ICE: Barrier • Rez: 2 • Strength: 0 • Influence: 1

If there is no installed fracter, Wraparound has +7 strength.

subroutine End the run.

"It can make a real fine roller coaster, provided you're properly stimmed up." -Noise
NBN • Ed Mattinian • Fear and Loathing 96
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(Revised Core Set Perspective)

A great addition to NBN's taxing arsenal.

This piece of ICE isn't meant to keep runners out as its strength withers at the sight of a mighty fracter. Instead, Wraparound is meant to save NBN one credit and get the same benefits as its neutral counterpart, Wall of Static. Battering Ram takes 2 to get past both. Morning Star is going to get past both for 1 too. So why use the Static Wall at all? Well if you know any Criminal players...

But, wait there's more! Wraparound is one of the first AI hate cards that beginners are introduced to in the Revised Core Set, along with Swordsman, costing Darwin 2 at 7 counters (Datasucker-less) and Crypsis 8. Unlike Swordsman though, this ICE's End the run subroutine still functions fine without any AI breakers on the board, making runners dig for that fracter ASAP. Meanwhile Swordsman becomes a minor nuisance to runners and loses its "ambush" the moment it's rezzed if there are no AI breakers available for it to slice.

In conclusion, Wraparound should be a x3 in any NBN deck and at 1 influence, deserves splashing in any other corp faction (with maybe the exception of Weyland who's already got plenty in barrier options). The 1 in rez savings may not seem like a lot in hindsight but it adds up, especially against Anarch opponents.

(Crimson Dust era)
You say that the 1[credit] saved in rez cost that Wraparound has over Wall of Static adds up, especially against [Anarch] abilities found on Reina Roja and Xanadu. Surely the most it adds up to is 3[credit], even against those [Anarch] tricks? The only tricks that would bring the cumulative Wraparound over Wall of Static rez cost savings up would be ice destruction and derez tricks, which in Revised Core is Criminal. —
It was meant in a very general sense. Given NBN: Making News now might hold the title for poorest Corp in RCS with Jinteki: PE getting Celebrity Gift, every credit matters (is what I was trying to imply)! —

A cheap and effective foil to AI breakers. This card is trivial for a Corroder or other fracters to break, but against an Eater or Overmind this card is very taxing. At one influence this can easily splash in any deck that you can't fit a Swordsman into if you are afraid of AI or Parasite. Against a standard program setup, Wall of Static or Eli 1.0 are better barriers.

Also, if you are using Paper Wall for some reason, just use this instead. It costs 2 more but doesn't self-destruct.

(Order and Chaos era)
You'd use Paper Wall in the same situations you'd use Quandry: to force the Runner to dig for a breaker they don't need. If you're running Paper Wall, it should be your only Barrier. Likewise with Quandry and Code gates. But to your point, yes, Wraparound will achieve the same thing as Paper Wall while being much more expensive to punch through if their barrier-buster isn't a fractor. —