Jeeves the Great and Powerful

Thrawnic 76

The whole point of the deck it to have lots of click-less draw power in place to get Jeeves Model Bioroids and Political Dealings into place. With that in place we can fast advance every agenda in the deck. And Fast advancing Nisei MK II seems good

3 May 2016 FarCryFromHuman

I recommend dropping 3 pieces of ice for 3x Mumba Temple. You've got more ice than you need in a 44 card deck and the temples will help rez and protect your other assets. I worry your money will be a bit tight otherwise.

As a side note, Melange is really good with Jeeves, so that's a possibility.

4 May 2016 easternheretic

The deck is not legal.

There are 21 influence points spent in a 12 influence ID.

Interesting idea though. Tweaking the ICE choices and changing the Capital Investors into Melange will make the deck legal with influence to spare for a Jackson.

4 May 2016 easternheretic

My mistake. Sorry. Just realised that Jeeves is an alliance card. ignore my previous comments.

I will be trying the deck out.

4 May 2016 tzeentchling

Shapers or Anarchs with instant-speed Clot basically stop this deck cold, though. Without any Cyberdex (either Suite or Trial, probably Suite for this deck) there's little chance of having the time to purge.

The Agroplex is cute, but probably the place I'd start looking to cut. Ice next, as that's probably too much for this deck.

4 May 2016 Thrawnic

Good point Tzeentchling and im planning on dropping 1 Agroplex(I like Agroplex in general for the clickless draw potential of an agenda) But i am dropping 2 Guard 1 Political Dealings, and 1 Pālanā Agroplex for 2 Cyberdex Virus Suite and 2 Mumba Temple

4 May 2016 CobraBubbles

Cool idea I like it :) Since you need 6 HB cards though, why not go with Green Level Clearance over Fundraiser? That way you don't have to give the runner money, you speed up your draw, and you don't have to play 3x Rototurret, which is all but useless when Mimic/Parasite hits the table.

4 May 2016 Johnny Polite

I feel like if you're going asset spam in Jinteki then you want hostile Infrastructure.

5 May 2016 payprplayn

@CobraBubbles the problem with GLC is that it's draw, but not clickless draw, which works against the Jeeves/PD FA concept. There are some other 1-influence HB options. For economy, there's Peak Efficiency, Successful Demonstration, Alix T4LB07, and Thomas Haas. For clickless Draw, there's Panic Button, though you'd only ever want to use it if you knew you had someplace to put an agenda you drew with it so that the runner couldn't steal it that turn. Another decent possibility would be Encryption Protocol to protect your key assets that little bit more.

6 May 2016 Thrawnic

Panic Button was in my first build of this actually. and it might be going back in.