Passive InKham

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Passive InKhan

Have you ever dreamed of a program allowing you to drip 3 every start of turn?

"But, pouch," you say "we had orb, and orb is gone!"

What if I told you The Orb never left? ...and it was an icebreaker all along.

The concept

As much as it saddens me, the bird breakers are bad. Derezing ice with them is way too clunky and prohibitively expensive (why does Peregrine cost 5 to install!?). Using different birds and non-bird companions, is a little more fun, but still not very smooth to play.

So how about using Khan's ability as pure economy? The idea of the deck is to exploit the clickless (and often free courtesy of DZMZ Optimizer) icebreaker installs to fuel an Aesop-centered economic engine.


In your opening hand, look for 1) The Class Act and 2) fast-economy (Gamble, Laundry, Doof). Clicking for 3 and installing Class act turn one is not a bad start.

After a couple of turns of setup to get our econ stable, our turns are all the same: 1) draw, 2) run once a turn with an econ event, to install a breaker with our ID, 3-4) setup our engine: DreamNet, Paragon, DZMZ, and of course Aesop's Pawnshop.

Finding cheap breakers to install will not be a problem (we're running 15 of them!). Boomerang gets us through the first ICE to trigger our ability and install key breakers. Feed any breaker you can, including Mayfly if you can spare it, to Aesop's Pawnshop. The exceptions are Bukhgalter, Cleaver, and in some matches Aumakua: those are our long-term breaking options. If you're able to choose between breakers to feed to Pawnshop, don't forget Cat's Cradles' tax stacks. Added bonus of Aesop's Pawnshop: whenever you have another Class Act in hand, pawn the one installed. It's great to refresh our hand with more breakers and econ events for just a credit.

DreamNet + Paragon provides great filtered draw while we run, and our ID gets rid of a card per turn which will net us 3 credits the following turn. With that running, we want to find our multiaccess to get the most out of our runs. Docklands and WAKE work great together.

Tight influence

The meager 12 influence hurts even more than our underwhelming ID ability. If you're making space for more influence, I would avoid cutting Aesop, as it is the whole point of the deck and we want it rolling asap. Cutting DZMZ might be an option. Cleaver is very efficient, much more than Makler, Marjanah, and Tremolo with our current setup, and much less hurtful than Tycoon ("whenever"? for real!?).

Have fun!

Post-scriptum edit: it appears my good friend and deckbuilder extraordinaire Sanjay put together a very similar deck in 2020! Here it is: It goes without saying, if you think of something clever in Netrunner, probably Sanjay already did it :D Consider this just a spruced-up version of his.

9 Mar 2023 Diogene

This seems fun! Thanks for sharing!