[Startup] Triple Shot Expresso Zahya

Oddball 837

Move over Rezeki. We only need bottomless coffee to fuel our runs!


The idea of this Startup deck is simple: Zahya Sadeghi: Versatile Smuggler wants to run centrals to trigger her ability. Cezve helps us pay for those runs. Any money we spend from Cezve during those runs puts a token on the The Twinning, making one breach this turn multi-access, increasing the money Zahya gives us every turn.

Coffee is love, Coffee is life

Cezve is a hell of a card. It's going to help pay for using our breakers, it's going to help pay for installations, it can even help pay trash costs (even in remotes). And it's not unique?! What more could you ask for?

Background Music

Even though Pennyshaver is a fantastic console and you'd be hard pressed to not run it, I think Virtuoso opens up a lot of fun pressure options.

Both Virtuoso (when Mark is HQ) and old reliable Docklands Pass turn econ cards like Bravado and Dirty Laundry into multi-access (and Zahya money). Docklands works on Virtuoso's bonus breach too letting runs on Archives, or R&D see some or most of HQ.

Note on Virtuoso: If Virtuoso's Mark is R&D, Zahya Sadeghi: Versatile Smuggler ability only counts the cards you access on R&D, and does not include the HQ breach. This is due to the run on R&D ending and then Virtuoso triggering a separate breach on HQ after the run.

Tricky Twinning

The Twinning is a really fun card! It turns any of our econ cards into Jailbreaks. Makes our Jailbreak a zero cost Legwork, or The Maker's Eye (or better if you build up multiple tokens).

Also note that Twinning has no limit to the breaches you can do in a turn. If you have tokens built up and your Mark is R&D you can access additional cards on your regular R&D breach AND your HQ breach.


Mantle is only here to let you use Prognostic Q-Loop on the Corps turn, giving you an extra The Twinning token to spend on our turn.

Remember that the installation is optional, so worse case you're just giving the corp player a little knowledge for extra accesses.

The best part of waking up...

Is Cezve! I think this deck has a lot of fun synergies that I'm looking forward to exploring when Midnight Sun goes live on JNet. Do you have any suggestions, or recommendations?

Finally, thanks for reading my little write-up! If you have time, please check out my friend and I's podcast, Retromancer! This is the Runner deck I'm most excited to play opening week and I plan on chatting about it in our upcoming episode.

23 Jul 2022 Telos

@Oddball you always come up with really interesting concepts! I'm trying this -1 Rezeki, -1 Cleaver, +1 Marjannah, +2 Rezeki so I can still get value even if I don't have Prognostic out. Works quite well so far!

23 Jul 2022 √Ątsch

Already had a few successful games with this. QLoop really shines here, love it! And a wincon which is not Deep Dive! (snore...)

An unsolicited thought:

I don't think you need double breakers with HART and a small decklist. Can use the Inf elsewhere and make room for Toilet Man.

Here's what I have conjured: netrunnerdb.com

See you hopefully some time on jnet, cheers ;)

23 Jul 2022 Oddball

@Telos Thanks for your kind words! I think that probably is fine. Nothing wrong with more money. :)

@√Ątsch Ahhh Inside Job. That is a great suggestion. And it opens up some tricky accesses too thanks to Virtuoso if they fortify HQ.

24 Jul 2022 Blackwing

What do you do about getting the MU for the full breaker suite, 3x Cezve, and Mantle? If you don't have enough, what do you get rid of?

24 Jul 2022 Oddball

Multiple Cezves are no problem, because you can overwrite with icebreakers later.

Depending on the game, I'm either on 2x Cezve and breakers, or 1x Cezve and 1x Mantle and icebreakers.

24 Jul 2022 Oddball

Other fun tricks I am learning: you can always boost the strength of a breaker with Cezve or Mantle when you run a server for Twinning tokens. Very similar to how you you would spend creds off a Trickster Taka with Hoshiko Shiro: Untold Protagonist.

24 Jul 2022 x3r0h0ur

You can use mantle on the corps turn to get twinning counters, by boosting breakers in paid abilities windows, unless thats been changed. (you can't with cezve

24 Jul 2022 Oddball

@x3r0h0ur Yes, that's right! Mantle let's you get bonus tokens on the Corps turn, but you use Cezve tokens when you run a central (giving you a Twinning token).

25 Jul 2022 mrteatime66

Very similar to how you you would spend creds off a Trickster Taka with Hoshiko Shiro: Untold Protagonist.

Could you explain that sentence @Oddball? Do you mean losing Hoshiko's start of turn credit from Taka? I didn't know that was possible!

25 Jul 2022 Oddball

@mrteatime66Sometimes when Trickster Taka is on three, or more creds on them, Hoshiko would just run a random server, boosting an ice breaker to lower the creds to prevent Trickster Taka's penalty from triggering.

When you run a central server, you can do similar things with Cezve and just boost an ice. So if Archives is unprotected, you can Dirty Laundy it, boost a breaker and get a token on the The Twinning.

25 Jul 2022 Oddball

Also thanks for all your suggestions everyone! This is the version I am currently testing after running to a lot of asset spam and Jinteki: Personal Evolution:


27 Jul 2022 percomis

@OddballMrTeaTime's confusion comes from the fact that playing Hoshiko isn't relevant in that scenario. A better comparison would be using your Smoke credit to boost a breaker and put a credit or draw with Net Mercure.

3 Aug 2022 Erlendsa91

What about getting some Sneakdoor Beta in. Getting rid of Harmony AR Therapy and adding a extra The Twinning? And yeah some Inside Job as well. Getting up to 44 cards.

6 Aug 2022 Erlendsa91

Is Harmony AR Therapy really that imponrtant? it takes up a bit of influence? @Oddball

23 Aug 2022 RavenLord

Are You sure about Virtuoso ruling? It triggers exacly the same time as Zahya Sadeghi: Versatile Smuggler ability, so you can choose which tigger comes first. I you choose Virtuoso to goes first then Zahya Sadeghi: Versatile Smuggler should give you extra credit.

30 Aug 2022 Mothluin

@RavenLord: I think @Oddball is right. Virtuoso description says "Otherwise, breach HQ when the run ends.": the bonus HQ breach happens after the run on R&D ends, and after Zahya's ability is triggered.

4 Sep 2022 Oddball

@Erlendsa91It does! In later versions I cut it and replaced it with Buffer Drive for emergency breaker recursion, or to get back an important event.

@RavenLord Very sure. If your mark is R&D and you have Virtuoso installed: sadly the cards you access from the bonus breach were not during the run on R&D. That run already has ended.

I've actually moved onto Pennyshaver in later versions of this deck due to the need for more money.