Sad Corp Simulation

SillySod 62

Do you crave the return of Dyper?

Do you enjoy sad faces?

Typically the corporation gets to dictate the pace and this can lead to some very slow games if the corp focusses on "not losing" rather than actively trying to win. This deck evades the problem by repeatedly exploding glaciers and asset spammers alike.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Bookmark lets you get some huge draws from Game Day
  • Use Cold Read to delete Eater on your last run. This will protect it from Apocolypse (otherwise it becomes facedown unrecoverable even with Levy).
  • You have up to 6 apocalypses. Apocalypse early, apocalypse often.
  • Usually you want to build the full combo but occasionally you want to poke servers very early. You can sometimes cheat out a cheap apocalypse using your silver bullet breakers.
  • Poke HQ a lot after you apocalypse.
  • Self-modifying Code is for emergencies only. Keep it in hand and sell it for cash.
  • Encore stacks but this is rarely a good play.
  • NVRAM is for emergencies only. See what you random draw and only dip into NVRAM if it is essential/delicious.
  • Think carefully about what you bookmark and what you keep in hand. Some decks will ping you for random damage and you can mitigate this with Bookmark and NVRAM. Good timing can also make brainstorm and komainu more palatable.

Optional Tech Cards:

Careful Planning - Architect is tricky now that Crescentus has rotated. Careful planning is a bit expensive but it can save you fetching chameleon.

Beach Party - party Aesop's is a tremendous combo, especially with Game Day. If you want a bit of extra speed/consistency then add this combination in exchange for sac construct and the levvies (essentially you are using beach party to hold cards and bookmark takes a backseat as Aesops fodder and for collecting programs to sell with Freelance Contract). This also makes it acceptable to drop the Peace and chuck in more tech cards or another apocalypse.

Brahman - an interesting alternative/supplement to Eater. Brahman is in faction, makes good use of your spare SMC, and packs itself away ready for your next combo. Bonus points if you spent the extra influence on D4v1d.

DaVinci - in many circumstances this is probably a better fetch card than SMC. The good news is you can also use it to fetch SMC or just sell it on your Freelance Contract. If you see lots of AI hate then this is probably an autoinclude.

Edit: the more I play this the more nuances I get to discover! Ayla's ability is much stronger than I anticipated, giving you a huge amount of control. It also makes a turn 3-4 combo significantly more likely (maybe 1 in 10 games?) which can be devastating.