The Kite Runner (1st @ It's Gametime)

tmoiynmwg 6341

There were 18 folks in attendance and I went 7-1 with this deck. I'll be waiting for my $100 check in the mail.

(Edit: Wow this actually happened, props to @Danwarr! Nero Severn is literally going to put bread on my table.)


How does this work?

Use Jak to run HQ, use Nexus on any ice, get paid by your Power Taps, fail the trace, take a tag, and get a Turning Wheel counter. Click for 4 credits. Trigger Citadel and get paid by your Power Taps a second time.

Why Nero?

  • Credit Kiting is a 3-influence Criminal card that lets you play Nexus for free

  • Having a natural link is pretty key when you're trying to engineer 2 or more traces every turn

  • RIP Andromeda

  • Geist is off hiding in a trash can somewhere

  • Iain has 10 influence. Don't play Nexus Iain

  • Nero saves you killer slots. You don't need to break Architect, Swordsman, or Cortex Lock, just jack out and get a Turning Wheel counter

Will 419 kill Nero in a month?

Sadly yes. Slot a Mongoose.

Why should I play this?

Power Tap is the single best card in the game against NBN, if you can get set up you will completely roll over them. You're also pretty hard to kill.

5 Mar 2018 spags


Timmy, wow.


5 Mar 2018 dormio

Nero wins a SC in 2018. Timmy, you are literally my Netrunner hero.

5 Mar 2018 Manadog

Nero finally wins something! All it took was a top tier player at a casual event who couldn't find his better cards. Still counts!

5 Mar 2018 HolyMackerel

Lovely deck, will surely take it for a spin :)

How has Interdiction been? It seems lackluster, but maybe I'm missing something obvious it hoses.

5 Mar 2018 ctz


5 Mar 2018 divadus

I love you so much, Timmy. Never change.

5 Mar 2018 Saan

Ugh, FINE.

I'll write the check tomorrow.

5 Mar 2018 spags

Just noticed the Restricted...

ONE ES. Singular. Zero recursion.

'Cause why the f not.

5 Mar 2018 tmoiynmwg

Thanks y'all! :blush:

@Manadog That was a poorly-worded joke, Nero is better than Geist for this deck!

@pang4 @spags The currents are mostly there to clear Scarcity. Interdiction also has nice applications against NGO and Batty

@Saan Love ya Brian, but @Danwarr beat you to it!

5 Mar 2018 ThePenitent

Looks fun :) What did it lose too/What are the weaknesses?

5 Mar 2018 MaximumSquid

Does [card]Anansi[/card] shut this down?

6 Mar 2018 Jandersoncad

This is amazing. Simply put. Sheds single tear and slow claps.

6 Mar 2018 tmoiynmwg

@ThePenitent I lost to a CtM who double HHN'd me early on; I also misplayed badly against a Tollbooth a little later on. This deck needs a lot of setup to function, so it's soft to most fast corps. Stuff to watch out for include early HHN/Scarcity, Stinson, Hunter Seeker, disruptive damage, and heavy rushing

@MaximumSquid Yep, Anansi is a terror. Try to keep Aumakua at 5+ strength against Jinteki if you can

7 Mar 2018 Sapph0

Yayyyy I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8 Mar 2018 koga

Are the phones worse than daily casts in this deck?

8 Mar 2018 tmoiynmwg

Pretty sure. The link requirement isn't always easy to meet and you need money much more early rather than late

9 Mar 2018 Tomasaki

Dang, you beat me to it!

Although I don't think I'd ever have the actual balls to play Nero's ID, I was on track to brew the same Kiting+Power Tap+Citadel plan in some form or another. Excellent design, makes me reminisce for the good ol' Temujin/Andy days...

12 Mar 2018 Cpt_nice

I literally haven't played criminal since Andromeda was a thing, and even then I always played Shaper way more. But this looks like a great deck. Gonna try it out.

13 Mar 2018 yeoda

Lol. Havent' been on ndb for weeks. Come back and see Nero as DotW. Was about to just sell my collection but then saw it was made by Timmy. Nice man. Send me your 419 stuff when you build it :P

14 Mar 2018 saetzero

Jesus christ man...

Good job, I will never catch up to you if you are gonna pull this kinda shit lol

14 Mar 2018 binnet

First off, I love this deck, unfortunately it puts Sunny in the corner =( Did you face any Jinteki damage decks? Feels like a single Caldera would be a good tech card for certain match-ups. Should be able to afford it too with the PowerTap econ. Same deal with Obokatas, or hard to steal multiple in a single TTW run unless you draw up to 8 first. Film Critic instead of Employee Strike if that's your meta? =/

14 Mar 2018 tmoiynmwg

@saetzero Gotta defend my title :P

@binnet I faced 2 Jinteki decks and they were indeed tricky matchups. Winnable if you play carefully, but feel free to use tech to shore up that weakness. I think Sunny is still decent; slower setup, but more resilient to damage or rig trashing

15 Mar 2018 LSK

Does this deck have a chance at all against the Titan train decks? Doesn't seem like you have much going on for that matchup except the 1 Strike.

15 Mar 2018 tmoiynmwg

You mostly just have to hope that their deck beats itself. Look for outs to snipe Atlas and Hostile in order to stall the train

25 Mar 2018 mathandlove

@LSK I played against Titan FA twice with this deck in Colorado and it was a real rough matchup. They have won by the time you've set up :-).