?

But Whizzard destroys this deck! As does Apocalypse!
Whizzard gets 3 reoccurring credits each turn to trash 1 card, and I will likely install 3 cards on my turn; I respect a Runner that keeps up with that! Purge Imps, use Hostile Infrastructure, de-claw him with Cerebral Static.

2 Medical Breakthroughs? Not 3?
All Medical Breakthroughs are 4/2 until a score or steal. I focused on Agendas I can either fast advance through SanSan, or install and leave unadvanced to score on the next turn. The 2/2 potential of the 3rd Medical is gated by the other copies, and I'd rather sacrifice that late game potential for an early 3/2 potential with another Braintrust.

Jinteki players love mind games. The bluff, the hook, the trap, the kill, and while this deck isn't meant to be a kill deck, a few nasty tweaks can add unpredictability into Palana's meta.

Get a starting hand of econ and at least 1 Pālanā Agroplex. ICE centrals continuous, they have to be really taxing to breach. Keep remotes unrezed until you 'really' need them, regardless of the Mumba Temple discounts; it's important to get them running and checking, as that will take time away from developing their rig. Need to distract them? Blacklist acts as good bait, especially if money is low. Slow the pace by installing over Agroplexs if you need to, but remember to balance each Plex with a Museum of History. Don't forget to use Team Sponsorship to add additional layers of ice to centrals, and bluffing the odd naked agenda puts additional focus on checking.

No insane combos, no difficult jank, just a demoralising amount of stuff the Runner cannot afford to exist, and cannot afford to trash. //#MakeJintekiGreat(er)!

14 Mar 2016 dodgepong

Interesting idea!

No Snare :(

14 Mar 2016 Mechanoise

@dodgepong That is what the Psychic Fields are for, to be replaced as you see fit. I wasn't worried about adding Snare! for this build, but I will test to see if it's better. There was much more satisfaction in seeing an entire hand full of cards get wiped, since the centrals are heavily ICEd.

14 Mar 2016 dodgepong

I just like the idea of playing both Psychic Field and Snare in a horizontal Jinteki deck. Give those asset-hungry Whizzard players some pause before running all the facedowns.

14 Mar 2016 Mechanoise

@dodgepong so do I, but while this deck is doing very well in its current built I'll be doing further testing with more trap based variants. Remember, this is asset intensive, so customisation is paramount to keeping this nightmare fresh :)

14 Mar 2016 AncestrialImage

I'm going to try this deck out tonight. I love how horrid it is!

14 Mar 2016 Mechanoise

@AncestrialImage Let me know how it goes!

15 Mar 2016 ClubbingSealCub

How do you deal with Dumblefork? Because it seems to completely and utterly anihilate this list.

15 Mar 2016 Mechanoise

@ClubbingSealCub Customise it with traps and Hostile Infrastructure if you feel your Meta surrounds that. As the great Dan once said, you can't build one deck to counter everything, all you can do is change up the bits that matter. If you'd rather slam in a few Snares to knock some cards out of their hand, then change it up. As Jinteki the Runner is that bit more cautious about checking random remotes. This has worked great for now, purging Imps as they stand and scoring agendas to team sponsorship out anything that got destroyed. Since Whizzard only has one set of reoccurring credits they don't have the money to go on a trashing binge with their own credits, it's usually just once, and while your Agroplexes push cards in your hand you can typically install quicker than they can realistically bin.

15 Mar 2016 phette23

Sweet, Agroplex enables silly horizontal lists just like NEH, I hope Jinteki can do more of this ridiculousness.

A fun thing to do in lists like this: put in (at least) 2 Tech Startup, then cycle them endlessly for 3 clickless credits each turn:

  • end runner turn, rez Tech Startup
  • start of your turn, trash installed TS to install TS from RnD in a new remote, gaining 3 from turtles
  • shuffle the trashed TS back into RnD with Museum

I discovered this accidentally at casual night last night. Sure, the runner can trash TS for cheap, but it taxes them a click & you just set up the cycle again next time you draw one.

16 Mar 2016 WayneMcPain

How do you feel about Harvester? Seems to me like it would be easy to play around. Say I hit a Komainu or Psychic Field. I could run a rezzed Harvester twice and refill my hand, only losing a single card. Does stuff like that ever happen? Or do you stack net damage ice behind it too?

Also do you find only 7 hard ETR ICE to be enough? I would almost drop a Komainu for another Lotus Field.

16 Mar 2016 ThomasMcIntosh

2 Medical Breakthrough seems odd. I would think you want either all 3, or none.

16 Mar 2016 Mechanoise

@WayneMcPain Harvester is ok, it has done well in pushing cards 8 cards out the Runner's hand on one encounter. I usually stack net damage and other ice around it, it does fine. Might swap it with Chetana, but I'd rather give the Runner extra cards and earn the credit from that instead of giving them money. Also, I'm not worried about them replenishing card draw, this deck isn't out to kill them, but it's rare I'll have a harvester on its own to take advantage of.

And yes, 7 hard ETR is more than plenty. NEH typically is very ICE light with very few ETRs. Most of the time the game ends with at least 4 pieces of ICE on R&D and HQ, It's all about making it a painful slog.

16 Mar 2016 Mechanoise


It's all about fast advance targets for SanSan City Grid.

Medical Breakthrough is great, but you cannot fast advance it using SanSan until the first Medical is out the gate. Swapping 1 Medical for Philotic Entanglement gives me another SanSan target. You could argue the third Medical could be scored without SanSan, but I rarely get the opportunity with a 3rd, so rather blockading my agendas for the sake of 3rd Medical, it makes more sense to swap it out, and it has worked really well.

16 Mar 2016 Mechanoise

@phette23 Tech Start-up is actually a very good idea. I will play with this. Currently experimenting with Snare! and The All-Seeing I, but the Start-up is worth a shout!

Nothing better than drawing 3 cards automatically and installing 3 cards for credits. There's speed and credits in those Agroplexs!

16 Mar 2016 Sorayina

lots of meaty assets. hard to trash too. i like it. do you have enough money to rez expensive ice??

16 Mar 2016 Mechanoise

Mumbad Temples help a lot to get things running, but most of thim I can Rez them off of my own back.

16 Mar 2016 W4lt3r B15h0p

You could swap out the Hedge Funds for Diversified Portfolios. Either works of course.

16 Mar 2016 Mechanoise

@W4lt3r B15h0p Its been tempting, but the Hedge Fund is a guaranteed economy and helps me get some money out of the gate to get some traction going. If I had 3 extra slots, I'd be sold for Diversified. You'd be surprised how much money the Turtles and Agro generates on its own! I was!

16 Mar 2016 chill84

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

16 Mar 2016 Mechanoise

@chill84 And a Merry Christmas to you sir

17 Mar 2016 mpeachey

@mechanoise Well played, sir.

17 Mar 2016 MarvelIndignite

played this a couple times. Beat everyone with it. Fast and fun. Not sure about harvester. Worked a couple times but not super. Cudos man

17 Mar 2016 Mechanoise

@MarvelIndignite Well done bud, and thanks. I actually played with changing Harvester last night, swapped it for Inazuma as it's a strong code you 'must' break. Also swapping Psychic Field with Snare! based on @dodgepongs thoughts because I think it does make more sense. Did you change anything up When you played?

17 Mar 2016 Mechanoise

@mpeachey Thank you!

17 Mar 2016 MarvelIndignite

no kept it the same. i think snare is good. psychic field did good work, runner had 9 cards and hit a psychic field. feels good to win those games! so i'm not sure, test and see i guess!!! might take this deck to reigonals.

17 Mar 2016 leburgan

This looks bad against Shaper. How do you beat a clot lock?

17 Mar 2016 Mechanoise

@leburgan I'm confused. I have Cyberdex Virus Suite and Blacklist to block any clone chips. Then after the score I can Team Sponsorship the CVS back into my most secure server, or Museum of History the Blacklist or CVS for another cycle. Or, given the nature of the faction, I just leave an agenda out among the remotes and score it next turn. Shaper Clot hasn't been a problem.

17 Mar 2016 NerdimusPrime

I had no idea this deck existed until running against it last night with, by sheer coincidence, L4J. I barely squeaked out a win in the first game, after losing most of my heap to Blackmail/Chronos Project, and only because my opponent foolishly (his words, not mine) installed a TFP in a remote, expecting me to ignore it.

I lost the second game after a long slog. This time I stole the Chronos Project and killed the Blacklist before too long, but then faceplanted into a Komainu with my only Levy in hand. Despite four- and five-card Medium digs, I eventually ran out of cards for Faust and money for Mimic, and that was the end.

This is a great deck. Not unbeatable, but you really have to fight for it and not make any mistakes, while hoping the corp player does. Also, the constant recursion of Jackson, Team Sponsorship, and Museum of History is mind-numbing. I finally gave up trying to trash them all and focused on Medium digs. Well done!

17 Mar 2016 Mechanoise

@NerdimusPrime Thanks! Great to get some feedback on how other Whizzard players are fairing. I will never post 'unbeatable' because it is beatable, and you find good, non-salty runners will have enough passion to seek the answer.

I've been playing this deck for quite a bit, and so far it has won every game, but I can name a few times I was on a wing and a prayer for RNG was in my favour. My favourite match was against Iain Sterling with Dr. Lovegood for The Source, and multiple Fall Guys...it was incredible, he didn't build it against my deck, it just did a fantastic job all round. Thanks again my friend, keep looking for Job ;)

19 Mar 2016 CommissarFeesh

Congrats on decklist of the week buddy :D

How useful is Philotic Entanglement proving to be so far? Would you consider swapping for a third Medical Breakthrough instead?

19 Mar 2016 Mechanoise

@CommissarFeesh Cheers bud! I discussed the agenda suite with Mark who helped with the selection. Priorities are 3/2s above all others, since I focus on agendas I can SanSan in 1 turn or install and leave unadvanced for the next turn. I wrote up in the description about the 2 Medicals, the late game potential for the 2/2 changed for an early 3/2. Essentially, they were the last agendas to fit the cut, not my first choice.

19 Mar 2016 Kaz83

Why not Enigma over Datapike? A little cheaper to Rez and costs the same to break?

19 Mar 2016 Eldil

I tried this deck on Jinteki the other night. It was hilarious. I never pulled the SanSan, but I was installing so many assets that I could just throw down the 3/2 agendas and leave them--the runner wasn't running my remotes anyway. Then on a turn when I had enough credits, I could just advance and score them.

Sadly, I didn't win, but it couldn't have been closer. I had a Chronos Protocol installed, and if I could just start my turn with 3 credits, I would score my seventh point. But my opponent account siphoned me every other turn for at least 8 consecutive turns. Hilarious.

Anyway, thanks for posting this cool deck. It's a blast.

19 Mar 2016 Mechanoise

@Kaz83 Taxation. you can circumvent Enigma's click lose sub by running last click. Faceplanting a Datapike drops you two credits and you must break the first sub or lose two credits each hit.

19 Mar 2016 Kaz83

@Mechanoise Thanks for the heads up just glancing over the card the "Must" was overlooked.

19 Mar 2016 Mechanoise

@Eldil Glad you had fun! Shame you didn't get the SanSan, but if wasn't running remotes you were good. If I suspect Siphon I tend to Caprice HQ. Good luck with future victories.

19 Mar 2016 Mechanoise

@Eldil And respect to you for being account siphoned that many times and holding your own that well. Shows how good the money package can be.

19 Mar 2016 TheBigBoy

It seems like the only things they have to trash are SanSans and Museums. Once those are gone they can slowly take down the almost-as-relevant cards (TS).

My hunch is that against a player doing that, Naked agendas are part of your plan A, which always makes me nervous. Nevertheless I'm desperate and I'll give this a try... :)

19 Mar 2016 Mechanoise

@TheBigBoy When you're faced with a number of face down cards, and you're up against Jinteki, you can't trust running on anything and everything as you're not developing your rig, especially if the corp pushes cards into your hand, and if a naked agenda gets scored next turn you can Team Sponsorship the SanSan they may have trashed last turn. Spending trash money to have it instantly reversed is demoralising, and the runner can sometimes give up on remotes. My advice, make SanSan plan A and naked Agebdas Plan B, but timing is everything.

19 Mar 2016 rumirumirumirumi

Have you tried this in IG instead of Palana? The loss of deck slots to Shocks I think can make up for the increased costs to trash and extra runs on Archives. I'm going to try this since I've had an interest in Palana Museum decks, but that's just a thought I had and was curious if you tested that.

19 Mar 2016 Mechanoise

@rumirumirumirumi I love IG and has been running it for a whole year before Museums came into it, it was my pet project. Palana was a new Jinteki ID I could get behind, and while IG would definitely make the trashing a great slog I have a few issues with it. 1. I don't overdraw, since the cards the Agroplex gives me goes into servers, 2. I don't want to start replacing cards in this deck with Archive bait, and 3. Getting a credit each turn is huge! Losing that is a big deal. Still, no one said it wouldn't be worth trying, so I might give it a go.

20 Mar 2016 bubbathegoat

I like the idea of tossing a Psychic Field over the SSCG when you aren't ready to FA for a turn, since it can protect the SSCG while you draw into the next agenda. Snare! is less scary when you are already drawing 3 cards without a click, but Psychic Field scales nicely.

20 Mar 2016 Mechanoise

@bubbathegoat Great thought. Even better if you do it enough to bluff out an agenda from nowhere. ;)

21 Mar 2016 Mechanoise

@chill84 Cheers Andrew for posting the review my friend, I wasn't sure Josh01 felt it was appropriate to post it. It's been an eye opener! I mean, having the worst deck ever is...well, it gets you thinking, makes you wonder if the lie is worth it anymore, so:

To everyone who reads this, I have a confession. It pains me to say it, but....I'm not a great Netrunner player. I kinda overstepped the boundaries, posting a Palana deck, as the title should have gone to Josh01. You see, I've only ever come 3rd in a championship. I deceived you into thinking I was tier 1 model 2016 to-be world champion, and that was wrong.

I racked up likes to this post unfairly. Last week my wife, who also plays Netrunner casually, thought she'd make an account to support me. I have asked that I be stripped of that like and we will be parting ways soon after. Shame, because yesterday we were celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary. Perhaps I should have focused on my marriage instead of posting a deck.

To all those who tried my deck, I'm sorry to have given you such embarrassment. Please, take some time and support the guys over at FusionHaa Wordpress, because they are the only people who give enough of a damn to help Netrunners from falling blindly into a conical hole of over-saturating pride.

And Josh01, Id like you to know that while some perceive your post as a rash, biased, bile filled rant of unadulterated hate, just remember that they aren't store champions, so their words mean nothing. In future I shall mark all of my post with a warning that I made the worst deck, so no one else falls for my traps anymore. All I can say is, I'm sorry everyone, and I'm sorry Josh01, you are my Decklist of the week!

21 Mar 2016 TheBigBoy

Amen brother. Well put @Mechanoise

21 Mar 2016 mpeachey

@Mechanoise Thanks for the decklist. Haters gonna hate.

21 Mar 2016 Mechanoise

@TheBigBoy Posting decklists without the proper Netrunner elite membership - Rebel with a cause ;) Cheers bud.

21 Mar 2016 Mechanoise

@mpeachey While I thank you for the support, please do spare some support for my detractors too, they may just be a couple of troubled teens. Don't get me wrong, 'Chil84's username implyed to me he was about 31/32, but then I thought, "Would a grown man, less than a decade away from turning 40, be seeking validation through degrading users and decks alike in a card game?" No, that would imply a form of superiority complex if they were to believe they were actually 'helping' anyone, so I've settled on the thought it's just a bunch of kids trying to fit in, so let's be gentle.

More importantly, it's been great getting some valuable input on the deck itself, and I've been given some great ideas I didn't think of. It's great to bring something to the table and have other members, many more experienced, come over and help craft the idea into something better. I hope the embarrassment of commenting on the worst deck ever was worth it :)

21 Mar 2016 gumonshoe

Voting up for a few reasons:

  1. It'll probably piss off Josh01 (If you don't know, I'm on his "shit list" which basically means he doesn't respond to anything I write. Tier 1 Level of maturity that guy has, as exemplified by his wonderful post)

  2. This deck got me to play a game of netrunner, after I'd decided I was retiring the game. I'm still probably retiring the game, but the deck was reasonably enjoyable.

  3. I was able to win with the deck. Sneaking agendas out naked, occasionally FA'ing them. I get this style. I helped invent the style. I connected with it.

  4. There's something here that people don't understand. There is something new. Providing your opponent with so many resources and options for work means that they need to wisely "place their workers". If you've provided them with 3 additional cards and 3 cards they've likely already seen in remotes that is a kind of pressure. And if they ignore it for a single turn you may get an agenda out of it.

All of that said. Deck has my seal of approval.

Also, fuck Josh01. ;)

22 Mar 2016 x-factor103

Well heck! Seems like there's something of a pedigree developing behind this thing. And I like that there's space to experiment with the assets, mixing things around to personal taste and meta.

But even if it didn't have all of those things going for it, this is a deck that plays LOTS of new cards in new and fun ways. It's a great reason to put aside the Jinteki deck I've been tinkering with for the last few months and try the new ID out.

Thanks for this gift to the community. I'm sure my friends will be THRILLED when I show up with a new brand of Jinteki this week.

22 Mar 2016 WayneMcPain

The amount of vitriol in this thread makes me sad.

I like @chill84's articles because they are over the top and entertaining. I agreed with some criticisms and didn't with others. But the articles on Fushion-Haa shit on every decklist, pretty much. That's part of the funny for me.

I also like this deck and, while I can't see why it is DOTW worthy, I've also never played it or against it so I can't really speak to it's power or it's ineptitude.

Maybe there is some personal history going on here, or maybe everyone is being way more satirical than I am picking up on, but I think everyone should chill out (no pun intended) and be less heated. From an outsider looking in, it just reflects poorly on the community and makes people like me not want to be a part of it.

My two cents. If it's all a big inside joke, please somebody tell me.

22 Mar 2016 Mechanoise

@WayneMcPain I build decks that I enjoy and share them. If 100 people want to hit the like button, that's their call. Never heard of Josh01 till Sunday. I don't think anyone in here is particularly 'heated', some just don't agree with the spiteful nature of these posts, and how elitist it comes across, and I agree. We're letting them have a voice, so others should have theirs. I would say those posts are what reflect poorly on the community.

22 Mar 2016 GrantZilla1979

Do what I did after I got flamesprayed over there. Build a deck incorporating their feedback.

22 Mar 2016 Tolaasin

@mpeacheyI think you left a link on your fusionhaa comment, but strangely, it seems to have disappeared, and I can't find the article you linked to. Can you share it?

22 Mar 2016 mpeachey

Hmm,. Apparently my comment, which in my own opinion did an excellent job of balance and nuance, has been edited down to a single sentence of praise for the author. The link is: bit.ly

22 Mar 2016 dodgepong

Generally speaking, it's bad practice to using link shorteners these days, because they could link to anything, including malware. Just link directly to the original source. I'm not chill, but that might be a reason it was edited.

22 Mar 2016 mpeachey

Good point - medium.com

22 Mar 2016 EnderA

If you're surprised by the harsh criticism of the article on the fusionhaa blog, note that it is always proportional to the amount of hype in a decklist's description.

22 Mar 2016 Eldil

@WayneMcPain Speaking as someone who's not really part of the Netrunner community, but who frequently hovers on the edges, it's reviews like "It’s the worst deck I’ve ever seen" that really turn me off.

I saw this deck, tried it out on Jinteki, and had a really good time. I didn't win, but I came close to winning, and I felt like I had played a good game of Netrunner.

Then I read a review that told me that I had actually played a "boring" game of Netrunner with a stupid, terrible deck.

It's that kind of dismissive negativity that makes me hesitate to be a part of the community.

22 Mar 2016 Mechanoise

@Eldil Thank you. Couldn't have put it better myself.

22 Mar 2016 Mechanoise

@EnderA Not surprised, just disappointed, and regarding the hype comment I do agree with you, which is where I'm confused with how that fits in here. I had fun playing and posting a deck, and I posted my personal strategy. Never said it was unbeatable, never said it would win you ever time, so A lot was of 'claims' was baseless conjecture. And if I'm being honest, I would rather just talk about feedback on the deck itself, and I'm sorry but FusionHaa's feedback is not one I particularly care about.

22 Mar 2016 Mechanoise

@GrantZilla1979 Hey Grant! I'm not worried about being criticised, just happy enough to be playing something I've had fun with and others have been too. :)

22 Mar 2016 mpeachey

Enjoying the deck with the following mods:

+2 Chronos Project −1 Philotic Entanglement −1 Team Sponsorship Since the deck is so good at pushing stuff into the Heap, I thought it would be nice to add Chronos Project in order to occasionally exile all the goodies. It's a fast score naked or on top of the [SanSan City Grid]. And, once the runner knows it's there, it increases the pressure to run naked servers and hit the Psychic Field. (/en/card/01092) Philotic Entanglement seemed like the likely agenda to drop. I was;t finding it much use anyway. I had to drop the Team Sponsorship to bring the deck size down. I found I was;t that excited to see it when I drew, which is always a good sign that it's extra. But, that's just in my own local meta. Happy to hear other thoughts.

Then, −1 Blacklist +1 Caprice Nisei

With eh three Chronos Project, Blacklist not just less useful, but moreover actually in the way of the Chronos Project score effect. So it goes, in favor of a [Caprice Nisei] (/en/card/04114). Again, curious to hear people's thoughts.

In short, this deck goes wide and deep, and is better than my piloting skills. And, a lot of fun.

22 Mar 2016 GrantZilla1979

@Mechanoise - Nobody asks to be DotW. I didn't and was as surprised as anybody else. Going from having some fun with this site deckbuilding one moment then reading a bunch of ad-homs about you from a person you've never met the next can be pretty jarring.

I personally think that if DotW were reserved for decks that were models of minmaxed munchkin thinking designed to strip away all the fat of A:NR and focus solely and completely on what works in the timed Swiss format, it'd be one thing. But it's not.

Is this game only for efficiency munchkins? Is this site only for them? I don't think FH are arguing at all that it should be. It's just weird when it's not even a voting thing for DotW to have your fun deck writeup thrust into the spotlight to be judged to that same standard (often with a snarky personal attack or two for flavor, because classy friggin' guys.)

On the other hand, some other casual players might see your idea and have fun with it, so screw their entire self-appointed Arbiter Of Real Netrunner mythos.

22 Mar 2016 Mechanoise

@GrantZilla1979 we've had enough discussions where I've often left wanting to sit down and have a drink with you, and it still stands ;). It's exactly as you say, you get hit with ridiculous notions of "so you claim this can do this? I need to tear down your smug attitude and beat you back to reality" when all I can say is, "...I never claimed anything". I was hoping to provide a skeleton for something of others to model on, or at least have fun with. The comments section has proven there are some awesome runners out there, with the likes of @mpeachey actually testing the deck and provides valuable feedback, (on holiday tomorrow so I will get to digest it properly soon :)), but Josh01's review was meant to be an attack, I can't treat a next day 'review' full of conjecture and bitterness seriously enough to warrant a second glance.

I'm glad people liked the deck enough to warrant a look, I hope they did have fun with it, even more so if they have been using it competitively, but isn't it a refreshing change from Butchershop decks at least? Remember, these decks cycle every week, so, would rather just talk about what other's experiences have been. :)

23 Mar 2016 SHIEL

I saw this deck list before all the stuff blew up, and liked the look of it - I've never liked Jinteki's play style, so Pālanā Foods was an exciting development, and I was glad to see an idea for it that looked appealing to me. I finally managed to play it for the first time tonight, and it was a lot of fun! I will definitely be looking for some ways to tweak it; I didn't get much mileage out of the Mumba Temples, for example, and would love to find room for Tour Guide... And I would like /some/ kind of murder, because near the end we went about 5 turns where the runner had no heap and no grip and I was just milling to try and get my last Medical Breakthrough so that I could score out the win but couldn't find the darn thing; it would have been easier for everyone if I could have just Neural'd and put the game out of its misery. :p

I've always hated Jinteki because it seems focused on giving the runner a heartfelt middle finger; I'd never before played a Jinteki deck that did well that didn't make me feel like it was ruining my opponent's day. This deck was enjoyable to run and didn't make me feel like an asshole for doing so - and for that I thank you!

24 Mar 2016 Wyrm

do NOT sign me the FUCK up