Omar has no time for caution v0.2

Severijn 516

Omar Keung: Conspiracy Theorist has a great ability. With the recent rotation and the restricted & banned list, the playing field has been levelled to allow Omar some more play. No longer held down by influence restrictions and still with easy access to some of the better economy in the game.

The plan is simple: We don't want to spend much time on our set-up. Our economy is Magnum Opus, which is our restricted card of choice. Should we not have opus in hand on turn 1, Frantic Coding will give us a 60% chance of hitting it.

From that point, we aim to get The Turning Wheel, Maw and Bhagat in play as soon as possible. Each of these three are amazing with Omar's ability and will really put the hurt to the corp. Key to this is Paige Piper, which thins our deck of redundant copies of our installed cards. Paige also works well with our frantic coding, because we run conspiracy breakers. Install one that you trashed, and fetch the rest with paige to thin your deck. Street Peddler can thin your deck on the opponent's turn as well. You will find that this deck will be up and running in no time.

This doesn't come without a cost: The deck is very linear, and doesn't have access to economy greater than just opus and some events. The breakers aren't very efficient. On the bright side: Omar lets us avoid heavily defended servers, and even a single run is high value after we get our suite set up.

Going to some choice picks: Caldera is in there so I have a plan against jinteki that tries to deck me. Spooned is another way to take on fairchild 3.0 specifically. Cerberus "Cuj.0" H3 is in there as a less terrible version of MKUltra against 5-6 strength sentries, though it failed to impress me thus far.

I think the deck can still use a lot of refinement. Deuces Wild is 2 points of influence I can put somewhere else should I want to switch to 3xInject. Spooned, cerberus and ice carver/D4v1d are flex slots. I could see running just the third MKUltra anyway so I can thin my deck further and hope that ice carver and/or d4v1d is enough. I think running an event like Immolation Script could work well in this deck and am looking to try that out.

An earlier version ran Scrubber and Salsette Slums over bhagat and the third turning wheel. I don't think it added enough to the deck. These cards were too situational to warrant polluting the deck.

6 Oct 2017 atashi

Hey! Great tho see another Omar on here! Been on Frantic mopus Omar since frantic mopus was populat. I run spoilers just to have something messing with the corp while i set up. I havn't thought about david tho so im def gonna give that a shot. Seems like a great card when servers are iced up. im also testing out Caldera. Had feedback filter in first. Dont really face that much braindamage. What do you feel about feedback? 1 less credit and doesnt protect as well against brain. im not even using all my influence cause i cant really find any cards for them :D Immolation script is def worth testing! Love the idea!

6 Oct 2017 DeusRon

Hello. I'm new to Netrunner so everything is a little bit overwhelming to me, but this deck looks really good! Thanks for sharing :)

9 Oct 2017 Severijn

Thanks for the feedback! I think spoilers is a very interesting card, though I wouldn't run it with paige. It's the kind of card where you would want to get multiple of in play. The D4v1d is one of the ways that I hedge against the big ice. The conspiracy breakers aren't really good against the high strength ice. The alternative would be to run a third ice carver. I don't have that in my possession unfortunately.

As for Feedback Filter versus Caldera, I did not put a lot of thought in as to which to take. I run it against personal evolution, and I find money plentiful against personal evolution. If you money is no issue, I would run caldera because it is more flexible. I only have a single copy and cannot recur it in any way. Having to throw the card to the heap to prevent a Cerebral Overwriter's damage could cost me dearly. Honestly, the difference between both cards is minimal. I guess it would perform better against a deck going for brain damage, but it has been a long time since I saw that in the wild.

Also, if you have influence to spare: I would consider Net-Ready Eyes as another way to make the conspiracy breakers slightly more efficient.