Adam - The Android Netrunner

CodeMarvelous 19829

"The intuition of free will gives us the truth"

"We must find the truth, we must break free"

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Are you ready to break free? can you use the shackles of your master to defeat them?

Adam's new directive gives him a choice and it rewards him for the draw back of ABR. He now has the breathing room he needed to have a fighting chance.


Always Be Running is the core of Adam but often you ended up running an ice and bouncing off or running archives with no reward. Temüjin Contract and Find the Truth fix that by giving him money and information for that forced run. Find the Truth is tremendous in that it helps you plan the rest of your turn and waste less resources.

Neutralize All Threats Is great in certain match ups and a nightmare in others. Two HQ accesses is great against glacier and FA but force trashing assets is a nightmare against any tag based deck. Find the Truth lets you get rid of NAT in the match-ups where it creates an auto-loss.

Safety First helps you get a free click of draw to make up for your lost 1-3 clicks. its strong and while I might leave it out against suspected boom builds I think its the second strongest directive.

Find the Truth, which for some reason isn't able to be hashtagged, is amazing. You must reveal all cards you draw, which isn't a huge downside in the current meta and especially since this deck does not depend on tricks. It's positive, the first time you make a successful run each turn, the corp shows you the top card of RD. This little bit of information makes Adam a lot more powerful, flexible, and pressures the corp.


"Freedom Through Equality" clears problem currents and helps us close the game early when we are the strongest

Career Fair helps us get below max hand size so we get more Safety First triggers. It also helps us save money in the early game to keep us safe from traces and scale econ into the mid game.

Dirty Laundry gives our mandatory run from Always Be Running more value and helps keep us below max hand size for free draws. It also gets money out of our credit pool during the run so Neutralize All Threats is less likely to fire.

Injection Attack makes Overmind sing in this deck and really screws with the corp's math on whether the servers are safe. It also helps us get our Temüjin Contract credits the turn after they ice the server we chose.

Sure Gamble Money is great


Brain Chip is easily my favorite console. The more you win, the less your directives are negatives. The more you win, the more powerful you get. It is also got some great theme. The more Adam steals and learns from his running the more his mind expands and the more powerful he becomes. Its also placed where a heart would be.

e3 Feedback Implants allows us to break any ice for 2 clicks plus a credit for each sub above one is pretty powerful. Especially with a certain Jinteki ice just being released. Also, HB ice is rough on Adam so e3 really takes the tax out of that matchup.

Plascrete Carapace armor plates plus Brain Chip and Public Sympathy make you nigh impossible to kill unless you make a mistake.


Daily Casts is clickless money and a target for Career Fair. It may be one of the best econ cards in Netrunner.

Dr. Lovegood is still a necessity, turn off the directive that you can't afford to listen to right now. Once you are set up, use it to turn off New Angeles City Hall during your turn so you are safe from tags but can steal with impunity.

Earthrise Hotel provides clickless draw that keeps us moving forward since we can almost never draw in the first half of our turn.

Kati Jones provides money that isn't conditional for rough games and long games.

New Angeles City Hall is the savior from HHN and Breaking News. As long as we have the money to prevent tags we cannot be hit with All Seeing I, Closed Accounts or Exchange of Information. The best part is once we can safely satisfy our directives we can prevent it being trashed by using Dr. Lovegood

Public Sympathy Is additional safety from damage and insurance that we will trigger Safety First even if we don't score early.

Temüjin Contract is a great card for basically anyone who runs and Adam runs more than anyone. It makes our required runs a lot better after turn one and it gives us the econ boost we need to stay ahead of tagging decks.

The Turning Wheel is momentum and as mentioned above, Adam is all about momentum and acceleration. The longer the game goes on the more we threaten ending the game with big digs. Especially good when coupled with a Neutralize All Threats run on HQ.


This suite was borrowed from a great Adam deck. The Legend of Adam

Corroder is better here then Paperclip because four is a lot of credits to us in the early game.

Inti is hilarious against yellow decks that play Resistor and Wraparound.

Mimic is backed up here by Datasucker and fits the theme of cheap to install and cheap to use. We are likely to have tokens due to forced runs. Injection Attack pairs well with mimic as well as a nice surprise.

Overmind has great synergy with both e3 Feedback Implants and Injection Attack and provides steamrolling power in the mid to late game where our extra MU might give us 5-7 power counters.

ZU.13 Key Master goes down cheap and saves us power counters on Overmind for cheap code gates like Enigma.

Datasucker is just solid with every breaker we are using.

I hope you give the deck a try, its not razor sharp yet but it can definitely cut.


Always be Running

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10 Oct 2016 Conduit23

Hey @CodeMarvelous! Been seeing your decklists for a while, but just found your youtube channel and watched about a thousand eps. Good stuff!

Find the Truth definitely got me interested in Adam. Always been my favorite of the mini-factions. But I'm new to actually playing him, do you get to choose your Directives after you see the Corp ID?

I built around excluding Safety First from my starting Directives but put a copy in my deck, thinking I could throw it down AFTER getting some hand size from Brain Chip.

Maybe it's better to exclude Always Be Running so you can avoid getting tagstormed before NACH is up? Fairly safe to stay under 3 cards for free draws from Safety First if you don't have to run every turn. Then throw down ABR when you're ready to go.

All in all VERY pleased with the huge amount of gameplay that opens up with 4 Directives. Hopefully will be able to try it out in person tomorrow. Eagerly awaiting Find the Truth (and the rest of Escalation) being fully supported on Jnet. :D

10 Oct 2016 CodeMarvelous

@Conduit23Thanks for watching! I believe that while we do not have a FAQ for it. you would choose directives after seeing your opponents ID but before you draw hands. Also, Always Be Running is one you should strive to keep. It is dangerous but its also the source of his power.

10 Oct 2016 yonderer18923

Do you have any tips for using Temüjin Contract with Neutralize All Threats? I feel like Corps are already too eager to put ICE on Archives just to punish ABR runs.

10 Oct 2016 jmbostwick

I'm really not seeing the benefit of Injection Attack on Overmind -- am I missing something, or is it really just saving you a single credit?

10 Oct 2016 yojimbosteel

Saves you five if the server is three deep.

10 Oct 2016 M0H4WK

Still, after seeing this list, i'm more convinced of Sage in Adam. Your Multithreader are good with it, and it goes nice with Modded and e3 Feedback Implants. Injection Attack only makes it better. I'll post a list soon.

10 Oct 2016 LynxMegaCorp

While not a significant factor to consider, I realized that Street Peddler does some work in concealing your options aside from its usual utility. Though SP discourages multiple events and its harder to build mini faction decks without them.

10 Oct 2016 Badeesh

This is looking more and more solid. I do enjoy this runner very much. Keep going dude.

11 Oct 2016 CodeMarvelous

@yonderer18923 I usually do not use a remote for Temüjin Contract if I have kept NAT because then the server will cease to exist. Tough it out on archives.

@Il_Falco Sage is such an interesting breaker but I found my brain can only try to make one hard thing work at a time lol. Looking forward to the deck

@Lynx Kuroneko I wanted Street Peddler but I have no idea what to cut.

11 Oct 2016 hi_impact

ZU.13 Key Master

Gross. Code Gates are the only big ice in most decks these days. If anything, the only 'big breaker' you need is a code gate. The rest can be Inti/Mongeese/whatever.

11 Oct 2016 CodeMarvelous

@hi_impact Always Be Running is my large code gate breaker. ZU.13 Key Master is for the garbage or for emergencies

11 Oct 2016 dawspawn

Love the ideas here. What are your thoughts on dropping one of the Turning Wheels for a Film Critic? It would help with your survivability in certain matchups and would help your NACH stay up a little longer.

11 Oct 2016 CodeMarvelous

@dawspawnits an idea I thought of as well. However, The Turning Wheel has been critical to maintaining pressure in the mid / late where as Film Critic only prevents loss.

12 Oct 2016 Conduit23

Been LOVING Patron in Adam. Using your mandatory run to get two cards AND see the top card of R&D.. Feels good man. Run 2x Hostage to find it and The Supplier. (Or Scrubber, Dr. Lovegood, Kati Jones, The Source.)

Gonna try going all in on Sage as my non-Overmind breaker. Good call, @Il_Falco.

12 Oct 2016 jmbostwick

@Conduit23 - How do you deal with the hefty influence cost of Patron and Hostage? 1x Patron, 1x Supplier, and 2x Hostage is already 9 influence, and Source plus Scrubber would bump it to 12. What are you cutting influence-wise (compared to this style of deck) to make it work?

12 Oct 2016 Conduit23

@jmbostwick I started with something similar to this list but am now only using 3 inf on programs (1 x Sage) and the rest on 3 x e3 Feedback Implants (2 wasn't consistent enough for me) and the Connection suite. Don't want to sidetrack this thread too much so I've posted my iteration here:

12 Oct 2016 triorph

I wonder if a deck like this should actually have a copy of ABR inside it, in case for whatever reason you cut it on game startup and now you're without.

13 Oct 2016 CodeMarvelous

@triorphyea I was considering that as well. Time will tell.

13 Oct 2016 Conduit23

Definitely considering that after I got ASI'd by NBN on turn 2 of my last game. :|

16 Oct 2016 manveruppd

Sorry but I couldn't resist:

17 Oct 2016 TheRyanBurke

Played something similar against a Sync deck today. Adam's first click: run naked HQ, access Hard Hitting News. okay.jpg

17 Oct 2016 Cyberzack

I hope FFG continues to release cards for the mini factions. It seems like they could require the least ammount of work and dedication towards bringing entirely new and unseen archetypes into the meta. Just a couple high powered cards would go a very long way towards bringing the mini-faction I.D.'s out of the fringe.

21 Oct 2016 konradh

I love this deck, but I don't really have any game plan when i play against CtM builds. Usually I get rid of the "must trash" directive, but maybe ABR is the right target?

21 Oct 2016 CodeMarvelous

@konradh CTM is still a hard match up. Play carefully and if you are really struggling get rid of always be running.

10 Nov 2016 FightingWalloon

Overmind gets so expensive with its zero base strength. Have you had any success with just running a traditional breaker suite instead of the AI?

27 Nov 2016 TripleTex

Hi there, thanks for that awesome decklist. I am really looking forward to try this one as I am new to the game and, as a lot of newbies are, am shy to run. So I'll try this one to force myself to a more aggressive Runner Game. One question though:

What happens to the leftover directive after choosing my starting three? Do I just shuffle it into my deck or do I leave it out completely?

Thanks in advance.

27 Nov 2016 jmbostwick

@TripleTexThe leftover directive does NOT go into your deck; instead it is left out-of-play. You can include copies of the directives in your deck if you'd like, but those will stay in your deck no matter what you start with. The starting directives specifically come from outside your deck.

25 Jan 2017 Eldil

Thanks for much for this list. I've run it a couple times so far, and I am loving it. I've always wanted to run Adam for the theme alone, and with this deck, he WORKS.

25 Jan 2017 CodeMarvelous

@Eldil I have a newer version here: