Credit Clicker 3000 (Vegas regional 1st place)

tmoiynmwg 6254

The Las Vegas regional took place on 5/7/16, fielding 35 players from around the southwest United States. As runner I went 4-1 in Swiss and 1-0 in elimination (plus 1 timed draw and 1 win via deck list error). My corp deck can be found here.

This is my latest build of siphon spam Whizzard; I played it because the only way to beat the most scumbag corp is to embrace the scum. I played an earlier version of the deck also to a 4-1 record at the Mountain View regional last month, but I didn't perform well enough with my corp to make the cut there.

Edit (5/23/16): I did a video series with @CodeMarvelous about this deck, explaining the card choices and showcasing an online game.

In addition, several of my Vegas matches were recorded. Be warned that I go way into the tank every time I play Making an Entrance.

  1. Swiss round 4
  2. Swiss round 5
  3. Double elimination round 1
  4. Loser's finals
  5. Loser's finals and grand finals. The grand final game against IG is sadly incomplete due to a decklist error, but the opening should still be instructive.

Here are some reasons why this deck is cool:

  • Whizzard is great at trashing assets and Crisium Grids, making it tough for the corp to dodge or recover from siphons.
  • Right now most people will assume that you are playing a Dumblefork deck and play accordingly - these people are in for a rude surprise!
  • If your opponent does catch on to what's up and defends appropriately against siphon, the game devolves into a friendly competition of who can for more . You have 4 to the corp's 3 , so you typically win!
  • Planned Assault is mostly just a bad 2-influence Account Siphon, but it can also search for recursion or ice destruction when you really need one of those effects.
  • Making an Entrance was an amazing idea from @aandries, and its inclusion makes the deck incredibly consistent. This card offers you more options in a single click than any other card in the game.
  • The IG matchup is excellent. You "happen" to have 3 Deja Vu and 3 SOT for winning the current war, so just methodically trash every card they play, steal all their , and Medium dig for the win.
  • Come to think of it, that's pretty much the plan in every matchup. And if something goes wrong... well, you can always fall back on the best default action in the rulebook.
10 May 2016 hsiale

Using a Faust deck with 3 Making an Entrance but no Levy, how do you manage to win consistently before running out of fuel?

10 May 2016 tmoiynmwg

I don't use Faust to break ice except on extremely high-impact runs. Don't trash any cards with MaE if you think you'll need Faust food soon.

10 May 2016 MikeJS

Wonderful looking deck. I like the idea of catching the corp off guard because they assume Dumblefork. What is the game-plan for Blue Sun?

10 May 2016 Vexation

Trope would be fun here. For that added gentle touch in prolonged engagements

10 May 2016 tmoiynmwg

@MikeJS Mulligan for Employee Strike or D4v1d.

10 May 2016 MikeJS

@tmoiynmwg, seems like a reasonable approach :) And with 2 Employee Strike you've gotta be feeling good about it hitting the table reasonably early (and sticking due to the recursion). How did you find Vigil as a draw engine? I play it in Val with Itinerant Protesters support where it does good work.

10 May 2016 lolpaca

Looks super bizarre and a lot of fun, definitely giving this a try! Do you ever have trouble running out of breakers? I realise you're going for destruction > breaking as much as possible, but even with all the recursion it seems like you might run out of answers if they can stall long enough.

10 May 2016 crfluency

Congrats on the win Timmy! :) You did click for a lot of credits on stream XD ! Question: why 3 Medium ?

10 May 2016 tmoiynmwg

@MikeJS Vigil draws a lot of free cards. It really shines in econ denial decks because the corp often can't afford to play their cards.

@lolpaca @crfluency The deck doesn't last forever, so 3 Mediums let you close out the game as quickly as possible once you start landing siphons.

10 May 2016 Gaxeco

What happened to the last game with IG? The guy with IG was using an ilegal deck? D:

10 May 2016 tzeentchling

Why the Knights and no Mimic? Does Femme do enough work as a sentry breaker?

10 May 2016 Pilltechre

@Gaxeco From what I saw on the stream there was a Caprice in the deck that was not on the submitted deck list.

10 May 2016 tmoiynmwg

@Gaxeco @Pilltechre Yep. A totally understandable mistake that unfortunately wasn't caught until the grand finals.

@tzeentchling Knight breaks a ton of problem ice whereas Mimic is a bit too narrow. But it's a good addition if you're seeing Architect everywhere.

10 May 2016 BizTheDad

OK, this deck is seriously fun to play. Thanks so much for sharing it.

11 May 2016 mayhemnc2

is there video footage of you playing this tournament/deck ?

11 May 2016 mayhemnc2

lol, nevermind. Just saw the links. Sorry!

11 May 2016 Lyncha

@tmoiynmwg did you consider DDoS at all for ensuring the early siphon?

11 May 2016 Letsaros


Would you mind giving us a very short paragraph about the IG match up and about that specific IG match up at the finals that probably ended due to illegal list? We saw it through our eyes and through the casters eyes but would like to read what you were thinking up till the match ended. How favorable or not was your position through your eyes up untill the time caprice got rezzed etc etc.

11 May 2016 tmoiynmwg

@Lyncha Not very seriously but I do agree that it could be a great fit. I'd try cutting 1 faust for it to see how it performs.

@Letsaros I felt favored in that game even though @sirris was doing a great job of playing around siphon. Keep strike up and keep using those whizzard credits every turn. As long as you can keep the assets down, all IG has to rely on are a few ice (which you can burn down pretty cheaply) and psi games (which they can't play if they are poor).

11 May 2016 catch8088

Do you float tags against HB and Jinteki?

11 May 2016 NyanPudge

Played against the mad genius who made this twice in Vegas. His description of games devolving into a click-for-credit war is accurate. It's also a war he was good at winning. Monster deck and a monster pilot behind it.

12 May 2016 tmoiynmwg

@catch8088 Almost always. Float tags unless you strongly suspect tag punishment that would be punishing for you right now, and don't play SOT if you don't want the corp to trash it.

@NyanPudge I enjoyed our games a lot! Sorry for tanking so much... 35-minute rounds were tough for my decks and your play was flawless and precise.

12 May 2016 NyanPudge

@tmoiynmwgNo worries, all part of the game! I had a blast playing you and hope we can face off again sometime. You were a stone cold killer in there.

14 May 2016 thebriarfox

@tzeentchling Knight was Faust before there was Faust, and still does some serious work.

14 May 2016 Frogblast

How do you deal with Swordsman?

14 May 2016 tmoiynmwg

@Frogblast Swordsman is the biggest problem card; you usually have to lose a breaker and then Parasite it. If you suspect one, you should RR the Femme ahead of time rather than waiting for an ideal bypass target. Swordsman is the other reason that having a Mimic in the deck might be nice.

15 May 2016 forsythe

@tmoiynmwg Took this to a regional today and went 3-2 with it. Felt really strong even though I didn't face a single asset spam deck. It was a ton of fun to play with. Thanks for sharing it with us.

17 May 2016 Netrunnerunner

@tmoiynmwg I love this deck; I just started playing it today and just love the aggressive playstyle compared to Dumbleforks. What match-ups do you struggle with, and do you have any tips for those match-ups? It seems like Palana glacier might be a bit challenging, since they can get a bunch of money really fast.

17 May 2016 tmoiynmwg

Pālanā is the hardest matchup. Try to keep the pressure up and close out the game ASAP because Palana will quickly outpace you in a longer game. You're doing well if you can prevent the corp from ever playing a Restructure.

17 May 2016 Echo_Chaser

@tmoiynmwg Awesome deck, going to give it shot. As an aside, have you been fooling around with Nero at all?

18 May 2016 tmoiynmwg

@Echo_Chaser I'm afraid not, but don't let that stop you!

18 May 2016 spore

Thank you for this list. It really reminds me on the @TheBigBoy Siphon Noise deck. I tinkered around your decks and found a solution for myself that I really enjoy so far. I'll publish it after the next tournament. Biggest change I made so far was replacing Faust with Eater and adding Keyhole. If the corp rezzes a Crisium Grid in front of R&D to prevent further damage, the laughter really begins ;-)

9 Jun 2016 robotussin

A little late to the party, but I wanted to let you know about my success with your deck. I took it to the NYC regionals (69 players) . I came in 6th after 6 rounds of swiss (4th after cut). I didn't drop a single game during swiss with this deck. The deck is not obvious or simple to pilot, but it is a huge impact deck. The R&D + HQ pressure is too much for most corps to handle. I played about 60 games on jnet in preparation. Thank you for creating such a powerful and unique deck!

11 Jun 2016 Hongkong Koma

I thought about switching to Quetzal and -1 Employee Strike +1 Rebirth so you have a better early pressure and later more options. What do you think?

14 Jun 2016 tmoiynmwg

@robotussin It's humbling that you've now played far more games with this deck than I have. Thanks for sharing, and congratulations on a great finish!

@HongKong Koma That could be a great idea in a meta with more barriers and fewer assets... right now, starting off as Whizzard seems much stronger.

14 Jun 2016 Hongkong Koma

@tmoiynmwg True, but I see all those yellow decks with Vanillas and Wraparounds that instantly stop your Siphon Rage.

14 Jun 2016 tmoiynmwg

Faust or Knight should suffice for those.