Agenda: Security • Adv: 3 • Score: 1

When you score Unorthodox Predictions, choose sentry, code gate or barrier. Subroutines on ice of the chosen type cannot be broken until the beginning of your next turn.

Jinteki • Bruno Balixa • Mala Tempora 53
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Unorthodox Predictions
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The best use of this card is to then advance something else with impunity. You'd have to leave it advanced "overnight," but in the Jinteki mind-dungeon, that's not too difficult.

You can then score this in 1.1 of the timing structure or advance it for click one, name the ice type that you are going to score the next type behind, let's just say Code Gate, and then install a Nisei MK II behind your Enigma or whatever (nothing that can be ruined with Parasite, anyway), and then advance it once/twice, knowing the runner cannot get in at all, leaving you to score it easily on the next turn.

It's not too janky. All you need is this and the required agenda on hand, as you can name whatever ice is protecting your scoring remote (or even put one down on the second turn of this combo if you Mushin this out).

The fact that it works on ALL ice of that subtype, means it's not so easily ruined by Femme Fatale or Inside Job, but only on servers with two ice of the same type (hello Eli 1.0)

You will need End The Run ice though, obviously; nothing saying they can't just tank the net damage from a Neural Katana or pay through Pup.

There are worse ways to get a 4/2 or 5/3 scored... probably.

(The Underway era)