Docklands Pass

♦ Docklands Pass 2[credit]

Influence: 2

The first time each turn you breach HQ, access 1 additional card.

Zahya knows the keeper of every door between the Docklands and the Domes. More importantly, she knows their price.
Illustrated by David Lei
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System Gateway (sg)

#13 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
  • Updated 2021-10-11

    If breaching HQ is replaced with another effect, such as gaining 2 with Security Testing, will the Runner get the additional access with Docklands Pass if they make a successful run on HQ again later in the turn?

    Yes. “The first time you breach HQ” refers to a breach actually taking place, not just reaching the “Breach the attacked server.” step of the run.


A functional reprint of HQ Interface, with a couple of twists. Whereas HQI works on every HQ run, Docklands Pass works only on the first access every turn. This is only a minor nerf however, as even criminals are only gonna be making multiple runs on HQ a turn if they are in complete control of the game. The biggest downside is that it makes the popular "got ya!" play of installing Sneakdoor Beta click 1 and then cleaning up HQ in 3 clicks somewhat less threatening. Also, since this is unique, you can't install multiples for even bigger accesses.

None of that takes away from the power of this card. At only 2 credits vs HQI's 4 (!), this card now directly competes with Legwork. IMO, this discount alone is significant enough to push this card's power level to beyond HQ Interface. Zahya especially likes the continuous multi-access this hardware provides for a very reasonable cost. Steve likes it for his 'once a turn' value run. And Az can install it for a single credit, or 2 during a Masterwork run.

Expect to see this card out of most criminals going forward. The biggest question will be if you include a single copy (because of its unique status) or multiple for consistency.

(System Update 2021 era)

Great review! It really is astonishing how much a 2<span class="icon icon-credit"></span> discount makes. This card feels so good to play.